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STOP!  a true story about bullying by XxHunter666xX
STOP! a true story about bullyingby Lacey
my name is Lacey and this is my story about my struggle with bullying
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Domestic Violence by Vianneysmommy
Domestic Violenceby Nayeli
Not really a story, but an essay for school on a topic that I am familiar with. Domestic Violence is a form of bullying, sadly sometimes these victims don't make it out...
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Project: Stop Bullying by ffdupre
Project: Stop Bullyingby Bunny
We have our flaws, but that doesnt give any reason to be made fun of. I even get picked on sometimes, not even at school, and sometimes it is. I have been picked on for...
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domestic violence by TramaineSanchez
domestic violenceby Tramaine Remeberhim
A Story Of A Savior I Am A Victim Of domestic violence & Its Not Easy No This Is Not My Story Its Not Even A True Story But Keep An Eye Out Everyone That Smiles Isn't Ha...
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Being The Schools Nerd: The Bullied, The Misunderstood, The Unloved by rodriguezperla
Being The Schools Nerd: The Bullie...by Perla Rodriguez
Olivia Holden can't remember a day she wasn't bullied. She can't remember a single day where things seemed to be okay. She has been broken beyond repair, and has lost tr...
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Black Girl in White America.  by blackpanther02
Black Girl in White America. by blackpanther02
Warning! If you suffer from extreme butthurtness this book may not be for you and is not suggested for you to read. I am an outspoken African-American girl who although...
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A Bud Among Flowers by NevermoreNeverHere
A Bud Among Flowersby MortalPeril
Amaryllis (named for her pride, her determination, her radiant-albeit unusual-beauty) Chrysanthemum (for respect and honor, but eventually-sorrow) was a girl who everybo...
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Real Rape, Real Pain by queennathaliaaa
Real Rape, Real Painby queennathaliaaa
People getting rape all the time and never told anyone, people are ass holes for the people who are in a terrible place, everyone has a story to be told. Hey everyone pl...
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Hello is a Word That Can Save a Life (Encouraging Short Story) by fallrain94
Hello is a Word That Can Save a Li...by Call me Ten
A short story that is about how every little decision in life affects our future. {Warning: Mild discussion of sensitive topics are touched on in this short story, invol...
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