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Dear Bully by andromedex
Dear Bullyby andromeda
Story told from the point of view of the bullied. Written like letters.
Dear You/Bully by Meah_Bi
Dear You/Bullyby Meah_Bi
Why ruin my life!! What have I done to you!!
The Hidden Truth (Book 1 Completed) by TheRealSJ10
The Hidden Truth (Book 1 Completed)by You killed me
Do not steal my work or fan fictions. If you want share my work on a different website, let me know. Ask me! COMPLETED Book 2: The Last Joke is up Now! Might be remaking...
Dark Girls | ✓ by bllurry
Dark Girls | ✓by rin
About a girl Who thought That beauty Only came in Eurocentric Features #peopleofsociety All rights reserved © 2016 bllurry
tales of a [mixed] girl by lehualani
tales of a [mixed] girlby lehua
In which a mixed girl details 20 years of being asked to choose one or the other. Feeling like she never fit in anywhere. Wondering where she belonged and wondering if t...
Mixed Girls | ✓ by bllurry
Mixed Girls | ✓by rin
About a girl Who was always One Or the other Because She never Fitted in #thepeopleofsociety All rights reserved © 2016 bllurry
Let's Talk About Life With Zingo by Zingo_S
Let's Talk About Life With Zingoby Zingo_S
We have a loads of thoughts stored in our mind. Don't you think that it's necessary to put out our thoughts infront of World? Yes, It's necessary. Come on, grab some tho...
Survival by NinaMarthe
Survivalby Nina Marthe
Just me talking about a story. My story. This book is aimed at all victims of harassment. You do not have to speak up if you do not feel so. I decided to do it because I...
Listen // Lams  by determinelydepressed
Listen // Lams by :)
- Sequel to Speak Up - Alexander and John are taking on life in New York. Finding a place to live, getting a job, and most importantly, making sure Alexanders eating dis...
Bounded  by JayyRosee_
Bounded by Jay Rose
Emma struggles with a deep secret that keeps her bounded to the person who she loved and trusted. A person she known for 7 years who she thought would protect her from t...
A Bud Among Flowers by NevermoreNeverHere
A Bud Among Flowersby MortalPeril
Amaryllis (named for her pride, her determination, her radiant-albeit unusual-beauty) Chrysanthemum (for respect and honor, but eventually-sorrow) was a girl who everybo...
Environmental speech by Ryufath
Environmental speechby Ryufath Soepeno
This is a speech sample about cleanliness. Here, i can give you some prompts on doing a speech as well. Feel free to comment my speech if there is any mistake. (Follow...
Brave New Voices by Nico-Di_Angelo13
Brave New Voicesby Bucky and Loki
A comparative poetry slam in which young peoe write poems about certain things in the world. The messages are important ones. Please watch these, and help make our world...
Her by thoughtsofhuman
Herby thoughtsofhuman
This poem is about her, who was asked to be quite for her mistreatment. The society peer pressured her into thinking that whatever happened to her is shameful and it sho...
RANTS by cluelessraindrop
RANTSby cluelessraindrop
It's a collection of rants , self note poems , this is that one place where even you are free to rant out and let it go.
bullied quotes by moe_519
bullied quotesby Morgan 🖤
I found these quotes online and a lot of them are relatable. If you are bullied please speak up, do something about it. I did and my bully got in a lot of trouble from t...
Fallen Visions by TheBrunettsClub
Fallen Visionsby Kiyana Doulati
#1 in ifeelyou rising, #9 in speakup rising, !!!! Some poems iv'e written this year when I was in moods or when inspiration came.