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The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | ✔️ by Monrosey
The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | DS Jamison
THANK YOU, Wattpad, for the HQ Love Watty Award! Concept: A mysterious young woman flees from her troubled past only to discover it is impossible to escape THE SECRET...
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The Misdeed by nolimitkiraa
The Misdeedby 🤍 Kira 🤍
Domestic Violence [Do·mes·tic Vi·o·lence]: noun. Violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Misdeed [m...
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TOXIC ;; ORIGINAL by shewritespoets
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. disclaimer: i am not approving, glorifying, romanticizing any kind of abusive relationship. DO NOT STEAL OR CLAIM IT...
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Lunar Eclipse by SallyMason1
Lunar Eclipseby Sal
A union which was meant to bring peace. An encounter in the woods which might destroy it all. A scorned mate who turns into a wave of destruction. And two star-crossed l...
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Lost in the City by Truecolors_9
Lost in the Cityby Lalalucyy_
After experiencing the death of her mother... Heavenly see's how cold Chicago's Streets can really be... Heavenly has to choose between love and loyalty.. Will she follo...
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Accidental Addiction  by Purpleagua
Accidental Addiction by Harlow Sage
Love at first sight? Declan has his doubts. However, when he locked gazes with Nova, her unforgettable eyes seemed to pierce straight through him. After ending a traumat...
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Free by nyaahimani
Freeby nyaahimani
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Friend or Foe? | Urban by scandalyss
Friend or Foe? | Urbanby i am art.
Kindred Simmons can never seem to catch a break. With juggling her drunken cousin, her seemingly dumb best friend and living in the projects, hoping to accomplish her dr...
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The Girl That Care Forgot ✔ by ladyliteral
The Girl That Care Forgot ✔by ali | அலி | علي
[ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] ••• ❝We accept the love we think we deserve.❞ But what does that really mean? This is Eva's story; a tale of a wayward girl who had a hear...
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The Hard Knocks by aliyahhf
The Hard Knocksby aliyaah
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getaway ☆ arreaga by -BADDIEBROOKE
getaway ☆ arreagaby almighty b
[ a brandon arreaga story ] lowercase intended !! started: june 22nd, 2019 published: july 16th, 2019 finished: september 15th, 2019
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her first time  by brokenxinlove
her first time by I’m Okay . ❤️
a 16 year old girl meets the guy who she'll eventually lose her virginity to.. but is he really the guy he says he is? or was everything all a show.. ----------------- �...
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Jennifer is 23 years old , Domestic violence and abuse has been throughout her life from when she was young . She's been through thick and thin , Love was never an optio...
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BROKEN by beautyandbeyond
BROKENby Urban Goddess
"Your my Slave & always will be" my boyfriend Slim tells me.The hardest part of being a feeling like your not one.feeling like your more of animal t...
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In Re Baby Q by SallyMason1
In Re Baby Qby Sal
One million dollars -- a dream come true for struggling college student Ashlynn Morgan. All she has to do is sign on the dotted line and agree to become surrogate mother...
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She's Broken (He's Okay) by cocoa_channelle
She's Broken (He's Okay)by Melaninaire
She fell in love now she's open, gave him her heart and he stole it. All of his lies got her frozen, Now you can tell that She's Broken but He's Okay. - M...
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Love Scars by ultraxvclet
Love Scarsby ~N
Read to find out.
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One Thousand Miles by the-before
One Thousand Milesby Annie Woods
Stephanie Hersh has always lived a sheltered life, but that is until she meets John Schmidt. The man who manages to make her actually feel free and loved. He is the man...
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God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction) by MideOfTheShadows
God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction)by MIDE 🍁🌺🌱💐
What happens when the youngest Smallbone goes rebellious? Leah Rachel Smallbone, younger sister to Libby by three years, has always been a good girl all her life until s...
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Scars  by AshleyPCole
Scars by AshleyPCole
*Feliks Vladimiromovich Khabarov* A man's sin is his own. For him to face judgement and justice for. However, there are times when the blood and sweat from his past tric...
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