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One Thousand Miles by the-before
One Thousand Milesby Annie Woods
Stephanie Hersh has always lived a sheltered life, but that is until she meets John Schmidt. The man who manages to make her actually feel free and loved. He is the man...
Umar Se Pare  by NikunjandDiksha
Umar Se Pare by Diksha
Back to 90's. She was just a weak, timid, small 16 years old village girl who was unwantedly married to a 24 years old man. She was the youngest among the 3 brothers...
Her Devil Husband 💔😈 by story_writer_29
Her Devil Husband 💔😈by word.dreamerrr
........... 🥀 . Riyaz Aly : An heartless, arrogant, rude person in short he is such a devil 😈 hate girls like hell , he didn't even respect his own mother (don't take...
Empty words by Janeofmischief
Empty wordsby Janeofmischief
'He does love me' I tried to convince myself, 'he just has a real funny way of showing it'
MERE MEHRAM (completed) by sonarana099
MERE MEHRAM (completed)by sonarana099
The love story of two different people falling in love with each other in the most unexpected circumstances, for knowing more about them, join me in the journey of Sidha...
The Girl That Care Forgot ✓ by literalight
The Girl That Care Forgot ✓by ⭑°⭑ ali ⭑°⭑
[ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] ••• ❝We accept the love we think we deserve.❞ But what does that really mean? This is Eva's story; a tale of a wayward girl who had a hear...
Still Waters by KalilahCoulter
Still Watersby KalilahCoulter
Natasha has been in love with Collin since elementary school. But when Collin's random bursts of anger turn into even more frequent bouts of violence, Natasha wonders mo...
Roman Disaster by BreeNBrit90s
Roman Disasterby briNbrit
Nicki Minaj gets lucky when Jerry Heller, the manager of NWA signs her to ruthless records. Thinking she's going to have the best life ever suddenly things takes a horri...
In Re Baby Q by SallyMason1
In Re Baby Qby Sal
One million dollars -- a dream come true for struggling college student Ashlynn Morgan. All she has to do is sign on the dotted line and agree to become surrogate mother...
Soiled #ProjectNigeria ✔️ by TheOmoope
Soiled #ProjectNigeria ✔️by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
Nabeela has never had life easy, never ever. She is at her wits end. Love and living life has never been her known forte. But, what will she do when she gets tangled in...
She's Broken (He's Okay) by ghettogatsbyy
She's Broken (He's Okay)by Connie
She fell in love now she's open, gave him her heart and he stole it. All of his lies got her frozen, Now you can tell that She's Broken but He's Okay. - M...
TU JO MILA 🖤 by the_aromer
TU JO MILA 🖤by Annie
Sai Joshi, a simple and innocent girl gets married with Amay Gupte who physically torture her. What when a tenant who came as a stranger became the only ray of light to...
Toxic love  by Bogareddy
Toxic love by lilly blossom
Mature content 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 Abhimanyu Singh Rajput (28 yr old) Billionaire the great buisness man well known of ruthless , arrogant , stubborn Dominating He always...
snatched freedom. by ilovebtsffly123
snatched MRS OT7
"please leave my father im ready to anything you ask me please spare him."I pleaded sobbing hardly looking at my father laying half lifeless. "on one cond...
His Saving Grace [Book #2] by the_annoyed_writer
His Saving Grace [Book #2]by Ridah Shaikh
Book 2 of the Second Chances Series Can be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend that you read the first one too. Ever since he could remember, Rehan had been in love w...
The 10 Steps To A Boy's Heart by SoniaJohn
The 10 Steps To A Boy's Heartby Sonia John
Danielle has sworn off men her entire life. That is until the college campus heartthrob, Zander Wyatt breaks her best friends heart, causing her to overdose and take a s...
Deceptive Glitters ✅ by dblackvirgo
Deceptive Glitters ✅by Ameeyrah
*BOOK ONE IN THE ALL THAT GLITTERS TRILOGY Walking out of an abusive marriage 'unscathed', Khadijah thought that was her salvation, the end of her suffering but the year...
Lunar Eclipse by SallyMason1
Lunar Eclipseby Sal
A union which was meant to bring peace An encounter in the woods which might destroy it all A scorned mate hell-bent on destruction And two star-crossed lovers whose cho...
Sanctuary by ShauniNicole
Sanctuaryby Brittani Wilson
Evan "Buck" Buckley moves to LA, determined to make a new life for himself. He takes a job as a firefighter and keeps a low profile, but he is soon won over by...
I think I'm lost without you [Paul Lahote] by themandalorian23
I think I'm lost without you [ themandalorian23
Noah Jane Cly didn't have the easiest life. Her mom died when she was just nine years old and her father never really got over it. But, despite this, Noah remained kind...