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The Resistance of UA-553 [Mha x Clone Wars crossover] by BlackHound560
The Resistance of UA-553 [Mha x BlackHound560
Hello! So... This is a Clone Wars x Mha Crossover, with a Clone Wars AU, with notably: -Sidious arrested -Order 66 didn't happened -Rise of Siths in the galaxy -Republic...
Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi fantasy by NickolegKeiige
Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi Nuckules Kage
The United Star of Gaia, an advanced space faring human civilization comes across a fantasy like planet in their journey to explore the star. This is the first time mank...
The Autobiography Of An Alien by RegTheRag
The Autobiography Of An Alienby Reg
!! Sequel to In Search of Home. If you haven't read that, you'll be a little confused! !! After the humans invaded - somewhat; it was his fault, really - his planet, the...
and the stars will be their guides (hermitcraft space au) by YourLocalWillowTree
and the stars will be their Blu Willow
Etho is a runaway, a stowaway, and most importantly, an alien on a human ship. He's so dead. --- When Etho decides to board a random spaceship to get away from his home...
Cosmogyral Expedition (Volume 1) by CassyKnight_21
Cosmogyral Expedition (Volume 1)by Cassandra Knight
Calix Yevander, a time traveller, an ex-soldier, a member of Death Stings from a planet called the Oporin, travels back in time in order to find the great warriors of al...
The Dead Fleet (Juggernaut #3) by PeterADixon
The Dead Fleet (Juggernaut #3)by Peter A Dixon
Tales from the Juggernaut #3. The dead keep their secrets. Having narrowly escaped Typhon on Parador, Tila, Ellie and Malachi have a new clue in their search for the tru...
Far Horizon (Juggernaut #4) by PeterADixon
Far Horizon (Juggernaut #4)by Peter A Dixon
With the mystery of the Far Horizon solved, Tila claims her place on the rescue fleet to find out what happened to her father. Malachi and Ellie find new paths of their...
The Fringe Wars by RachelAukes
The Fringe Warsby Rachel Aukes
War looms on the horizon... After the colonization of Mars and Europa, it took us fewer than five generations to reach beyond our solar system and discover new planets...
Summoning Space front by Emir08Thunderbarge
Summoning Space frontby
Elysium Union on a remnant of a fallen nation, named after a planet of Elysium a country that were united by many nation transfered to the neighboring solar system on a...
Codename Alpha: Intervention by SergeantSiler
Codename Alpha: Interventionby trashman
The starship Valiant, now relocated to Earth orbit, prepares for a visit from a group of Human ambassadors. Tensions between the crew explode after a horrifying reality...
Keeping up with the Kardashevs by sbjessome
Keeping up with the Kardashevsby
What would you do if someone handed you 1000 years of technology and told you to fix the planet. You know that old cracker Come with me as I fumble my way through doing...
Parador (Juggernaut #2) by PeterADixon
Parador (Juggernaut #2)by Peter A Dixon
Tales from the Juggernaut #2 Twelve years after the failed colony mission which claimed her parent's lives, Tila Vasquez discovered an impossible ship buried deep within...
Horizon || ATEEZ Space AU by Tiny_tokki
Horizon || ATEEZ Space AUby Tokki
Every young student on the dying Earth wants one thing; acceptance to the Horizon Project. The opportunity to earn a spaceship, a crew, and a voyage into deep space to h...
When the first ever space cruise ship completes its inaugural tour of the solar system, Bellatrix 'Bella' Starr will catch a ride back home that she'll never forget. Th...
A Guide to Humans by slinkanora
A Guide to Humansby Slinkanora Holmes
Imagine you are on a starship traveling the galaxy and you find a stowaway from a planet that you legally cannot interact with the habitants with do to intergalactic law...
The Tinkerer Chronicles: The Three Tinkerers by LivingStoneWriter
The Tinkerer Chronicles: The Sean Livingston
We've seen the many journeys of Neas, the Gladiator of Gallifrey, across the Infinite DC. But what about their father, Aznavorian the Tinkerer? What journeys have these...
Star Law: A Marshal Cole Series by jdobbin
Star Law: A Marshal Cole Seriesby John Dobbin
A murder mystery in space, a frontier marshal investigating and a young girl who is the key to it all. Highest rating in sci-fi: #2!
The "Invader" (DISCONTINUED) by Gleordex
The "Invader" (DISCONTINUED)by Gleordex
Brandon is a 19-Year-old young adult. He's an average citizen of the United States of America. He is in the state called Colorado since he moved out of his parent's hous...
Echoes of Orion by banditx1979
Echoes of Orionby Creative Bandit
In a future where humanity reaches for the stars, the Xenarion SynthProbe, an advanced AI-driven spacecraft, embarks on an odyssey across the cosmos. Tasked with explori...
The Juggernaut (Juggernaut #1) by PeterADixon
The Juggernaut (Juggernaut #1)by Peter A Dixon
Tales from the Juggernaut #1. Complete. Wattys 2018 shortlist. WHAT IS THE SECRET OF THE JUGGERNAUT? *PRAISE FOR THE JUGGERNAUT* *** Good story, great setting, and well...