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SoMa One Shots by Barbie_Vomit
SoMa One Shotsby Barbie_Vomit
{ SOUL EATER SOULXMAKA ONE SHOTS- CONTAINS SMUT } Stupid silly dorks being silly and dorky. If the chapter contains smut or questionable content I will label it NSFW. If...
Soul x Maka: Don't Leave Me Here [COMPLETED] by flyingmykaito
Soul x Maka: Don't Leave Me Here [ pick ur head up, queen
(So this is my first fanfic, but it's gonna be really short. If you want more just say so) Just read it and tell me what you think :)
SoulxMaka by SoulxMaka_Forever
SoulxMakaby SoulEater_Ships
"You won't loose me. If you go, I go. If you stay, I stay. You know why? Because I love you Maka Albarn. And I always will."
SoMa One-Shots by Invisible2000
SoMa One-Shotsby Alexandria
Here are a collection of SoMa one-shots written by me. Plots range from AU's, jealousy, sadness, tragedy, and of course, cute cuddles. I try my best to update, so please...
Say Something (Maka x Soul) by MooMooJuice
Say Something (Maka x Soul)by MooMooJuice
Soul finds Maka's diary mysteriously on his bed with some...interesting confessions.
Soul Eater One-Shots by FvkUps
Soul Eater One-Shotsby Daddy Sasori~
One-Shots for Soul Eater. (Shippings will include all of them) This is my break from my Soul Eater FanFic: Switch. If you haven't read it, check it out please. ^_^ Based...
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SoMa one shots by TheShinyUmbreon
SoMa one shotsby ...
It's true what they say, isn't it? Somehow, someway. Certain people are just meant to be and they find each other; Always. . . . a series of one shots that will be poste...
Beauty and the Beast (Soul x Maka) by emilyannabo
Beauty and the Beast (Soul x Maka)by Emily
Soul Eater version of Beauty and the Beast with a little twist! enjoy!!
Two Truths and a Lie by haunted-by-the-past
Two Truths and a Lieby Ally
Soul upsets Maka and attempts to get her to listen to him. [This story is also on] **oh and btw, the song in the first chapter is The Phoenix by Fall Out...
Death the Kid x Reader by middlejack20
Death the Kid x Readerby Cassandra
You know the usual. Your running from the past. Taking shelter at the DWMA. Befriending people you really shouldn't. Falling in love with someone you didn't expect. I do...
SoMa One-Shots by bookdragonmaka
SoMa One-Shotsby Ryu
Yep. The classic Soul Eater story: Soul and Maka falling in love, over and over and over again.
Best Way Not to Get Your Heart Broken by LynneSabina
Best Way Not to Get Your Heart LynneSabina
Maka has been bullied her entire life. She'd had suicidal thoughts in the past but the aftermath of her parents divorce finally pushed her over the edge. Literally. Stoo...
Abraham Springs Mental Institution for Troubled Youth by LynneSabina
Abraham Springs Mental LynneSabina
When the depression got too much, Maka Albarn attempted suicide but failed. Her "worried" parents decided Abraham Springs Mental Institution for Troubled Youth...
How the time passes by... [maka x soul] by CoCoAnA1
How the time passes by... [maka CoCoAnA1
It's been one year since Soul has become a death scythe and the Kishin, Asura, was taken care of. Maka and Soul start to discover their feelings for each other after the...
SoMa One-Shots by xxllNobodyllxx
SoMa One-Shotsby Maka Evans
Soul and Maka one-shots Every story is diffrent form the last, but the thing binding them all is the love intrest they share. Soul x Maka Open to request .-. anytime
Connected || Soul x Maka by jack_they
Connected || Soul x Makaby MJ
As Soul and Maka are closer to turning Soul into a death Scythe they develop a new technique and are able to read each others mind, they begin to develop feelings for ea...
Lost in You (Soul x Maka) by emilyannabo
Lost in You (Soul x Maka)by Emily
Maka and Soul finally tell each other how they really feel about each other
My protector.  by Everett_bluboy
My protector. by Everett the homo
They've always tried to protect each other in battle. One more than the other most of the time. But how could you blame him? It is his job after all, being a weapon. In...
The struggles for love (soulxmaka) by teeaaaddictt
The struggles for love (soulxmaka)by amazingly not
2 years after they fought the kishin, they started to grow feelings for each other. Yes Soul might've said he wouldn't settle for flat chested girls like her, but things...