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Going forward and beyond {Path of the Aura Ranger: Book I} by kurenohikari
Going forward and beyond {Path kurenohikari
Yes, I finally did it! A Pokemon fanfic of Ash getting serious after the Battle Frontier Arc and training before going to Sinnoh. There will be the Tauros trade and aur...
The 23 challenges by Swiftpaths
The 23 challengesby TheJCgroup
A once cheerful and go-lucky boy named Ash one day meets a new Professor who changes his life forever. Warning: I don't own Pokemon and the main characters like Ash. I d...
Ash's Pokemon Journey (Part 1: Kanto Region) by Amy_Paris
Ash's Pokemon Journey (Part 1: Twinkle Rajput
This story is same as the anime version but I will make changes on how I wanted the plot to be Ash is different from the anime version he will be much prepared for his j...
Enough is Enough by AloraBeckwith5
Enough is Enoughby Elizabeth Potter
AU: Ashley has had enough. She wants to train Pokémon. She doesn't want to become a "Proper Lady." It's time to run. To make her dreams come true. Fem Ash...
Ash's Journeys: Kanto by Y33TB0Y
Ash's Journeys: Kantoby YEETBOY
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON SADNESS Follow Ash's journey through Kanto with his friends. He will be smarter, colder, and basically way more badass. Pairings: AshxLe...
Ash's journey- my way  by _Not-Active-Anymore_
Ash's journey- my way by Deadass Dead Inside
This is Ash Ketchum's journey how I think it should be. Ash Ketchum, a boy who was abandoned and then raised by Pokémon. But one day the Pokémon get hunted and the one a...
Ōrasutairu (A pokemon Fanfiction) by Sannin_Saiyajin
Ōrasutairu (A pokemon Fanfiction)by Sannin_Saiyajin
Born with the ability to manipulate Aura, Ash sets on a journey with his Pokemon companions to discover his potential and set his mark in the Book Of PokemonMasters. Wit...
Ash the legendary pokemon trainer and master indigo league part 1 [Completed] by AtharvaMishra0
Ash the legendary pokemon Atharva Mishra
The story of the chosen one and how ash will become the pokemon master and change the life of people in pokemon life
A Different Start by SPORTS_STEEL
A Different Startby Ashton Satoshi Ketchum
What if Ash was more knowledgeable about Pokémon and the world around him before starting his journey? What if he got an opportunity like no other an decided to take it...
A child of two worlds by SparkySparkpaw
A child of two worldsby Sparkz Lightning
Ash Ketchum is an interesting child. at the age of six he got into an accident and had been in a coma for a year. When Ash awakes he is very different, is around Pokemon...
Ash and Ray (Amourshipping)  by JanardhanRaoAllu
Ash and Ray (Amourshipping) by Janardhan Rao Allu
Join ash and shiny Rayquaza on journey to become the best of the best and get the love of his life *can ash stop all the evil teams* smart and strong ash fully overpower...
Pokémon Academy: Master Class by AnimePokemonWorld
Pokémon Academy: Master Classby ꧁☪匚卂尺ᗪ匚卂卩ㄒㄖ尺 卩ㄖҜ乇爪乇ㄖ山☪꧂
Ash is advanced for his age so when he applies for a Pokémon Academy, he easily get in. He may be there for a mission, but he still hates it. I mean, what's someone to d...
Kanto : Going My Way by SilentHero10082006
Kanto : Going My Wayby TheAuthurWho'sGone
What if by a twist of fate Ash was not the happy go lucky boy he was supposed to be? Living with a widowed mother, bullied by most of the other children and a strong wi...
Pokémon Indigo League (Alternate from canon) by YoungHopeProductions
Pokémon Indigo League (Alternate Young Hope Productions
(Still don't own Pokemon or the anime) Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town in the Kanto region starts his journey. However, some people don't think he'll be good e...
Ash's journey: Flaming Victory  by Animegirlaurora
Ash's journey: Flaming Victory by Rafailia Taxtsidou
Ash ketchum, a boy prodigy with an interest on fire types and a bad childhood. Watch him as he rises from the ashes of his bad past and becomes a legend.
Rise From The Ashes (A Pokemon Rewrite) by LucarioTheOne777
Rise From The Ashes (A Pokemon LucarioTheOne777
On the first day of his journey with his rebellious starter, Ash befriends two foreign Pokemon; a Riolu and a Treecko. Ash is seriously injured by Pikachu after saving t...
Ash & Meowzie by MorphMaster18
Ash & Meowzieby MorphMaster18
What happens when a certain Pokémon Trainer crosses paths with a female Meowth
The Hidden Hero by nitty14
The Hidden Heroby Nitty
Aloha high where many dreams start and many come true. People from all over the world dream just to enter the school. Champions like Lance and Cynthia even went here. A...
ASH THE HERO(On Hold) by Jam123champ
ASH THE HERO(On Hold)by Jam123champ
There is something more to Ash than it seems. He has a very successful future waiting for him. Watch the prince of Rota ( the richest royal family ) make his way to the...
The Ashes of Serenity by AmongusManlol
The Ashes of Serenityby AmongusManlol
A Broken, Neglected Boy, Hiding something so many can only long for, waiting to unleash his might; Power A Troubled, Ignored Girl, A flower who was held back by her own...