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Single Father //Taekook//  ✔️ by _kookielucious_
Single Father //Taekook// ✔️by kookielucious
Complete ✔️ Where taehyung is a single father and have to find a suitable eomma for his baby princess taegukie Top tae Btm kook Start - 07/05/20 End - 21/07/20
techboo fluff (techno&ranboo) by bonetheif
techboo fluff (techno&ranboo)by stinky
just fluff platonic this is my first story, so please leave critiques (phil is here sometimes aswell) my ao3 accout (archiveofourown) is also bonetheif
just markhyuck things 3 by hyucksrightmole
just markhyuck things 3by hyucksrightmole
yes guys, we are doing it, the third book is here💙 markhyuck imagines, funny conversations, gcs and all again💙
30th [Jikook|Yoonmin] by stillie
30th [Jikook|Yoonmin]by stillie
Jimin loves Jungkook more than anyone. Jungkook dislikes Jimin, or at least that's what he says.
Ripping In Anger - SYMPATHETIC DECEIT - SANDERS SIDES - by AuthorInAHood
Ripping In Anger - SYMPATHETIC AuthorInAHood
Deceit isn't feeling very well, and the sides are forced to check on him when Remus tells them he hasn't left his room in weeks due to some issues that they don't know a...
Silent Tears ~A SasuNaru fan-fiction~ by AlexUchimaki
Silent Tears ~A SasuNaru Alex Holly
What happens when Naruto is abused by his father, Minato? What happens when Naruto's best friend, the police and Tsunade-sama find out? nothing good. Read to find out h...
The mafia leader loves me by weirdlybeautiful_02
The mafia leader loves meby Weird unicorn
I don't love him, I can't! He's a monster. I love another, but that obviously isn't going to stop him. I've left him signs, clues, hints, clearing saying I hate him. But...
Don't Be So Weak, Monoma by BoaBeau
Don't Be So Weak, Monomaby Rain
Another set of villains, happening not to be the LOV attacks UA, first destroying the 1B dorms, this upsets Monoma, class 1Bs version of Bakugou from class 1A. The next...
Burn by skittle724
Burnby Skittle724<3
He didn't know how long he's been alive for, there was flash backs of 1800's but he's lived his life in the present, surrounded by the same people who have told home the...
Read by CrystalNamida
Readby Endless Tears
[Hey! ] [What do you want dipshit?] A texting story about two best friends Warning: Lots of cursing
Herbalist (Vkook/Taekook) by weirdmomo16
Herbalist (Vkook/Taekook)by weirdmomo16
"What the hell is this weirdly scented flower? It smells gross-" A deep voice cuts me off. "It's called a hydrangea, you idiot. The hydrangea is consider...
Wof Fanfiction (in progress) by EM_Da_Maniac
Wof Fanfiction (in progress)by Quinter lover
Tsunami feels overwhelmed, Winter feels alone, Peril feels out of place, Swordtail, unappreciated and Mandrake, scared. What happens when the five of these lost dragons...
"will i love again" by felicksfreckles
"will i love again"by felixfelixfelix
In which a boy named Lee Felix doesn't believe in love, because of the past. But eight boys change that for the better or worst.
The Entertainers (Sproutshipping) by Dia_XD_X3
The Entertainers (Sproutshipping)by Snowflake
Yuya x Rin. After Rin gets teleported in Standard Dimension.She bumps into Yuya Sakaki,Standard's most famous entertainer.He lets Rin to stay with him and to help him pe...
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Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus Love Story by DemonIkari
Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus DemonIkari
After the battle with Frieza and Goku Black, things have returned to normal and Goku & Vegeta go back to training on Beerus's planet. At an inconvenient time too. Beerus...
conceited [Yamaken x Reader x Slight!Various] by pyonimei
conceited [Yamaken x Reader x ryunameizing
》RE-PUBLISHED & RE-WRITTEN 《My Little Monster Reader-Insert [Name] always denies her feelings towards a certain blond boy. But she then realizes that she must first ackn...
"Sensei!" - Vongola Style [COMPLETE] by NatsuKyoya
"Sensei!" - Vongola Style [ NatsuKyoya
SUMMARY: You're a teacher at Vongola Academy, and the Principal, Giotto, had warned you that there are a variety of students... personality wise. They're loud, obnoxious...
See You Next Time by Tenwan
See You Next Timeby HoshiHina
I have nothing to say other than enjoy A bit angst