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Monsta x Chatroom by SmilyAlways25
Monsta x Chatroomby SmilyAlways52
Monsta x members all in one chat room. I honestly don't know if it's very funny. But it's pretty clean other than bromance of course.
What a wonderful world by Monwonpanda
What a wonderful worldby Monwonpanda
Originally posted on ao3/aff. Minhyuk was the sun but Hyunwoo was inlove with the moon. Basically showho and showhyuk.
fαcє-ChangKi(I.M and Kihyun) by Mango_BunBun19
fαcє-ChangKi(I.M and Kihyun)by ~Mango~
"Do you love me?" "Yes" "Even with this face?" "What's so bad about it?" (1st book) #Changki This if my first public book so I ho...
HACKER // JOOKYUN  by uwuwonnie
HACKER // JOOKYUN by hmph.
"YOU PHONE HAS BEEN HACKED" . Where Jooheon is a hacker and Changkyun is heartbroken. Started: 18/6/18 Finished: 8/2/2019 Highest rank: #1 Jookyun
no homo tho #hyungwonho by aishalek
no homo tho #hyungwonhoby ALEK¹⁹
bros can kiss, right? they can also hold each others hand if they like. the only problem will be when they fall in love. © ceoseungri · 2016
From Zero ¦ Hyungwonho by uwuwonnie
From Zero ¦ Hyungwonhoby hmph.
Hyungwon and Wonho are ex boyfriends who work in the same photography studio. They practically hate each other. What happens when they are assigned to go to Paris for a...
Why Him? [Hyungwonho] by Lonely_Potato143
Why Him? [Hyungwonho]by Awkward_Potato
Hogwarts AU Hyungwon is already used to being called names. He's the school outcast. He's not comfortable with others that he doesn't know. Wonho is used to getting...
delivery boy -☾- hyungwonho [discontinued] by ahhyesss
delivery boy -☾- hyungwonho [ 🎪
"Thought I ordered a snack, but I got a whole meal." "That'll be $17, sir." ••••• started: 10.18.20 ended: 03.24.21
Quiet ¦ Hyungwonho  by uwuwonnie
Quiet ¦ Hyungwonho by hmph.
If only we were less quiet. - Happy endings exist only in fairy tales. But maybe our story is the greatest fairy tale. Started: 21/3/2018 Finished: 25/5/2018 TRIGGER WAR...
꒰ GOT KIK? ✔️ ꒱ - HYUNGWONHO ˎˊ˗ by 1yanan
꒰ GOT KIK? ✔️ ꒱ - HYUNGWONHO ˎˊ˗by — 𝘁𝘂𝗹𝗶 🍰
♕ started chatting with you © 1YANAN • 2017
HIS MUSE || Hyungwonho by Pohmii
HIS MUSE || Hyungwonhoby ᎮᎧᎷᎷᎩ
Chae Hyungwon was two completely different people when it came to the internet and real life. On the internet, he was a living meme who reigned pure chaos. In real life...
Blush On by ChaliSense
Blush Onby ShowYooMyHeart
Hyunwoo likes my bestfriend Minhyuk. -Kihyun
Monsta X Family Life by Doki_Doki_4ever
Monsta X Family Lifeby 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐤𝐢
Son Hyunwoo aka Son Shownu, was a very lucky man. Not only did he become a famous celebrity, he was also lucky enough to marry his first love, Lee Minhyuk. A year after...
Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Good morning! A short story collection with all pairing Monsta X. Happy reading!
Drowning In Love || S.Hyunwoo x L.Minhyuk by prdsdef06
Drowning In Love || S.Hyunwoo x Jiea🍀
Swimmer! Hyunwoo, Photographer! Minhyuk The cover story is made by IceCream13 on asianfanfic 💕💕💕 || In the progress of editing || Characters chapter: DONE Chapter 1:...
Crash & Burn [l.hs + c.hw] by lovelykmg
Crash & Burn [l.hs + c.hw]by ꧁ 𝕞 ꧂
hyungworm: shut the fuck up before i kiss your forehead [hyungwonho centric but with side jookyun and showkihyuk]
Monsta shit X pt2 by MinSugaSideHoe
Monsta shit X pt2by MinSugaSideHoe
Part 2 of complete bullshit
bouquet ↠ changki by stuck-on-wonho
bouquet ↠ changkiby ↠ tokki ↠
❝ how many flowers do i have to send before you realise i'm the one whose fallen so helplessly for you? ❞ cover by : @ceoseungri © stuck-on-wonho · 2017
[Transfic][Oneshot][ShowHyuk] Second Rendezvous by preythemadness
[Transfic][Oneshot][ShowHyuk] luftmensch
Summary: "Họ chọn cách rơi xuống để được ở bên nhau. Cả hai sẽ tìm được đối phương, đó là một lời hứa." Fic dịch đã nhận được sự đồng ý từ tác giả. Bản dịc...
u just can't be replaced [showhyuk] by supermarketfl0wers
u just can't be replaced [showhyuk]by rae
shownu is loosing hope. but he's trying. (prequel to leave a message)