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TodoBakuDeku Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
TodoBakuDeku Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Todoroki Shoto x Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku + Todoroki Shoto x Bakugou Katsuki Todoroki Shoto x Midoriya Izuku
KiriBaku Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
KiriBaku Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Kirishima Eijirou x Bakugou Katsuki
IwaOi Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
IwaOi Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Iwaizumi Hajime x Oikawa Tooru
KurooTsuki Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
KurooTsuki Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Kuroo Tetsurou x Tsukishima Kei
KageHina Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
KageHina Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shoyo
Marco x Ace Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
Marco x Ace Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Marco x Portgas D. Ace
𝐇𝐘𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐀𝐒.     sabigiyuu. by panravenc
❝ FLOWERS ON THEIR HEARTS BLOOMING FOR A TOUCH. ❞ 紫 ━ Different settings, different times; but always them, irrevocably in love with each other. Always them. Through the...
The Big Book of... SasuNaru One Shots by RainbowGenie
The Big Book of... SasuNaru One Elley
A collection of SasuNaru one-shots with various catagories.
ZoSan Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
ZoSan Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Roronoa Zoro x Vinsmoke Sanji
And when hate turns into love...-SasuNaru Fanfic- by derrse
And when hate turns into i like smut
Two boys. Childhood friends. They can't stand eachother for too long. One loves to tease, and the other one hates to be teased. What if this "hate" between Uc...
Killugon Book Of One-shot by CrazyStellar
Killugon Book Of One-shotby seraphim_Ezikiel!
A book of one shot about killugon. Disclaimer: I do not own hunterxhunter nor the cover.. Warning: contains yaoi means boyxboy. Don't like don't read. *if you like you...
| Lemon Taste | - Tłumaczenie Mangi by _Mjata_
| Lemon Taste | - Tłumaczenie Mangiby _Mjata_
Autor: Ama-ai (MOMOSE An) Tytuł: Lemon Taste Tytuł Polski: Smak cytryny Anime: Haikyuu!! Parring \ Postacie: Shōyō Hinata x Tobio Kageyama Gatunek: Doujinshi, Romance...
Partners (boyxboy) by Nanumi
Partners (boyxboy)by Nanumi
A boyxboy story where 26 year old Etsuo and 28 year old Katsumi have to partner up in this spy industry place, and Katsumi is the meaner one that doesn't like anyone at...
SeroRoki week by NeedYaoiNow
SeroRoki weekby (̨̡ :.Ꙭ.:)̢♡( ◺˰◿ )̧̢
Semana Sero Hanta x Todoroki Shoto. uwu
Prom by Purple_Dandelion
Promby Purple_Dandelion
Prom is good excuse to finally confess to your crush. Where I live, we don't really have proms. Only like at the end of high school (and I didn't go to mine...), so if s...
Archfiend (Boyxboy) by aki_kiku
Archfiend (Boyxboy)by aki_kiku
Do not become corrupted by what you do not understand. The world came to ruin hundred of years before, leaving a wasteland in its wake. Beings once considered fictitious...
JoKak is Unbreakable by Slayer_Kid123
JoKak is Unbreakableby Slayer_Kid
If Kakyoin lived passed Stardust Crusaders and later down the line married Jotaro, meanwhile Josuke is figuring out the relationship between the two men. Mostly a mini c...
SuFin Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
SuFin Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Sweden x Finland
The peasant and the prince by Slayer_Kid123
The peasant and the princeby Slayer_Kid
A Cinderella yaoi fanfic with Pit x Dark Pit. (Going to call Dark Pit, Kuro in certain chapters) and a little bit of Marth x Ike in there. You know how this goes if you...
Fuyo no Hanashi 【Katsudeku】【Kiribaku】 by _LittleKuriboh_
Fuyo no Hanashi 【Katsudeku】【 _LittleKuriboh_
Hubo alguien a quien perdí. Alguien que estuvo junto a mí. Esa es la historia. [Fuyo no hanashi]