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She's mine and only mine | Yandere Bakugo X reader  by thatpotatochick
She's mine and only mine | sofithepotato
You are a middle school girl going into high school wanting to go to UA High with your best friend Izuku Midoryia. But his bully Katsuki Bakugo is also wanting to go the...
I Found My Home In You [On Going] by Luminous_Eyes
I Found My Home In You [On Going]by 𝚛 𝚘 𝚜 𝚎 ツ
"Gulong gulo na si Ashley, tila nababaliw na siya sa mga panaginip niya at sa bigla bigla na lang napasok sa kanyang isipan na isang LALAKE" "yung LALAKE...
She's Mine [SU] by Aceaylaaa
She's Mine [SU]by 🍦𝓐𝓬𝓮𝓮𝓮🍦
Kerajaan cansver adalah satu kerajaan yang didiami oleh dua makhluk iaitu, manusia dan juga Vampire. Keturunan DAHAVANAR adalah salah satu keturunan yang terhormat di ke...
She's mine by amour_ashxserena16
She's mineby Eevee_Serena
As our heroes continue their journey, they have encountered Jimmy. A trainer who after battling Serena, took a very big interest in her. Although, Ash starts to feel lik...
SHE'S MY TUTOR by sleepanddreambig
Tahimik ang buhay at pag aaral ng isang Nerd na Venice Racle Dela Vega sa paaralan ng USI,hindi man sya madalas kausapin ng kahit sino,sa paraang iyon ay madalas tahimik...
Soulmates by boobear3348
Soulmatesby Bubu 😚
It all started with dreams but what happens when dreams turn to reality Some chapters are 18+ so look out I will give the other couples each a chapter so that you can...
Come Back To Me (second part to "She's Mine") by Lcbfiena
Come Back To Me (second part to " LCBFIENA
Shadow's been sent to prison for attempted murder of the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog. After confessing his love for Amy, he leaves a note in her pocket with two words:...
The Alpha and Beta's Mates  by thommysin_xx
The Alpha and Beta's Mates by thommysin_xx
Donatello De Palma is twenty-one years old and an Alpha to one of the strongest werewolf pack in Italy. He is young but capable, fearless but feared by all. He is beauty...
Obsessive Bad Boy by CaliAnnieJane
Obsessive Bad Boyby Bea
"Beautiful girl, with some pretty brown eyes, capturing my stone cold heart." Mia Noeli 19, freshman in college. Shares a dorm apartment with her best friend...
I'm Not That Girl Anymore by Kali_Dawn_18
I'm Not That Girl Anymoreby Kali_Dawn_18
They say love hurts but its worth it in the end I call bullsh*t. Yes I'm that girl the one who'd rather be at home reading a book then at one of those lame ass party's...
The Lesbian Guide To Dating by Wisprionix
The Lesbian Guide To Datingby Wisprionix
Well I've never done it right before so I guess I this is a learning experience for the both of us. I AM IN NO WAY A LOVE EXPERT.
She is mine by btscanandwilldoit
She is mineby straykidsstay
So basically this story is about a playboy who finally falls in love. But there are many ups and downs, read the story to find out.
hAckeD by cuddlykook
hAckeDby ∘◦ 𝐉𝐨𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞 ◦∘
it's @MatchaCooookie hacking Joanna's cuddly ass :D
I am her daughter  by mamalanamaria
I am her daughter by MamaLana ❤️😂🤪
What if Lana Parrilla has a daughter with Donnie Wahlberg back when they were filming Boomtown in 2003. she was so young and just starting her acting career she gives t...
DARK SHADOW (Book2 Of SCL) by prettierthanblack
DARK SHADOW (Book2 Of SCL)by HezzelAnnQuiseo
"Kung ang mag-girlfriend/boyfriend nga na aagaw mag asawa pa kaya?"-dark "Anyway im dark and you are my shadow" Book two of STUPID CRAZY LOVE!!! Wag...
Shes Mine by AvaChanSoKawaii
Shes Mineby Rachel Has The Account/Ava Sa...
Shes My best friend I'll be her protecter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hes my best friend He will be my protecter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She comes to me when she cries ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...