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Undercover Surevillance by SpicyRamen_10969
Undercover Surevillanceby Yiling Laozu's B*tch
Gay men are being killed throughout the Brooklyn area, the team are called in on the case, but have no leads. The only thing they can think off is to send someone in as...
Kingly Desire (BWWM) (on hiatus) by alexizabe
Kingly Desire (BWWM) (on hiatus)by alexizabe
A story in which a king becomes infatuated with a young girl who is supposed to serve solely as the queen's womb.
All Because Of A "Project" by cybercandy420
All Because Of A "Project"by @ᴴᴵᴳᴴ_ᵀᴴᴼᵁᴳᴴᵀˢ
My name is Grayson and I live alone and I skipped a day of school to stay at home and relax. On that day of school I was partnered with both of my "old" crushe...
Does It Ever Get Better? by Und3rw4t3rPl4n3ts
Does It Ever Get Better?by 👽
Evan is a 13 year old girl trying to live in her shitty life, I mean between her 6 annoying older brothers and bullys at school, not to mention not having any parents. S...
Stepbrother(book 1) by unapologeticallyk123
Stepbrother(book 1)by Unapologetically. K
"Baby girl , when I'm done with you you'll be begin for more . You'll be so wet you'll be peeing yourself" Malik smirked " yeah ok" i smirked Read...
Persephone by -_-BlackoutO-O
Persephoneby Just me
"You'll give me anything? Even if it's unreasonable?" John questioned firmly. Elaine wanted to scream-she didn't have time for his games! Seraphina could be in...
{Jikook ff} The Angel Princess -yeoubstore by yeoubstore
{Jikook ff} The Angel Princess ˏˋ°•*⁀➷γєουϐι
"Hyung is there a mansion or I must say a palace with the name Princess Mansion?" "Yes but how do you know?" "That junk told me of course"...
 LOVE BY CHANCE by shiviwrts
A marriage which happened under a lot of circumstances and both the parties were against it but it was their destiny that they are tied in the knot of marriage...... . ...
GtaV x Reader (Kinktober Edition)  by 3r1nze_H0m0sexu4l
GtaV x Reader (Kinktober Edition) by Hey Ellis......ya like taters...
31 stories gawd damn this book is gonna test me... I hope you all enjoy!! ❤🙏
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader) by ComradeKavinsky
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader)by TheMLGNoob
I do not own the cover picture or RWBY. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT You guys are probably familiar with the abused male reader bit. Those fanf...
SoulMates  by Ladii_Nae
SoulMates by Ladii_Nae
Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe the universe put people together exactly when it's destined? Sometimes unfortunate events bring people together tha...
Feeling Frisky (Supernatural Smut) by PrincessSupernatural
Feeling Frisky (Supernatural Smut)by PrincessSupernatural
Just some good old fashioned smut ;3
What Have You Done? Negan X Reader by th4t_0n3_wr1t3r
What Have You Done? Negan X Readerby ???
The lineup. The day her life changed forever. And his. Was it for the best, or the worst? (Y/N) Grimes did not know. All she knew was she hated the man named Negan. Coul...
The Bad Boy Next Door  by Justsomerandomgirl49
The Bad Boy Next Door by 😈😂😎😇
READ THIS BEFORE READING THE BOOK PLZ I THEN HAVE YOU PPL SAYING "OH MY GOSH This is so Cliche" Read it. Highest Rank: #53 In Teen Fiction (*May 15, 2017*) *WA...
All For You! [Yandere Karma X Nagisa] (Complete) by Jaspytheghostie
All For You! [Yandere Karma X Jasper♡
Karma Akabane became infatuated with his best friend Nagisa Shiota, cherishing each moment they spend together. However he's not the only one crushing on the bluenette...
My Love [Freddie McClair] by connormcgranahan
My Love [Freddie McClair]by Connor McGranahan
In which a boy who thought he couldn't love falls for the girl terrified of love. Bonnie Cook is the younger sister of James Cook and Effy Stonem's best friend. Bonnie m...
Best BoyXBoy Stories  by wolfhunter17
Best BoyXBoy Stories by wolfhunter
The best stories I've read and that you'll enjoy too. This is a collection of amazing books written by amazing authors that I thought needed to be shared with all you am...
Tape 5, Side A | | thirteen reasons why by -meraxes
Tape 5, Side A | | thirteen cat :)
❝ Welcome to your tape, Dior Caldwell.❞ //// In which a girl receives a package full of tapes from her dead ex-bestfriend. //// Highest Rank: #1 in thirteenreasonswhy ©...
Regret by JessicaGardiner
Regretby Jessy G
Funny how the words accept or ignore can change your life in seconds. Abigail Jensen is in a loving marriage, but at times she feels unappreciated and lonely. She never...
The Iron Assassin  by Cobraki
The Iron Assassin by Cobraki
All his life, he knew two things. Serve the queen, no matter what, and kill for the highest bidder. This was all he knew, all his life. He never questioned it, never dou...