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Ella of Cernunnos by user73227751
Ella of Cernunnosby
A sci-fantasy retelling and spinoff of the Cinderella fairy tale.
A Day in the Life by VerminLord
A Day in the Lifeby VerminLord
In the 1300s AD, a young, conceited noble meets a serf living in poverty and an orphan raised in a monastery. When the three agree to change places to see what life is l...
Singing Hearts by FracturedFlight
Singing Heartsby FF
A twist on a classic, the poor servant girl's quickly evolving relationship with "Sir Knight" the bastard son of Lord Gorgos; and the grueling experiences as E...
The missing jewel to the queens crown by Jayne3000
The missing jewel to the queens Madison Jayne
Charlotte has alot to learn about her life and when the murders start to happen in her village her life takes a turn for the better and the worse. She meets a prince, ki...
ROBOT CAT: Space serf! by robotcatseries
ROBOT CAT: Space serf!by robotcatseries
Robot cat space serfs with her bully but a little bit of a friend Norman.
Star-Crossed Sentiment by leviosaMagic
Star-Crossed Sentimentby Darby Tanner
Historical fiction short story based during the feudal era of Europe. Set from two different girl's perspectives from vastly different backgrounds. One serf. One lady...
The Stablehand by The-world-is-round
The Stablehandby Khaleesi
Melena finds herself working as a servant in the eloquent palace of a small kingdom known as Renno. Due to unfortunate circumstances Melana becomes acquainted with the c...
The Given Children by Icouldrapthat
The Given Childrenby Kamber
In the Kingdom of Antum, orphaned children are taken off the streets and Marked by a Witchlord and made to serve and give their life to the Witchlord's House. They are c...
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The Serf by Just_call_me_April
The Serfby April
My name is Ellie. I am the daughter of Lord Henry and Lady Mary. I have an olser brother named Alston. I am 16. I live in one of the many manors in England. My mother te...
Life In The Middle Ages.... by PNZ_squawked
Life In The Middle Post-it notes
This story is a narrative perspective from a serf, how it's hard to be at the very bottom of the social Medieval Europeans live during the Middle Ages. This...