The Given Children
By Icouldrapthat
  • Fantasy
  • escape
  • kingdom
  • magic
  • marked
  • marks
  • orphan
  • serf
  • servant
  • sol
  • solis
  • sun
  • witch
  • wizard


In the Kingdom of Antum, orphaned children are taken off the streets and Marked by a Witchlord and made to serve and give their life to the Witchlord's House. They are called Given Children. Emaria is a Given Child who escaped with two of her friends and managed to stay free for two years until they are caught and must face the struggles and fight for a way to get rid of the Mark that takes away their will and life and keeps it subject to their Witchlord. Gagged and bound by their Marks, they meet two other Given Children from another House who convince them to risk everything and search for freedom and the truths that have been buried by the Witchlords for hundreds of years. Emaria must first discover why her Witchlord Solis, fought so hard to trap her and take her 'Lucky Blood while fighting memories that haunt her of the House of Sol and the boy who sacrificed himself so she could run.

The Given Children

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The Given...
by Icouldrapthat