September11 Stories

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Survivor's Guilt by witchoria
Survivor's Guiltby cellophane dion
2011: It's been ten years since the sky literally came crashing down around Yael Malkah and upended her world. Now she's returned to New York to visit her ailing grandmo...
My Superhero (Raura) by DTsparkle
My Superhero (Raura)by DTsparkle
3,051 children lost a parent on the 9th of September 2001. At 5, Laura Marano lost her superhero. 10 years on and Laura still can't get him out of her head. If only ther...
9/11 by satans-
9/11by des|18
"Calum? Are you in that tower?"
An Acceptable American by RenHorngWang
An Acceptable Americanby Ren-Horng Wang
Two friends growing up in the American Midwest, one Chinese-American the other, Turkish-American, have their lives turned upside-down by the 9/11 attacks. They struggle...
American by itmegritty1
Americanby Beth
13-year-old Monica, feeling a bit feverish, decides to skip school on September 11, 2001. She decides to visit her father at his company's meeting on the 51st floor of t...
Never Forget by Karmitara
Never Forgetby Kay Lawson
Every year, America had a tradition that he would always remember. No matter how much pain it caused him...
911: What's Your Emergency? by kelseythingoneandtwo
911: What's Your Emergency?by Kelsey Pontius
Holli Benton has been a so-called 'daddy's girl' ever since she was little, but she's disappointed with the amount of time they get to spend together. When she gets the...
9/11 Short Story by Anabelle_Marie_Evans
9/11 Short Storyby Anabelle
Short made up story of an adolescent taken place in 9/11/2001. I put the cover as is because if you ain't scared, you ain't human and I figured that quite fit in.
Skyline by UnknownFandomClub
Skylineby Vallah [They/Them]
Jessica Chai Bleu and her father go to the world trade centre also known as the twin towers for Jessica's 14 birthday, September 11, 2001. Little did they know that it w...
We're Okay by HrMt323
We're Okayby HrMt323
This is a story about friendship and radio silence, panic and loss and about finding something that was really always there. But perhaps this is really a story about la...
5 Years After by em21601
5 Years Afterby em21601
The year is 2006. 5 years after the horrific 9/11 event that shocked the world. Aamaal is a 13 year old Islam girl from Kuwait moving to New York City. Join her as she...
Can't You Hear the Roaring Fire?  by rxchelstar
Can't You Hear the Roaring Fire? by rxchelstar
Klaine Au • • • Blaine Anderson is a firefighter in New York during the attack of September 11th, 2001. When he runs into the fire, he looses his sense of hearing. There...
9/11♡ by ajdbsidn
9/11♡by aidbs
5 Seconds of Summer and Twenty One Pilots are in New York City, about to play the biggest, most memorable show of their lives, the same day of what will soon be one of t...
A Day to Remember by _mayraleon_
A Day to Rememberby Mayra Leon
Sometimes you just have to accept the destiny, even when it hurts to accept it. A disaster occurs in a Tuesday morning and it changes everything from one day to another.
A Call of Courage by maxilexis
A Call of Courageby McKenzie Knight
This story is just a spin on the 9/11 events. This is told from the perspective of flight attendant Betty Ong, with a few added details that weren't able to be told. God...
Nine Eleven time of sorrows by Awesome-moon-kid
Nine Eleven time of sorrowsby Awesome-moon-kid
A man is hit in the terrorist attack of nine eleven. His wife is stuck crying with their two children wishing they had their father, husband, companion, and friend. He w...
The Worst Day - A September 11th Fiction by MANMadeOfSCARS
The Worst Day - A September 11th MANMadeOfSCARS
This was a story I wrote for my English class as a junior in high school. Our task was to write a fictional short story that included a major event from history. I chose...