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The Better Comes After The Worse... by Jenisundar
The Better Comes After The Jeni...kutty...
This story is based on the actual kumkum bhagya track...the MMS scandal...
My Husband's Girl by aasthamishra_
My Husband's Girlby Aastha Mishra
Love is Sacrifice. ❝ I don't love you and I never will, because I love someone else ❞ Ian said to Alison, his brows touched together as he looked at his wife. ❝ Who is...
Arshi ff: Fanaa by Aradhyahayatkhan
Arshi ff: Fanaaby AradhyaHayatKhan
Continuation from the terrace scene where Arnav witness Khushi in Shyam arms...
REMOULD by Sri_Naya
REMOULDby Sri_Naya
My take on - Khushi after knowing the truth behind her contract marriage. Show based story. I might change some scenes(from the show starting to till Khushi came to know...
Thodi Si Dooriyan Hai Thodi Majbooriyaan Hai by jaanishra
Thodi Si Dooriyan Hai Thodi jaanishra
This is a fan fiction based on a starplus show "YE HAI MOHABBATEIN" It's basically written in hindi.. But *ENGLISH SUBTITLES PROVIDED* MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKIN...
I Deserve Better.... (Arshi)✔️ by phoenix84s
I Deserve Better.... (Arshi)✔️by phoenix84s
I never liked the way Khushi was treated in the serial. The humiliation, and abuse no one should go through it. This is my take of what should have happened after Arnav...
Tu Itna Zaroori Kaise hua by Jenisundar
Tu Itna Zaroori Kaise huaby Jeni...kutty...
This is a short story.....this is the story of love from college to eternity...Abhigya are the leads in this story...
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Kuku❤- family reunion by evollover
Kuku❤- family reunionby evollover
Extended story of yrhpk. Kuhu and Kunal. Kuku❤ - the untold story. - Kuhu and mishti are thrown out of rajvansh house - Abeer and Kunal regret - Nok jhok and rusna man...
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) ||✔️|| by LunchbirdS
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) LunchbirdS
Shivaay and Anika's relationship goes through a rough patch forcing them to part their ways. But this not the end of their story as their paths cross again after 6 years...
"Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable." What happens when Love Knocks ur door again..What happens when some love stories remains Myst...
Don't you think my love deserves a chance? ( Completed) by ankitha21
Don't you think my love deserves Akshaya
A continuation of ipkknd from the sheetal track. what if khushi is thrown out by Anjali ,shyam,Dadi and sheetal by heir cruel plans on a mid Night. No one there by her...
Wei Ying's destroyed heart (Complete) Edited by Belladonna01234
Wei Ying's destroyed heart ( Belladonna01234
I changed what happened at the temple .... so yes ... bad guy wins and Wei Ying looses .... everything. Wei Ying is thrown away not just by everyone he has ever known...
Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obros by Lakshmi1099
Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obrosby Aisha1099
Highest rank #21 on 09/02/2018 in fanfictions. 7 years have passed since that fateful day. The day when the foundations of Oberoi mansion shook .Ties that were considere...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️ by monkeybreath
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️by monkeybreath
Dylan is rich, unapproachable and faithful to the memory of his late wife. After an unfortunate one-night stand with consequences, he is the father of a second son, Noa...
Compromise by dhruma345
Compromiseby ArshiRumyabestcouple
What if Khushi goes missing during the basketball match What if Arnav gets forced by Anjali to marry Sheetal? What will happen to Arshi after Arnav marries Sheetal? - A...
Big Brother Soot by unknown24356
Big Brother Sootby unknown24356
Sophie Gold is younger sister to Wilbur and youngest child to her single mother Kathy. Sophie and Wilbur's dad is out of the picture, leaving Wilbur as the male role mod...
Yen Kan Parthadhu... Yen Kai Serumo? by miyas_scribbles
Yen Kan Parthadhu... Yen Kai Miya's Scribbles
Lovers are separated due to their families. They meet years later....... ********* Complete work of fiction Other than their names, nothing else is similar to characters...
Am I Not Enough For You by _glowingsunshine_
Am I Not Enough For Youby Jhilmil A ♥️
" Get married to another girl if she is not being able to give me my grand children" His mother shouted " I will think about it " She bursted out in...