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Soulmate Sebastian x reader by anime_trash7
Soulmate Sebastian x readerby Ace
I don't own Black Butler :)) You are a half-angel, half-demon... For demons, their hearts don't beat until they pass their soulmate, they don't feel pleasure, they don't...
Falling to Hell by Robanilla
Falling to Hellby Robanilla
This is my first official Fanfic. I hope it isn't too bad, but hey, we live and we learn, don't we? -R. (SebastianxReader) Run. As fast as you can. But what happens if...
Peculiar demon//Sebastian Michaelis x demon!reader by storymaker154
Peculiar demon//Sebastian error602
strange, isn't she? she's a abnormal demon--no, human? cursed to feel human, mortal. that cannot end well for a demon. Her/she pronouns
That Twenty First Century Girl by xXxYoursTrulyxX
That Twenty First Century Girlby Selena
[Sebastian x Modern!Reader] (Y/n) is your typical, 21st century girl that gets stuck inside of the popular animation known as "Black Butler". The problem: the...
Hold Me | Sebastian X Reader | Black Butler Fanfiction by spicey_noodle
Hold Me | Sebastian X Reader | Kat
Who said a fanfic can't be both fluff and lemon? Sebastian's deepest wishes become reality when his master searches comfort in him after experiencing a tragic loss. Bl...
sebastian sallow x reader Oneshots by phephe117
sebastian sallow x reader Oneshotsby PopeyedClown39 .
Here are some oneshots with sebastian. I don't know if I'm going to add others or not, but if you have ideas, I'm open to suggestions
Three Heads Are Better Than Two {Sebastian Sallow + Ominis Gaunt} by villainxapologist
Three Heads Are Better Than Two { y/n
"I would burn the world for you. Do you understand me? I would slaughter them all." - S "Oh, my star. You are my light in the dark. I understand if you do...
Black Butler X Reader Oneshots by MyrianCarydark
Black Butler X Reader Oneshotsby Moving Account
[NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS; SEE END NOTES] Okay, let's face it: BLACK BUTLER CHARACTERS ARE HOT AS HELL. And hey, almost none are married or otherwise engaged, so would it...
Undertaker's Daughter (Sebastian Michaelis x reader) DISCONTINUED by Glitchy_Dreamer
Undertaker's Daughter (Sebastian 𝙳𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚛
(Y/n) is the daughter of the infamous Undertaker. You would think being the daughter of a grim reaper, she would be one too. But instead she's half 1/3 grim reaper, 1/3...
(Black Butler x Reaper!Reader) by KawaiiQuarantine
(Black Butler x Reaper!Reader)by KawaiiQuarantine
You're a new reaper who is searching to be the best you can be...but it's difficult when you've captured the heart of everyone you've met. There will be multiple endings...
Touched By A Demon (Sebastian x Reader) by Deli_Sammich
Touched By A Demon (Sebastian x Deli_Sammich
Here in this story is about a young demon (Y/n, L/N) she is 18 years old She is soon discovered by a charming demon and his master (Sebastion and Ciel Phantomhive) she s...
The Unwanted by RageForOrder
The Unwantedby RageForOrder
A 12 year neko, goes by the name freak, by her bullies at the orphanage. One day, a man in a butler uniform and a 13 year old boy, decide to adopted a child. (0_0) Sebas...
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination
Yandere!Sebastian x Readerby literateillumination
Sebastian is in love with your independent spirit. But will that be your demise? Excerpt: "I've never learned to love things correctly. Perhaps as a demon, that's j...
Cursed (Sebastian x reader) by AnimePlopPlop
Cursed (Sebastian x reader)by Miyuki Kuzunoha
(Y/n) (L/n) is not an angel, nor a demon. She is the offspring of a demon father and angel mother. Her fate has been decided by heaven and hell and she is cast down to l...
Black Butler Sabastian x Reader by chibi_kitty_
Black Butler Sabastian x Readerby chibi_kitty_
This is my first story I have ever made. I don't own black butler, or any of there characters. (Y/N) is a beautiful half cat demon, half human. Wondering around the wood...
Her(Sebastian x reader)#wattys2016 by Kammie_girl
Her(Sebastian x reader)#wattys2016by Kammie girl
You are a distant cousin to the Earl Ciel Phantomhive's. Neither of you know this until you meet Elizabeth at a ball and she invites you to her fiance's house for a ball...
Cat ears and a Fluffy tail Sebastian x neko!reader by LillianScar
Cat ears and a Fluffy tail LillianScar
Grown up on the streets with cat ears and a fluffy tail you encountered the one and only flawless butler. But who knew, that this would become the start of an amazing, d...
Devil's Waltz by MyrianCarydark
Devil's Waltzby Moving Account
Want Sebastian Michaelis? You're in the right place. Maid!Reader? Neko!Reader? Yep, yep. Dragon!Reader? Check and check. Angst? Buttloads. Pervy Sebastian? Ohhhh yes. Pe...
I Missed You (Bucky x Reader) by hollandersstans
I Missed You (Bucky x Reader)by adri ‎✪
You're a 25-year-old girl living in Brooklyn along with your childhood best friends Steve and Bucky, and you're working at the SSR with your cousin Peggy Carter. However...