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Concours Vivaldi - Spring Edition - by -ilriss
Concours Vivaldi - Spring Edition -by Sarah 🌠
Hey! Bienvenue sur cette troisième édition du Concours Vivaldi qui sera bien différent du premier. Sans doute plus intéressant pour les auteurs que de simples votes du...
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The Mouse Who Sang for Paradise by wdhenning
The Mouse Who Sang for Paradiseby wdhenning
They called her 'Mouse'. Kie Loren just wanted to be left alone to study the music she loved. But now she was teamed up on a biological survey project with Ben Finn, the...
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Cardinal Sky by mokbook
Cardinal Skyby Maya
She is an infamous killer. He is a principled rebel. Both have secrets. Both are hunted. Together they can alter the fate of the world. EARTH HAS FALLEN. Surviving the e...
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Becoming Human by TAEstful_Cherry
Becoming Humanby TAEstful_Cherry
Hoseok gets an android from the market. He is working on a program to make androids more human. What happens when it works and then he starts to fall in love? this is my...
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Atlas Rising by valasitinicole
Atlas Risingby valasitinicole
After the sudden death of her mother, 24-year-old Atlas is left to pick up the pieces left behind. Taking on this new parental role, Atlas learns what it means to be a w...
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LERA: The Lost Heir  by NeoNixButterfly21
LERA: The Lost Heir by Christine
A sci-fi fantasy that takes you on a epic adventure across the stars to various planets 🪐
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WAKE UP by leahjanexo
WAKE UPby Leah
"You shouldn't be here... It is an impossibility that you have experienced death... yet woke up merely minutes after." It's the year 2045. While the Terminus...
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Wishing Day by Queenly_Emily
Wishing Dayby Fyre_Flies
*IN THE UNFORTUNATELY NEAR FUTURE* Aurora Hope has grown up in a post-war America. Her parents perished in the war, as so many people did. The world finally seems to be...
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The Homecoming by SabrinaPearce8
The Homecomingby SabrinaPearce8
Planet Hiatune. 2000 light years far from Earth. Not yet discovered by humans. After the Hiatune's intelligent alien species discover a vicious, merciless threat for e...
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GLITCH by MingJun_65
GLITCHby MingJun_65
Hey! I'm Ace. I started having weird things happening to me ever since an incident. I've been shrugging it off but I think now I will need it...
Empyrean Iris by starrfallknightrise
Empyrean Irisby Charlie Starr
No less than two years after humanity's acceptance into the Galactic Assembly and participation in the Drev War, most aliens have still never seen a human. Rumors run r...
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All the Right Reasons by kayewiley19
All the Right Reasonsby kayewiley19
Following the First Order's destruction and the installation of the new Galactic Senate, Rey attempts to distract herself from the battle on Exegol. Despite her friends...
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Relentless by slipleah
Relentlessby slipleah
Celeste is taken on the adventure of her life. Learning about her intriguing past, she has a hard time coping with her revelations as she is thrust into a civil war that...
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The Rebirth the Arts by Teacheraxie
The Rebirth the Artsby Ahce Darato Torres
Akimoriela Torres is one of the junior students in University of Science and Technology of the Philippines. The University ranks top in the best universities within the...
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Violet Eyes by AlaskaKnight83
Violet Eyesby Alaska Knight
They must run if they want to survive... Copyright 2020 © Alaska Knight
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Tales of The Oracli by MichaelDaleyWrites
Tales of The Oracliby Michael Daley
Two brothers, Z and X, of the legendary Oracli, travel the universe through time and space, righting wrongs. Along with their new friend Lilly, they face hundreds of dif...
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Mother Faraday by EccentricMethod
Mother Faradayby GARDEN ROCK
In search of a way to make herself more youthful in appearance, Dr. Helen Faraday creates what she thinks is the cure all to her problem. Like any good scientist you nee...
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We Can't Have Faith For Everybody by cutie056
We Can't Have Faith For Everybodyby Siren
100 years from now. The society have developed a lot since the beginning of the 2020's. Robots are everywhere. Almost the only thing pupils learn about in school is robo...
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XX: The Discovery by sarah-jane-king
XX: The Discoveryby sarah-jane-king
After the extinction of women over a thousand years ago, 17-year-old James White has discovered how to resurrect his Sapien counterpart. James believes there must be mor...
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G. Carter - BEN -121- by jotaverse
G. Carter - BEN -121-by O Jotaverso
No bairro Farstreet na cidade Exeurbe habitam as mais derivadas criaturas que a mente humana pode imaginar. Eles vivem em uma sociedade como a nossa, porém seus crimes s...
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