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The True Saint by ambercoleman48jj
The True Saintby Amber Elise
A darklina story~How would the story end if the battle at the climax of Seige & Storm between Alina and the Darkling happened at a different place and time-After the Dar...
Reincarnation Saint by TTIWRAAS123
Reincarnation Saintby FairyTailRules
this would be a generic reincarnation story into a fantasy world.And what is an isekai without an op mc/oc. Tetsu(ya, thats it, only tetsu) gets hit by truck kun on his...
She was one to be feared. Known to the whole of Ravka as "Se mēre". The one. Powers that have not been seen before leads The Darkling to her. Is she the one wh...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
The Capture Target Only Loves Magic by lovelyleah2006
The Capture Target Only Loves Magicby TestTube10
I, Misaki, after an extremely peculiar death, was reborn as a 'Capture Target', whatever that was. The world was that of a romance game. I turned male. Being reincarnate...
My Villain, My Balance by ambercoleman48jj
My Villain, My Balanceby Amber Elise
"You might make me a better man." "And you might make me a monster." ― Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising PREVIEW: "I could not see it at the time...
My Baby Alpha... by ChikkiMugala
My Baby Shiv@n1... nt
Hey cuties 🥰🥰... This is my sixth story .... thank you all for your love and support for my stories ..hope you all loved them .... so .... this story contains love , h...
arrogant Mafia and baby Boss by sweetkitten17
arrogant Mafia and baby Bossby sweet kitten
this story revolves around two individuals...who are very different from each other one who believe in kindness and other who believe in tic for tac.... two different pe...
Breaking The Villain by NightAtThePalace
Breaking The Villainby ♤♡S.S♡♤
🌙---⭐---🌙---⭐---🌙---⭐---🌙---⭐---🌙--- ⭐---🌙---⭐---🌙 "When i first met you i thought you were cruel." "I am" "Not to me" 🌙⭐️🌙⭐️🌙⭐️�...
Co-parenting • K.Kuzma by -drizzy
Co-parenting • K.Kuzmaby Zoe🦋
No description ✨ | Zoe🦄
Light and Shadows by Bookreader100100
Light and Shadowsby
What if Alina always knew that she had powers but she kept it secret? What if she knew how to use her powers right away? Would she and the darkling be a couple or would...
Ozpin/Oscar X Reader by Michaelis14
Ozpin/Oscar X Readerby Michaelis
Ozpin/Oscar X Reader !Ongoing! Magic exists in out world you just have to know the right people to see it. Ozpin knew everything about you, and you knew everything about...
Your Love (Bright X Win) (SaintZee) by Miwa2SS
Your Love (Bright X Win) (SaintZee)by Miwa2SS
Love is just a feeling yet it has such a strong impact on even the most powerful people in the world. It says whom you can't defeat with physical power , you can subdue...
The Saint 2 by Isaboricua
The Saint 2by Andrea Acuna
"You can't be serious!" I said holding onto my baby bump. "This child is going to choose for him or herself! They are not going to run the mafia!" &q...
The Saint by Bere_Bee
The Saintby Bere_Bee
Book one in Victoria's Trilogy. Book 2 • Saving You Thirteen yearold Victoria Sanchez is a girl with troubles, yet manages to be kind and loving. Anyone who knows her c...
Always loving you (Zeesaint) by GouriAsokan
Always loving you (Zeesaint)by Gouri Asokan
Zee and Saint, both are bestfriends since childhood. However their friendship turns shattered because of a love confession. That led one of a person broke every ties wit...
What happens when Saint Suppapong has a chance encounter with Prince Zee Pruk Panich, the Crown Prince of Thailand? What happens when they accidentally become roommates...
All Things Must End by ambercoleman48jj
All Things Must Endby Amber Elise
A year after Alina takes down the Shadow Fold, she is finally finding peace in her life. The Darkling has worked hard to steer away from his villanous ways; their adopti...
You are our Light! (ZaintSee/ZeeSaint) by SunshineMoonlights27
You are our Light! (ZaintSee/ Stargazer
A story about how Saint, a single dad raises his son all by himself and never thought that he needs the other parent to be in the child-raising. Is it too late to accept...
His by damzelinthisdress
Hisby Aicelllle
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