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¿Dónde quedo nuestra promesa? Ruggarol by goals_lutteo
¿Dónde quedo nuestra promesa? :)
Nuestra historia fue muy bonita. ...Pero solo mientras duró. Tras más de seis meses de intensa relación me vi forzada a dejar a Ruggero. El trabajo de mis padres los ob...
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic) by Sapphire_TheWriter
Soy Sol (A Soy Luna Fanfic)by Sapphire_TheWriter
After four years of Season Three of Soy Luna, the gang reunite at the Jam and Roller one summer for Simón and Ámbar's wedding. When they find out that the Jam and Roller...
Secret love- Leonetta by laur_juh
Secret love- Leonettaby laur_juh
Violetta is moving with her father back to Buenos Aires. They are moving back,because her dad and Angie are going to get married. Violetta is happy, but she must go to n...
oneshots | lutteo by ac-ars
oneshots | lutteoby pau
completely random lutteo oneshots
Amores prohibidos Aguslina,Ruggarol y Michentina  Lucha por lo que quieres by _marian0207
Amores prohibidos Aguslina, Mariana
Es una historia muy diferente a las otras, esta involucra a tres parejas de la serie de Soy Luna que son los protagonista de dicha serie que es un éxito. Esta serie v...
#INSTAGRAM • Aguslina [ENG] [COMPLETED] by -storywritter-
#INSTAGRAM • Aguslina [ENG] [ s☆m
,,One thing I DO know is that whether you've love and won - or loved and lost, it's ALWAYS worth it." @agusbernasconi07 liked your photo @agusbernasconi07 commented...
high for this | lutteo by ac-ars
high for this | lutteoby pau
Luna Valente doesn't expect much fun when she gets accepted to the University of Oxford, but it's the only way to stay away from her controlling aunt. She doesn't expect...
Aguslina/Gastina One Shots [ENG] by -storywritter-
Aguslina/Gastina One Shots [ENG]by s☆m
,,Fear is like a bridge with very sharp spikes and the courage is to find a way to cut the tines and keep going. Why do we settle for living with fear and why not be bra...
Soy Luna One-shots by over-the-pink-moon
Soy Luna One-shotsby Marta Nina
one-shots about different soy luna pairings, but lets not lie mostly lutteo (cause they gana siempre)
Love Hurts by all_you_need_is_tini
Love Hurtsby Jortini ♡
Martina Stoessel: Rich very smart girl who moves a lot around the world becouse od her father's job. Jorge Blanco: Rich spoiled kid who is very popular in school and alw...
Facebook ||Lutteo|| by ShipperRuggarol13
Facebook ||Lutteo||by ShipperRuggarol13
"Algo más que una red social" Has recibido una solicitud de amistad de Matteo Balsano. Luna Valente ha aceptado tu solicitud de amistad.
On the phone by ccSoyLuna
On the phoneby ccSoyLuna
This is a «the cast on Instagram» story, but there will mostly be a ruggarol story, but there will also be some aguslina, agusnere, michaentina, i don't know, just take...
Don't say you love me || Ruggarol by sassywxtch
Don't say you love me || Ruggarolby ☣In☣
-entonces tenemos un trato?- fue más una afirmación que una pregunta. -Solo tengo una condición.- alegue. -Cual?- cuestiono curioso. Trague saliva. -No digas que me ama...
Gastina/Aguslina One Shots ENG by KingBenXMal
Gastina/Aguslina One Shots ENGby KingBenXMal
Short stories related to Aguslina and Gastina! I hope you'll like them! I'm new to this writing thing but I really love it so be patient with me! I hope you'll enjoy rea...
me mentiste by ruggaro
me mentisteby ruggaro
hola soy karol sevilla la esposa de ruggero tenemos 5 años de casados y tengo 25 años mi esposo es el mayor narcotraficante de América latina y Europa nuestras vidas son...
Soy Luna One Shots by Sapphire_TheWriter
Soy Luna One Shotsby Sapphire_TheWriter
Here is a collection of one shots dedicated to the show "Soy Luna." It includes holiday stories, proposals, ships (lutteo, gastina, simbar, pelfi, yamiro, etc...
One shoots. [Michaentina] [Simbar] by almavieja
One shoots. [Michaentina] [Simbar]by G
One shoots de Michael y Valentina. One shoots de Ambar y Simón.
Necklace [Lutteo Story] ENGLISH by xsoylunah
Necklace [Lutteo Story] ENGLISHby SOYLUNA STORYS
What if Luna sees Matteo with other eyes, after visiting the park? Has she feelings for him? What will happen in this story? YOU can find it out.
Nuestras piezas rotas (ruggarol) by melisajulieta
Nuestras piezas rotas (ruggarol)by melisajulieta
Ruggero estaba cansado. Estaba cansado de siempre tener que mostrarse entero frente a las cámaras. Estaba cansando de ocultar lo que sentía. Él odiaba la fama, odiaba se...