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Apartment 402. by WrittenbyJanae
Apartment Janae.
Apartment 402. Home of Nia Fox, Alicia Williams, and Quinn Davis. Three very different females, whose paths will cross past them just living together. Nia Fox, a bookwo...
The Bad-Boy Saw Me Naked by fearless_reader_
The Bad-Boy Saw Me Nakedby ana karina
Avery and Josh were complete oppisites. Josh was a little badass. Barely, passable grades, rude additude, tattoos, piercings, and a wall built so hard, not even Miley C...
Justice or Destiny  by zainee72
Justice or Destiny by zainee72
"Let go of me...!" she said struggling in his painful grip at her wrists, he pinned at her back. "Then stay away from me...!" he said through his g...
Your Heart Belongs To Me❤ by Djeeez45890
Your Heart Belongs To Me❤by dj writer
The story is about a simple girl name (Marij) who even gives the right to choose husband for her to her parents she believes that your parents can never do something tha...
VANILLA // POLY~wxmxmxmxmxm by aliens_rainbow
VANILLA // POLY~wxmxmxmxmxmby V. Adams
BOOK TWO ~ My name is Vanessa Montgomery. But Vanilla is a better name, isn't it? ~ Vanessa Montgomery is a girl who lives in a fantasy world where loving your fellow ge...
||• MERI PEHLI KHATA HO TUM •|| by Aayatsiddiqui11
||• MERI PEHLI KHATA HO TUM •||by ShwetaSingh11
Life Of Arylie by lovestoryz2022
Life Of Arylieby love storys
this story is only focused on the romance of arylie that too very intense romance 18+ people only
WHEN OUR HEARTS MET. by 1missdynamite9812345
WHEN OUR HEARTS Agasaro Chelsea Greatta
Kesha Paris Morgan, a famous film maker, writer and the best house designer. Her world turns around after finding the truth about her true identity and the death of the...
The mafia fall for love  by lovestoryz2022
The mafia fall for love by love storys
here aryan sigh rathore is really a ruthless billinear businessman untill he meet imlie , he will get her at any cost
Rude Boy // Kim Taehyung by KittyWriterKelly
Rude Boy // Kim Taehyungby @pple p¡
Lee Minjin Vee is a little dirty, but fierce girl who happens to meet the perverted and rude, Kim Taehyung.
Bad Enough for You (BoyxBoy) by YERPaDERP
Bad Enough for You (BoyxBoy)by Allison
Tyler is the preppy, wholesome football star who is friends with everyone, gets good grades and is adored by all. While Jeremy on the other hand is the druggie, pot-head...
Teasing the Bad Boy by bieberftmahone1d
Teasing the Bad Boyby bieberftmahone1d
When skylar moves to a new school and meets the bad boy, her whole life will turn around. Will Austin get close enough to learn her big secret or will skylar just keep t...
sweet love by AyeshaSamha6
sweet loveby Âýëš#å..
two different souls ✨️
Breaking Point by Aeseeyerh
Breaking Pointby Aseey Muhammad
Zarah Amin moved into a new country to spend the rest of her life with her Aunty. She was from a country were Islamaphobia does not exist. Can she survive being bullied...
Bad Boy Got The Tomboyish Rich Bad Girl by EFangirl27
Bad Boy Got The Tomboyish Rich _-EFangirl27_-Edna Bruce
Where shall i start? Oppsy rude much? My name is Charlotte Sandoval 16 years old girl ,I'm a Latin American who Live In Ontario Canada, My life is actually the worst of...
Rude Boy (JK Fanfic) *COMPLETE* by yellowtiger29
Rude Boy (JK Fanfic) *COMPLETE*by yellowtiger29
Hi! My name is Jane. In this book, I'll be telling you a story of how I met my rude boy, Jeon Jungkook.
FALLING AGAIN by LovesKorea4
Genre: Romance, Drama. It is a story about the girl who is going through break up and now she didn't even want to believe in love. And she is afraid of being in love or...
Lemonade by lordopatha
Lemonadeby Kiki Opatha
Alone in her room, completely drunk on the night of graduation Maria Coleman makes a pledge to herself to break away from her shy persona and have an amazing college exp...
That One Kiss by lost4ever101
That One Kissby Elle Stone
"What are you doing staring at my boo?! Do you even think your worthy of his attention? Or anyone's matter of factly?! Because no one in a million years could ever...