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Happy Little Accidents (Bob Ross X Reader) by notjayy_
Happy Little Accidents (Bob Ross Jay🌸 <3
After a vigorous one night stand with an odd man called Bob Ross, Y/N falls pregnant. Will Bob help raise the baby, or will he abandon Y/N to pursue his career in art? I...
The Life Of Nancy Reagan by JHubbert101
The Life Of Nancy Reaganby Jocelynn H.
So.. in this I will be publishing some of what I write on instagram. Please note that these are all written within the point of view of Mrs.Reagan since I roleplay her...
Love Takes Time: A Dronald Story by VodkaFridge
Love Takes Time: A Dronald Storyby Quinn
Ronald Reagan "American hero" gets transported to the year 2020 as a direct result of his attempted (and sadly failed) assassination in 1981. He ends up face t...
Papa Stalin X Mao Zedong  by Undertalegod21
Papa Stalin X Mao Zedong by Juice 8
My friend told me to do it.
My Royal Lover by vsheshxs
My Royal Loverby vsheshxs
Ronald was just not like your average president of the United States of America. Come with Ronald on his adventure of presidency and a unexpected romance too?
Ronald Reagen's Youth in the Army by WelshBarrett
Ronald Reagen's Youth in the Armyby Timur Nurmukhamedov
Rongnald Gangrgene joined the army after an accident on the road, will he survive ?????????????
The adventures of Ronald Regan by general455kicker
The adventures of Ronald Reganby general455kicker
a story of a man named Ronald Regan
American Quotes by OldAmericana
American Quotesby AmericanBeauty
The best quotes said by famous and anonymous Americans.
Ronald Reagan is a hero by OuiOuiLafayette6
Ronald Reagan is a heroby OuiOuiLafayette6
Ronald Reagan is my favorite president, and sometimes he is hated, but that stops now, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!!! This book will include why the comparisons to him and othe...
ReaganXGorbachev: The Sumit by wjcald
ReaganXGorbachev: The Sumitby This-is-a-mistake
Two lovers, separated by a massive Cold War, will their love prevail? Or is it a lost cause? Might continue, might be a one time thing ;) we'll see how this goes
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #39: Pink Floyd Vs. Qin Shi Huang by Moleman9000
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #39: MolemanNineThousand
VIDEO: Brace yourselves: Tyrants, trippers, presidents and Winter are ALL coming!
Hello Mr. President... by OldiesbutGoldies98
Hello Mr. OldiesbutGoldies98
A collection of drabbles/one-shots/and short fics based on handsome Heads of State. Will all be fanfiction, ranging from anything from angst to romance. Will feature act...