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Concert Roleplay by ronnieradkefir
Concert Roleplayby Future Mrs. Justin Hills *gig...
Rules inside. Enjoy!!
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How To Be a Good RolePlayer by TheLovelyFemBoy
How To Be a Good RolePlayerby Spencer Gem
A book on what you need to know about being a good RolePlayer from my own experience
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Dangan Ronpa Roleplay by PokemonRio
Dangan Ronpa Roleplayby ARCHIVED
-IN PROGRESS- Another game. Another war between despair and hope. of Mutual Killing at Hope's Peak Academy.
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Homestuck RP by FragileCrystal
Homestuck RPby Shards Of Dreams
Title -_-'
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Pokemon RP by Original_name_here
Pokemon RPby Original_name_here
Welcome to the World of Pokemon.Here you can be a trainer or a pokemon. Well see ya there.
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5 Seconds of Summer (diary) by Offic5SOS
5 Seconds of Summer (diary)by Luke✓ Calum✓ Ash✓ Mikey✓
LukeCalumAshtonMichael Our fantabulous diary Anon™
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Furries RP by GrinnyTheKitty
Furries RPby Sarah
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Friendship Games RP by XteddysphotosX
Friendship Games RPby I love gingers
Title speaks!! Jk lol.
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Pokemon Human HighSchool RP by Princessashlee925
Pokemon Human HighSchool RPby Galaxy Trash
This is my first RP Book, so yeah, this is a Pokemon Human Highschool So PokeHumans are allowed
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Ask Kylo Ren by officialbensolo
Ask Kylo Renby see bio
Ask the emo trash can anything you wish. Personal or stupid, it doesn't matter. ||NO REYLO INCEST||
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Five nights at freddy's rp by HeshWalker
Five nights at freddy's rpby Logan Walker
1. Don't be mean. 2. Make the rp fun. 3. I'm foxy 4. you can make your own character. name: what are you: when are you active? what does ur robot look like (...
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Role play by King_Dgreat
Role playby King_Dgreat
Role play with me and my fellow followers. I will post a scenario and you guys can comment to continue the storyline. Anything stupid will be deleted. Comment and enjoy...
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Life at AllStar High School (Mysims RP) by Maybelle_E
Life at AllStar High School ( Maybelle E
Attention all MySims fans! Have you wanted to role-play but never had anyone to do it with? Well this role-playing book is about MySims' lives in a high school called Al...
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YouTuber Roleplay by EnergytheFox
YouTuber Roleplayby Energy the Fox (Miles "Energy...
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A Noob's Guide to roleplay by Seyaofswift
A Noob's Guide to roleplayby Neverwinter Junkie
This is for the beginners at roleplay. Here I will give you some of my top tips and general things roleplayers do that you need to know in order to be a qualified rolepl...
Warrior Cats Roleplay: OPEN by SepticQween
Warrior Cats Roleplay: OPENby <3 Shadewing
This is my first rp so please go easy on me Haha... I do not own Warrior cats! Erin Hunter does and she is awesome!
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Niechciane Isles' Roleplay Lore by kittysrule33
Niechciane Isles' Roleplay Loreby kittysrule33
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Fangirl Craziness by FullMetalOtaku
Fangirl Crazinessby Kaneki's Centipede
RUN FAST. VERY FAST. DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF A FANGIRL. Don't underestimate anyone that is capable of making you into a world wide meme within hours. These are fangirls...
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Cirque Du Soleil RP by Driving_You_Batty
Cirque Du Soleil RPby gender is a lie
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Journal of Serenity Ackerman (OC) by bulla_briefs
Journal of Serenity Ackerman (OC)by Bulla (Bura) Briefs
All about A new girl
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