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seen ♢ jalex by bandana-gaskarth
seen ♢ jalexby daddy gaskarth
"jack?" "yeah alex?" "i think i love you."
Pen Pal Project [Alex Gaskarth] by TigerChick_
Pen Pal Project [Alex Gaskarth]by Laura
Fifteen year old Charlia has to do a class project. The project? Correspond to a pen pal. Thinking that it would be over email, Charlia and her classmates concluded that...
Adopted by Rilex (Jalex) by WriteOrDieGirl
Adopted by Rilex (Jalex)by I Write Books Not Tragedies
Stella has been in the foster care system her whole life. What happens when two of her favorite people adopt her and give her the family she has always wanted.
Who The Fxck Is Jack Barakat?! by All_Time_Lara
Who The Fxck Is Jack Barakat?!by Lara
Having a good time at a festival, buying a poster for your friend, listening to music whilst waiting for her. Suddenly you bump into a stranger and you happen to fall fo...
How It's Going To Be - Adopted by Alex Gaskarth by your-sp00py-dad
How It's Going To Be - Adopted by...by E💀🎃
{Book 1} Emerson had a tough life growing up and she thought was that it was all only going to get even worse. But a certain person (or more so, band) changes everything...
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Adopted by Gerard Way) by im-soo-fancy
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Adopte...by #1 namjoon lover
12 year old Violet was a loner. She didn't need anyone, they didn't need her. She thought that was how she was going to live her life. But when Violet is adopted by G...
Morphed Reality - Jack Barakat by your-sp00py-dad
Morphed Reality - Jack Barakatby E💀🎃
"You were my last young renegade heartache" Years ago, Jaylie got to meet the band of her dreams and she thought that was that until one of them pops back into...
Adopted By All Time Low? by yamsi2401
Adopted By All Time Low?by MayTheKiwiBeWithYou
just your usual 'adopted by..?' story. my first fanfic, pls take it easy on my XD Aria's parents died 3 years ago in a car crash, when she was 11 years old. She was sent...
𝖊𝖒𝖔 𝖇𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 by cherryawsten
𝖊𝖒𝖔 𝖇𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘by alexis ♡
Includes: -panic! at the disco -twenty one pilots -waterparks -all time low -my chemical romance -fall out boy -andy biersack/black -black veil brides -palaye royale ✘...
CD'S & Mixtapes || {Alex Gaskarth a.u} by thedreamerswritings
CD'S & Mixtapes || {Alex Gaskarth...by Dweeb
"You're not even pretty." he breathed, leaning in closer."You're beautiful." ...
INSTAGRAM // 5SOS by neejhanna
INSTAGRAM // 5SOSby •••johanna•••
Evelyn loves photography. That's why she took the opportunity to become 5sos tour photographer. i own none of the characters and no pictures (unless the chapter is mark...
Backseat Serenade (Alex Gaskarth~Completed) by cavaljeryouth
Backseat Serenade (Alex Gaskarth~C...by Bear asf ✌️
"Who are you anyway?" He asks. "Ember Mason. I would shake your hand but I don't know if I'm worthy enough." "Listen princess, just shut up ye...
All Time Low [Imagines & Preferences] by vengeances
All Time Low [Imagines & Preferenc...by vengeances
completed as of 2016
Jalex Oneshots by ExcessiveBookWorm
Jalex Oneshotsby ExcessiveBookWorm
Various Jalex oneshots. I'll put a little description and any relevant warnings at the beginning of each so people can decide which ones they want to read. Smut, Fluff...
So wrong it's right//: Jalex ✔️ by softkarth
So wrong it's right//: Jalex ✔️by softkarth
Therapy, it's never been something Alex's has liked, but he got a new therapist and it was actually okay, until one night where it changed both their lives possibly fore...
Young Renegades 🚦 Alex Gaskarth x Reader by Jowelleee
Young Renegades 🚦 Alex Gaskarth x...by Jewel
You are the sister of Vic and Mike Fuentes, and when one of them pleads you to come with them on tour, you declined but they came back a few months later to have a band...
Some Kind Of Disaster (Jalex) by jalex_stole_my_heart
Some Kind Of Disaster (Jalex)by sierra
TW ⚠️ eating disorders/suicide I never knew how much it would hurt to feel...
Forbidden summer//: Jalex✔️ by softkarth
Forbidden summer//: Jalex✔️by softkarth
Alex and Lisa are best friends. The summer before Junior year is going to be spend on the sunny beaches of LA, with Lisa's Dad. Alex has one problem her Dad is really ho...
Adopted by All Time Low by Nerdherdleader
Adopted by All Time Lowby Bella
Piper is a 12 year old girl who is stuck in an orphanage due to way too much mental abuse from her parents. She gets by with the help of her favorite bands. Then one day...