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Collide (Tony Perry) by sidewaystiara
Collide (Tony Perry)by Emily
(Sequel to Kidnapped By Pierce The Veil) Pierce The Veil are back with a bang, already on their first head-lining tour and straight into writing their newest album. Ly...
The Pen Pal Project // Alex Gaskarth by BasketballGirl124
The Pen Pal Project // Alex BasketballGirl124
Kendall Carney always had her head in a book. Alex Gaskarth was your typical punk high school senior. What do two polar opposites have in common? An English teacher who...
The Remembering (Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction) by dropdeadkc
The Remembering (Alex Gaskarth Kc
“She looked up at the stars while I stared into her dreamy eyes that had the reflection of the twinkling stars. In that moment, I realized she wasn't my world and she wa...
Kill Me With Words (All Time Low Fanfiction) by keep_the_secret
Kill Me With Words (All Time Low keep_the_secret
Finley has had a lot of loss in her life; that's what landed her in foster care. She's given up on leaving, and wanting to leave, but then she meets Alex. And he wants t...
Breakout (All Time Low Fanfiction) by ParaSwiftyStar
Breakout (All Time Low Fanfiction)by Jada
{Book 1} Marie Chambers is your average high school nerd. Alex Gaskarth is your average popular boy. These two are so different yet so alike. What happens when they both...
Pierce The Veil Fanfic (Tony Perry) by lizziebethgreen
Pierce The Veil Fanfic (Tony Perry)by elizabeth
It's the first year Pierce The Veil is playing at Warped. They meet the band Your Twisted Consequence, and Tony can't get enough of the lead singer Tamara Jones. Tamara...
Destination Unknown (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Destination Unknown (Vic Fuentes) Mouse
On a sunny California morning in late November, flight DL1408 gets ready to start its journey to the beloved and cultural Tokyo, Japan. 180 passengers are on this flight...
We're The Back Pocket Believers (All Time Low Fan Fiction) by keep_the_secret
We're The Back Pocket Believers ( keep_the_secret
Hazel Reede was average. Actually, she was a little below that. She is fifteen when her family dies and leaves her broken hearted and completely alone. But it's when she...
Ghost Of You (Jalex) by futureyoungrenegade
Ghost Of You (Jalex)by futureyoungrenegade
-COMPLETED- Jack Barakat ended his own life eight years ago at the young age of nineteen. Or... that was the common belief, anyway. Alex Gaskarth was left to deal with...
Drowning in a River of Denial (Jalex) by AllTimePhan
Drowning in a River of Denial ( ☽ tae enthusiast ☾
[DISCONTINUED] Jack's life sucked. So did Alex's. It got better when they saw each other after six years of distance, though. Trigger warning: Self-harm, abuse. Title...
All I Want  • Alex Gaskarth (Adoption) by guitargaskarth
All I Want • Alex Gaskarth ( guitargaskarth
Lexington is your typical orphan stereotype. She's quiet, teenage, and bullied. Music is her salvation, it's an escape. Being an orphan since she was young, all she's kn...
Stockholm Syndrome (Jalex) by babyspiders
Stockholm Syndrome (Jalex)by babyspiders
One minute - that's all it takes for me to fall in love with the dusty blonde haired stranger and for Alex to be certain with the identity of his next victim - me. And t...
band preferences by http-hayley
band preferencesby hayley (:
Band preferences. Please feel free to leave requests! - #1 under 'band preferences' ❤️
Oh, Calamity (Jalex) by feels-like-war
Oh, Calamity (Jalex)by feels-like-war
Alex has struggled with anxiety attacks for years ever since his brother passed away, but what happens when they start returning just as he begins falling for his best f...
Nothing but Trouble (Jalex/Valex/Kellic) by dancing-on-the-edge
Nothing but Trouble (Jalex/Valex/ Lily Perry
Jack and Alex have been in a serious relationship for a while, and so have Kellin and Vic. But what happens when Vic and Alex begin to fall for each other? Do you ship K...
Best Years // Alex Gaskarth by hothoneydrizzle
Best Years // Alex Gaskarthby Jalex Christ
Luke Hemming's sister, Stella follows 5 Seconds Of Summer on tour in which they're opening for All Time Low. She didn't intend to fall head over heels for the lead singe...
This Wasted Time On You Has Left Me Shaking And Waiting by drexms
This Wasted Time On You Has Left Gabrielle
Jack and Alex had been best friends all through elementary school and middle school. By the time the 2 reach high school everything changes, and soon their friendship se...
I'm Dating Alex Gaskarth!? by literarilyalexis
I'm Dating Alex Gaskarth!?by Lex
Victoria Parish is a 21 year old, Juilliard bound, New York Girl. She, however,does have her problems. Her life suddenly gets a lot more complicated when she attends an...
It's So Nice To Finally Meet You by thatsucksmonkey
It's So Nice To Finally Meet Youby Lauren
"It's so nice to finally meet you." He said, grinning from ear to ear. For Geekky Because you're the sweetest person ever and you asked, so I'm providing. Also...