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reply btch | chaelisa | chatfic | BLACKPINK by jennieslayin
reply btch | chaelisa | chatfic | blink
when a sad fangirl meets too much free time and fake convos/baso crack chats are made. enjoy boiiiii - © jennieslayin 2017 i own this story but not the characters do not...
Chat Message (Joshua Hong Fanfiction) by biiskwit
Chat Message (Joshua Hong aerie [hiatus]
Jisoo Hong sent you a friend request Confirm | Delete SEVENTEEN Joshua Fanfiction
The Reply (JackSepticEye x Depressed!Reader) by tackytella
The Reply (JackSepticEye x tackytella
As an adult living with your grandparents life can be, difficult. Stressed for money, friend stopped talking to you, and the only thing that could make you smile was You...
It All Started With A Reply {ONC 2021} by PhoenixDavenport
It All Started With A Reply {ONC Phoenix
Love-sick, Hazel Campbell ends up joining Anonymously Yours, an online dating app, hoping to forget her crush and find a real sweetheart. ...
only • fred weasley  by httpae
only • fred weasley by — taylor / tae
she noticed her phone lit up from across the room, she had just laid it down so she shrugged her shoulders and decided to ignore it, instead continuing talking with her...
A Collection of Poems by Nutellingyouwhome
A Collection of Poemsby Val
I may not be a poet, or a writer, But I invite you to read some of my poems, dear reader. I don't give a guarantee that it'll be the best, But I know that it's worth a t...
Reflections of the Soul: Poetry by Konstanze
Reflections of the Soul: Poetryby Konstanze
When you're in great emotion, brainstorm happens. And when brainstorm happens, you write a reflection of your soul — poetry.
Comebacks by dreamerxox22
Comebacksby Dreamerxox
Bullies are found everywhere and their job is to hurt and effect you by throwing insults at you but that doesn't stop you from throwing insults right back at them make t...
REPLY 1988 FINALE (Junghwan & Dukseon focus) by vlin93
REPLY 1988 FINALE (Junghwan & vlin93
(fyi, this story supposed to be done not long after reply88 end, i'm so sorry it took this long to update lol i've been super busy) This is an alternate finale for #Team...
The Response by tackytella
The Responseby tackytella
After you and Sean got together life in Ireland wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Relationships are hard. Your father became a mess and though Alice is back you discover...
Love Hermione (Love Through Letters: Book 2) by ThePotterPrincess
Love Hermione (Love Through ThePotterPrincess
Life seems so uneventful without letters. This is true for Hermione Granger as she sends her letters to a mysterious writer. Explaining her life, woes and loves to som...
Drawing Replies by Tsuyaki
Drawing Repliesby Liv
Characters from my stories answer questions asked by the readers! Info inside <3 also i swear the art is *usually* better than the cover's- XDD
Unspoken Words |  Rewriting  by aftertastefully
Unspoken Words | Rewriting by mikayla
In which Rebecca vents about her problems through texts to a stranger, who, in turn, doesn't answer them. [© 2015 aftertastefully]
Sweet & Spicy Comments by XoXo_girly03
Sweet & Spicy Commentsby ItsStellaAdams
You and I, we need classes. Some anger management; Some laughter management. But first let's go through some, hurtful/ funny comments.
the replieing races..... by futureemmawatson
the replieing the queen of the castways + t...
um, you will see when you are inside what it is about. I made this for fun.
Q&A with Wordsmith-Rain by Wordsmith-Rain
Q&A with Wordsmith-Rainby Wordsmith Rain
Comment questions for me and I'll answer as soon as possible, if I don't think the question is too personal to answer on a public comment.
Response to Rosy_Malfoy_Potter by weadorekreacher
Response to Rosy_Malfoy_Potterby weadorekreacher
If you choose to reply to this fine response of mine, I will await your piteous comeback with great excitement. If you choose to block, ignore, or remain silent in any w...
[Fan Club Robin - Kết Quả Của Bài Thi Tuyển Mem] by Fan_club_Robin
[Fan Club Robin - Kết Quả Của Bà Fan club Robin
Thông báo đến toàn bộ những member đang làm test trong đợt tuyển chọn đầu tiên của Fan Club Robin, sau đây là kết quả cũng như những quá trình mà tôi quan sát các kĩ năn...
Miraculous Ladybug:Future/Chat Noir's Mew Crush by Markblogs123
Miraculous Ladybug:Future/Chat Markblog's 123
An Alternative Universe Where Chat Noir Fall Inlove With Marinnete But He Dont Know They Are The Same Person,And He Did Something Dangerous For The Reality