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Recommended Stories by flatbrowny
Recommended Storiesby Flat Browny
Just an ordinary gallery full of my fav stories. Enjoy By V -B- March 12, 2016 04.42 a.m. cover by @mawaddah288
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The Greatest Wattpad Stories Ever by SecondhandScribbler
The Greatest Wattpad Stories Everby Kanaya
-The Greatest Wattpad Stories Ever- There are some amazingly talented authors on Wattpad. Over the time that I have been on Wattpad, I have found some amazing works of...
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Breaking Barriers (Olicity Fanfiction by laurelances
Breaking Barriers (Olicity ash
In which Oliver puts up barriers between himself and the world and Felicity takes a trip down memory lane to break them. Oliver x Felicity - Arrow
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Raven by AdrianneDeForest
Ravenby Adrianne D. DeForest
She flies where she's told to. And nowhere else.
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EJ & Makenzie Cullen (Renesmee's twin brother and sister) by Lex_SlytherClaw772
EJ & Makenzie Cullen (Renesmee's Alexandria
What if Renesmee had a twin brother and sister? Mackenzie and E.J. Not only one miracle hybrid baby, but three. What happens when the Volturi takes an interest? What h...
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She is a Paragon by unitbooth
She is a Paragonby unitbooth
A day can never judge her ... This is about every women around the globe.
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Set you free by IamwhatIwanttobe
Set you freeby IamwhatIwanttobe
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Remarkable  by juliathespy
Remarkable by juliathespy
In Remarkable, everyone is remarkable. Except for Jane. In the small town of Remarkable, everybody has a special talent. Whether it's swimming, painting, singing...
Romantic Quotes [Manga/Music References] by EuphoricPoison
Romantic Quotes [Manga/Music EuphoricPoison
A bunch of romantic quotes mostly from shounen ai mangas and yaoi (cuz their authors are romantic asf) and other JPOP music translated to English I'm sure these quotes p...
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Ode to Anam by mahruhussain
Ode to Anamby Mahruhussain
This poem is dedicated to a friend whose purpose of life is far greater than other people. A teacher, an ideal, a loving person.
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The Wedding Dilemma by marygrace655
The Wedding Dilemmaby Theenischa
Have you ever landed in a situation where you have no idea what the hell is going on ? well, you're lucky though unfortunately,its not the case for Adrian who was woken...
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Would You? by TJTaylor18
Would You?by ★T.J. Taylor★
It's about that one girl I used to like and how I kept asking her....."Would You?" You just gotta read it to understand it. Written on: July 15, 2014 Hope y'al...
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Every Bug Needs a Hug by DayJob21
Every Bug Needs a Hugby DayJob21
An entertaining story for early readers (ages 5 to 8) that stimulates the imagination as it presents the world from a bug's pont of view. The story is told in rhyming v...
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And For That by dandoona95
And For Thatby Dana T
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Dear Childhood pal by Tamnnasingh008
Dear Childhood palby Tamanna Singh
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The Story of my Life - part 2 - by Helen Keller by awong11
The Story of my Life - part 2 - awong11
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Heart Of A Wolf by sarahrobinson25
Heart Of A Wolfby Sarah Robinson
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the most mysterious creatures all attended a school together? Now is the time to find out. Meet Skylar Gordon who thinks she...
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An Absolutely Remarkable Fanfic by 45twilight3
An Absolutely Remarkable Fanficby 45twilight3
My name is Natalie. I didn't discover any Carls. I'm not famous. I'm just one of seven billion normal people who's trying to live life. You've probably heard of April M...
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A Life Worth Living For by Lazy_Kheb
A Life Worth Living Forby Lazy_Kheb
The season of summer is said to be the most prosperous of all the season because it signifies the blooming of nature on its wonderful state. But that is not always the c...
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