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Help Me... by To_Dazzling_Darkness
Matsumoto Takanori, a 15 year old high schooler who is a very sweet young male and lives a happy life with his mother, father, and older brother, Kouyou (age 18). Well...
Why Not Me? [Reita x Ruki fanfic|the GazettE] by MageSaber
Why Not Me? [Reita x Ruki fanfic| Lex Irisviel
The GazettE's 15th Year Anniversary Live last March 10,2017 has come to a close. But, the night after the live, someone just can't keep his consciousness still. Re...
Gimme Chair (The Gazette fanfic) by TheDiaurazettE
Gimme Chair (The Gazette fanfic)by Visual Kei obsessed freak 👌�...
The Gazette playing musical chairs! A bit of Reituki! Aoiha! Humor! I hope you enjoy my first story, Gimme Chair! °|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°|°...
The Way You Love Me (Reituki!!!!)(AOIHA!!) by To_Dazzling_Darkness
The Way You Love Me (Reituki!!!!)( TO_DAZZLING_DARKNESS
GazettE story. REITUKI!!! (For people who don't know what REITUKI is, it's REITA and RUKI. ^ ^ and AOIHA would be.. Well you et the point.
Kokuhaku by xAwesomeNerdx
Kokuhakuby Kya Six (=^ω^=)
Reita Suzuki is a second year high school student with a crush on one of his best-friends, Ruki Matsumoto. He finally decides to confess <3.
El Chico de las Estrellas by AkiraSYuu
El Chico de las Estrellasby Akira Yuu
"Al inicio te creí una constelación, así que hice un mapa de tus estrellas y tuve una revelación. Eres hermoso e interminable, justo como el universo en el que esto...
"unknown" (Reituki) by RuikiM1
"unknown" (Reituki)by Emisia:*
I, lonely kid, I feel like I'm not loved, bored ... bored with life and days, how many times someone told me to go kill? Is there enough in this world to appreciate me...
MOSHI MOSHI LOVE DESU? - Reituki by oximorondistopico
MOSHI MOSHI LOVE DESU? - Reitukiby ♡ Shisu ♡
En Japón está más normalizado de lo que se cree el alquiler de personas: alegradores para matrimonios, amigos para fiestas, parejas para graduaciones, entre un sinfín de...
Ya no estamos juntos {Reituki} by pasivagresiva
Ya no estamos juntos {Reituki}by 𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑 𝖉𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖔 (full hia...
como ya no estamos juntos, no necesitas ser gentil. como ya no estamos juntos, ya no necesitas preocuparte. como ya no estamos juntos, ya no necesitas ser directo. drabb...
Accident. by xTriinuBell
#11 triinu
"Never do that to me! Do you understand?? Never." (cover credits to my lovely SummerGlow)
Help Me - Reita x Ruki - the GazettE Fanfiction by iou_suck
Help Me - Reita x Ruki - the iou_suck
Ruki had a bad stepfather and a deep worse past. It doesn't take long time until he have to go to the psychologist. There he meets Reita. He gets nearly to Reita but the...
Monster by O_M_I_N_O_U_S
Monsterby cringe
Death is like a cold, gray shroud. It lays heavy on my shoulders, and wraps me in its comfortless embrace. It brings end to the innocent, And pride to the evil. I live...
Information On Updates and More by Moral_Hell
Information On Updates and Moreby I'm Kind Of A BadAss
This is simply a book I will use as a way to broadcast what stories I am writing and where those stories are posted. a good bit of my stories will be here and on AO3.
Phantom Voice (Reituki) by Mavva-0ettE
Phantom Voice (Reituki)by Weirdolivingintheshadows
After a bad accident which caused Ruki to see ghosts who pop all the time in the most unexpected moments that Ruki cannot go outside as everyone thinks he is crazy but w...
Akira es un Vampiro, Takanori es un humano, su hilo rojo los mantiene fuertemente atado, mortales eh inmortales los quieren separar.
Reituki OneShot - Your Bass by rukis-priest
Reituki OneShot - Your Bassby Keita Takanori
Reita lets Ruki listen to new basslines, when something unexpected happens
Number 666 ~ Withered Souls ~ by Mavva-0ettE
Number 666 ~ Withered Souls ~by Weirdolivingintheshadows
Throughout time and universe there has been many worlds, with different creatures. Can six men from different races get along and bring peace, freedom to the worlds? Or...
Satanista by RutakeAto
Satanistaby Rutake
Rozlew krwi nie jest dla 25letniego Takanoriego Matsumoto niczym nowym. W końcu od dziesięciu lat praktykuje czarną magię. Przez ten czas na potrzeby rytuałów zabijał dz...