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Hustle by gotthatbrainrot
Hustleby gotthatbrainrot
Everyone knows the story of the second Robin, the one who met his end at the hands of the Joker and a crowbar. Little do they know, that is just where his story begins...
Bloodbath || A Batsis OC Fanfiction by JumpyBox13
Bloodbath || A Batsis OC Fanfictionby Jumpy
She's the spare, the extra, the unwanted. The thrown-aside twin of the Heir. She wasn't meant to be born. She was weak, vulnerable, emotional. It made so much sense fo...
Brother of Robin / DCAMU x Male Reader by ShadowMaver
Brother of Robin / DCAMU x Male Re...by Shadow Maver
Y/N Al Ghul is first born son of Talia Al Ghul, but he was not meant to be future heir of League of Assassin. That spot was given to his younger brother, Damian Al Ghul...
The Other Experiment by enggirl27
The Other Experimentby Blue Jay
Superboy wasn't the only one Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad found at Cadmus. But why does she resemble the Batman? And what does The League of Assassins have to do with...
Brothers To The Bitter End by rebellionmaster
Brothers To The Bitter Endby rebellionmaster
When Dick Grayson was 13, he joined the Young Justice Team. After they betrayed him, he turned his back on the heroes. Three years later, he was recruited by the League...
Hey Brother by gotthatbrainrot
Hey Brotherby gotthatbrainrot
Damian and Jason al Ghul grew up in isolation away from the rest of the world, the only company they had was each other and occasionally their mother, Talia. They believ...
Who We Are [Damian Wayne x Reader] by Yam_0403
Who We Are [Damian Wayne x Reader]by 𝑌𝑎𝑚
Ever wonder what it's like to be a Hero? Or what it's like to be... Someone? You'll get to know the answer as you soar through the roofs of Gotham, without knowing that...
The Suitress ~Daminette Betrothed AU~ by OliJo315
The Suitress ~Daminette Betrothed...by OliJo315
Disclaimer- I don't own the characters they belong to Zagg and DC Daminette Betrothed AU Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the heiress to the miraculous, she was chosen as the n...
The Bane of Our Existence [The Dark Knight Rises] by UnderMySkin
The Bane of Our Existence [The Dar...by S.
[Complete] Bría Rós serves half of her prison sentence when she is released on parole for good behaviour. Free on the streets of Gotham City, Bría discovers that she doe...
Perfect | Tim Drake Fan fiction by lzbth_369
Perfect | Tim Drake Fan fictionby Liz :|
15 year old Katherine Hope was only 10 when her parents abandoned her. She was put into an care home, living as a typical orphan. That is, until she discovered her way t...
Lost Stars by because_im_batman
Lost Starsby *Layla*
Athena Thomas has been gone for nearly two years. When her and Dick Grayson last saw each other, she was leaving and taking his heart with her. But what happens when she...
Identity **ON HOLD** by Stevie1192
Identity **ON HOLD**by Stevie1192
Friendship is built on trust. Trust is built on reliability. Reliability is built over time. Batman and Robin. . . The Dynamic Duo. . . Two heroes, working together to b...
Love Birds by because_im_batman
Love Birdsby *Layla*
A girl who was trained by the League of Assassins and a boy trained by the legendary Batman. When a girl by the name 'Nightingale' shows up in Gotham, Batman is suspicio...
New Dawn - Superflash AU by Korijin
New Dawn - Superflash AUby Korijin
Ten years later and Kara still grieves over the death of the person she loved the most and relentlessly hunts the people responsible, little does she know that the abyss...
The Lazarus Effect by DMorgan11
The Lazarus Effectby Devina Morgan
Ilyasviel McClaine is taken prisoner when she refuses to give up the location of Malcolm Merlyn, the newly established Ras Al' Ghul, or anyone who might know where to fi...
What is a Batman? ✓ by TwilightSiren
What is a Batman? ✓by Twilight Siren
Bruce Wayne wakes up in an unknown cave surrounded by three young men. They say that they're his sons. They say he's in something called the Batcave. They say he's a par...
Without Hope by batmanrelatedname
Without Hopeby Iamthedickgrayson
Dick Grayson is kidnapped by The Court Of Owls. Wally appears. Jason bonds with his family. Damian's still a jerk. Alfred is sassy as usual. Deathstroke is mostly annoye...
Canary Cry (Nyssa/Sara Fanfiction - Arrow fanfic) by Eden_Montang
Canary Cry (Nyssa/Sara Fanfiction...by Eden Montang
Nyssa al Ghul was hunting late at night when she finds a woman running for her life. Little did she know that Sara Lance had just fallen off a ship and needs her help. W...
The Eldest Al-Ghul Wayne by Icerosecrystal
The Eldest Al-Ghul Wayneby Crystal
Disclaimer: The artwork on the cover belongs to https://jinx-jade.tumblr.com/ and @charme-de-malchan and the characters belong to Zagtoon, Thomas Astruc, and DC. Marinet...