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bnha oneshots [requests open] by sailorcindy
bnha oneshots [requests open]by honey <3
bnha one shots. various! x gender neutral! reader. mostly stories i wrote on impulse or self-indulgent. all ideas are original/inspired! cover photo by me. enjoy. [ o n...
Countryhuman x reader | Oneshots by BabygirlBlues
Countryhuman x reader | Oneshotsby gracie bear
This is not Hetalia. Anyways, I'll be writing mediocre oneshots about you and countries. This is from my soon to be unused account, C0nstellati0ns109. So, I did NOT stea...
BTS ONESHOTS by Thornybutterflies
This will have some fluffs, angsts, smuts, etc. The first chapter was a bit short but the rest is quite long. Ships that I will do: TaeKook Yoonmin Namjin Other ships if...
Voice Of The Heavens by Imacupheadfan
Voice Of The Heavensby Cuphead
basically it's your singing izuku where they find out but with a twist, it's not the izuku leaves and they find out stuff
H A C K E R | Creepypasta x reader [Discontinued] by riverrxs
H A C K E R | Creepypasta x reader...by —Zen/Vinn
Be warned, this Y/n is annoying in the first few chaps. [insert sigh here] █║▌│║│║█║█║▌│█║▌│║│║█ "BOLD OF YOU ASSUME I DO F*CKIN HW." - "Oh? Ya mean when...
Countryhumans Zodiacs (long updates?) by CaiteePony
Countryhumans Zodiacs (long update...by ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀ ꜰʟɪᴘ
NOTICE: We do not need anymore comments saying "that's racist". This book is not meant to be racist or offensive, and I do NOT support Nazism/Fascism, Communi...
Innocent Text • [TAEKOOK] by Gamer1231
Innocent Text • [TAEKOOK]by wiljaesus
ThyTAETAE: Hey cutiee. Wanna smash ;) JeonCena: Hello! :D. Who are you and what is a 'smash'? ThyTAETAE: ...... * * Taehyungs' friend, Yoongi, found an account on Insta...
~Desires~ by Shierley675
~Desires~by Shierley675
This is a cynonari story♡ Credits: Art cover by jyagariko233 on twitter Art cover edited by me★ I have no idea wth im doing so yeah- anyways, slow updates and sorry for...
Wyn's DHMIS Headcanons by wynsiri
Wyn's DHMIS Headcanonsby wynsiri
self explanatory! my dhmis headcanons this is my shitposty side story
Random oneshot/ imagine's ideas by Razorwhip1835
Random oneshot/ imagine's ideasby Razorwhip1835
This is just plots that are too short to have a full ass story. Plus I just need a break from my other ones :P. For Female Readers
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TeenWolf gif series  by yurioscatears
TeenWolf gif series by ywuri.o
Teen wolf imagines💕
𝗤𝘂𝗶𝗿𝗸 𝗜𝗱𝗲𝗮𝘀 [ 𝘽𝙉𝙃𝘼 ] ✔︎ by daphneslove
𝗤𝘂𝗶𝗿𝗸 𝗜𝗱𝗲𝗮𝘀 [ 𝘽𝙉𝙃𝘼 ]...by daphne
A collection of quirk ideas written by yours truly and inspired by many. If you wish to use any of these ideas in your story then please ask for my permission and tag(@)...
the demons from hell by ammescheee9
the demons from hellby Your ruler
ok so it's errink. ink being and angel and error a devil. not any devil. one of satins(nightmare) sons. and demons are always filled with sinful interests when they meet...
The Maurauders And Me React To Ships by GryffindorkGranger
The Maurauders And Me React To Shi...by Gryffin/Zack
Y'all probably don't give a fuck about my opinion, I'm just doing this for fun. It's basically gonna be me and the Maurauders (at Hogwarts age) reacting to ships. They d...
Alternative Family Book 2 by BlueHumanHero
Alternative Family Book 2by Kris Dreemurr
If Sadao never left this will a separate timeline thing
Trans Dude Shit by c4ndycain
Trans Dude Shitby cain <3
just trans guy shit, idk man. like memes and shit we say and stuff like that. whatever i decide to put here. the beginning is different than most of the chapters cause i...
MHA stuff 2. by TMR123456
MHA stuff 2.by TMR123456
MHA characters doing stuff part 2-
Sodapack Stuff by Drowso
Sodapack Stuffby Drowso
Oh shit. Not another book she has to maintain. Update the others for God's sake! No<3 I keep having these eejits on my mind and I wanna just make a book dedicated to...
Captain Underpants Small Stories and Stuff by TheDepressedSans
Captain Underpants Small Stories a...by TheDepressedSans
I've been, uh, slightly obsessed with "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" and the tv series on Netflix, and have a few ideas for them. now, I understan...
Lauren Jauregui Imagines by HolyWhoregui
Lauren Jauregui Imaginesby Yhex
Just a bunch of random Lauren Jauregui imagines.