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My Babies Daddy Is Mr. Casanova  [COMPLETED] by Amienmieng
My Babies Daddy Is Mr. Casanova [...by Ms. Mie
Ramirez #01 Tungkol sa babaeng NERD na pina inom ng alak then may nangyare sa kanila ni -oh-so-called- Mr.Casanova at nag bunga ng twins.. Si Ace at Ice ang mga an...
Living in a Frog World (Male OC x Anne Boonchuy) by Cowboy-Alchemist
Living in a Frog World (Male OC x...by Cowboy Alchemist
Cross-posted on Fanfiction.net A Tail of Love and Savagery, Living in a Frog World tells the story of Frank Ramirez and how he and three old friends of his got trapped i...
Mi Reina by Riona_writes2455
Mi Reinaby Riona
Xia Knight is a charismatic bakery-owner. She is an optimist who believes in the healing power of a smile. But never test her waters; if you do, you better hope that you...
love in holly | Jentzen Ramirez by Fanofstufflol
love in holly | Jentzen Ramirezby Squad fp
Y/n is a 15 year old who has liked Jentzen Ramirez since day 1. Both of there Parents have been friends since high school. Jentzen is 3 months older then y/n so y/n is b...
Gravity Falls Watches Gravity Falls by NerdyFriend2913
Gravity Falls Watches Gravity Fallsby Jean Greengrass
Dipper, Mabel, and Stan Pines have finally put child menace Gideon Gleeful behind bars. But they can't have their party. Why? Not zombies, that's ridiculous. Because the...
Difference between them by Amienmieng
Difference between themby Ms. Mie
Ramirez #02 tunghayan ang story ng mga anak nina Jeya At Blake Ramirez ng My Babies Daddy Is Mr.Casanova.......
bury a friend, try to wake up | [An Angsty Criminal Case Fanfiction] by just_a_lil_sleepy
bury a friend, try to wake up | [A...by You can call me Blue!
You and Jones are chilling at GPD drinking morning coffee. The next case is quite a tragedy for you both, especially Jones. Tw for panic attacks and suicidal thoughts(no...
A Shadow Company Tale by HerrHornet
A Shadow Company Taleby Austein
In a time of uncertainty and bloodshed, an American warrior steps up and does what he thinks is necessary in the time of war. While serving along his friends and family...
Redefining Love (Original) by BayRenmen
Redefining Love (Original)by BayRenmen
This is Sherri and Teri story. This is the first story that I've written here and the original version. This was basically a made up idea of the two best friends. I don'...
Forbidden by BayRenmen
Forbiddenby BayRenmen
For Lena the one person keeping her from happiness and love is her fiance, Mason. For Stef, the one person holding her back is her boss, Captain Mason Hazelwood. The two...
Lost children of Cain (Maniggy) by txw_664
Lost children of Cain (Maniggy)by i'm music addicted
One beautiful dreadlocked creature enteres classroom and Marilyn's life turns upside down. See what's happen afterwards ;) Just maniggy cliché story. I have nothing more...
Call of Duty Mw2 U.S. Army Rangers x Attack on Titan  by Happiestphysics4000
Call of Duty Mw2 U.S. Army Rangers...by Happiestphysics4000
This is story about modern military in Call of Duty modern warfare 2 x Attack on Titan that the U.S. helps the Paradis Island (Eldia) against the Titans and Marley
The New Squad Member by -VINNIESDIOR-
The New Squad Memberby lexi
As Ayla (Elliana's younger sister) joins The Squad, she starts catching feelings for none other than her older sisters ex Jentzen Ramirez....
There was a charm about the forbidden that made it unspeakably desirable and they crave what they couldn't have.
101 Dalmatians: Cars 3 by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Cars 3by Eric Watson
Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast cars, the legendary Lighting McQueen and The Dalmatian Squad finds themselfs pushed out of the sport that they really love...
Greys Anatomy Cast fact file by CourtBurke
Greys Anatomy Cast fact fileby CourtBurke
Greys Anatomy cast facts . I've done some of the cast if you want me to do any just tell me
The Freak in the Pea Green Dress ~Twiggy Ramirez Love Story by ShanLeighMansonMIW
The Freak in the Pea Green Dress ~...by ShanNior
One kiss can change fate. It can create love or start wars...a kiss between two strangers can create a whole future neither one of them had ever dreamed possible...and n...
Could Have Beens by EiffelInLove
Could Have Beensby Nacha
One shot ffs
Warmth by plsiwasin7thgrade
Warmthby Anna White
Marilyn leaves Twiggy to deal with a difficult situation. When he comes back, things may be too late.