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Damaged Done  by manobankimislife
Damaged Done by Lalisa Manoban
"Make her fall for you but don't ever fall for her. If this plan will succeed then I'll be your boyfriend but no strings attached" "Deal" "I'l...
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Promise?//Changlix by Changlixbinnie
Promise?//Changlixby chevbinnie!
[BOOK TWO FOR REMEMBER?//CHANGLIX] changbin, it's been a year now. i'm surprised i've made it this far without you...i miss you. do you miss me? today eric took me to th...
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[FANFIC/NAMJIN] Nếu như đôi ta còn cơ hội by hpmh__
[FANFIC/NAMJIN] Nếu như đôi ta cò hây (close)
Summary: Cậu và anh chia tay rồi. Chia tay một cách kì quặc và lí do thì chẳng ra làm sao. Nhưng cậu vẫn yêu anh rất nhiều. Và cậu biết anh cũng yêu cậu rất nhiều. Lời...
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kangst me actually writing a decent story on this app by DesiSilva
kangst me actually writing a Desi Silva
just quick usually very upsetting one shots I take requests please give them so I can update asap
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Spaghetti With A Side Of Panic by Buckets_Of_Stars
Spaghetti With A Side Of Panicby Buckets_Of_Stars
Getting all A's in the Stark household used to be a requirement, something exspected of a young Tony, genius kid prodigy. It was always brushed off, made to further elev...
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Just For The Summer // J.JK by bangtaekook3
Just For The Summer // J.JKby Sunshine 💛💛
"Maybe everything does happen for a reason"
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one shots » bts suga by kumamontrash
one shots » bts sugaby softyoon🍨
Just a bunch of one shots that I couldn't be bothered making full books of. Enjoy~
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my hero acdaima oc by questioningmygender
my hero acdaima ocby sama_shigaraki
And angst
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Adiós   ONE SHOT by luz2en1
Adiós ONE SHOTby luz2en1
Mis manos tiemblan.. todo yo tiemblo.. Tiemblo de dolor, parpadeo un par de veces para apartar las lágrimas de mis ojos y en un murmullo te digo "terminemos"
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Ang mga tao ay may kanya kanyang dahilan kung bakit sila naglilihim. Wag basta basta huhusgahan kasi ang dila ay parang sasakyan kapag nawalan ng preno makakasakit at m...
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Losing you (TomTord) by Lupa2226
Losing you (TomTord)by Lupa2226
(Mostly angst, there is fluff though) Months after "The End," Tom finds himself struggling. He faces sleepless nights, loss of appetite and motivation. Every n...
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REV! KevEdd - Sleepover by TigersEye9
REV! KevEdd - Sleepoverby TigersEye9
Rev. KevEdd! So Edd has a sh!t ton of problems and Kevin is the "only one" who can really help him. And because most of the problems Edd has are very similar t...
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Sherlock Oneshots/headcanons (BBC) by Tarons_Boyfriend
Sherlock Oneshots/headcanons (BBC)by Skyler
Oneshots based on BBC's Sherlock. Mostly angst cuz I'm a bad person. Oneshots either original or basically extended tumblr headcanons. (Also, I don't usually edit these...
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My love, how I miss you (An individual roleplay)  by Keylahnikolajooste
My love, how I miss you (An Keylah Jooste
It's roleplay, you know how it works. Although, if you are LGBTQ+ phobic, racist or sexist in any way, I suggest you don't roleplay here as I am quite an accepting perso...
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Falling for You: A New Generation Harry Potter Fanfic by booksandbbc
Falling for You: A New nerd
Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy are the two most unlikely boys to be friends, but after one fateful winter holiday, they're insuperable. But as the boys grow older and...
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Mornings. Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano by Boopydoopy111
Mornings. Reyna Avila Boopydoopy111
My first Gender fluid reader story. Reyna remembers why she has a love/hate relationship with mornings.
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Make You Mine (Dekuchako Song Fic) by hey_there_folks
Make You Mine (Dekuchako Song Fic)by 忘れられた
Veryyy angsty. Based on the song 'Make You Mine' by PUBLIC PUBLIC. This is a gift for @-Aesthetic_Deku- Happy Birthday, girl~!
the forest of wonders by heavenliight
the forest of wondersby 𝒮𝑜 ✧
⊹ 𝒹𝒶𝓏𝓏𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔 ⊹ In which Jungkook is a nymph trapped in a bubble, and Taehyung is a pretty curious fairy. Taehyung ᶠᵃⁱʳʸ! ᵃᵘ Jungkook ⁿʸᵐᵖʰ! ᵃᵘ ☪︎ 𝘱𝘶𝘻𝘻𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨...
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Teen Titans Rp by Supergirls456
Teen Titans Rpby Pansexual Geek
All In The Title
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【I am He, He is Me】•••《A BOBOIBOY short story [#NoHappyEndingz2k19]》 by Hello_Im_Crazy279
【I am He, He is Me】•••《A J the jar
❝who are you?❞ ❛The boy gave him nothing less but a simple tug on his thin lips. For the first time he smiled❜ ❝I am he,he is me❞ ••• Started: || June 28, 2019 || Ended:...
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