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Aqua Waters | ✔ by Vintaginity
Aqua Waters | ✔by Brittani
"I don't even know, maybe I'm being friendly? Maybe I like the view from your yard? Maybe the grass is greener on the other side and I'm tasting a different color p...
You're too Late (COMPLETE) by Nationals_duhh
You're too Late (COMPLETE)by Nationals_duhh
My name is Fay and my life is a piece of shit. Yes I should be glad I have a roof over my head and crumbs on the table and a sleeping bag to sleep in. But honestly, I...
Dear Daisy by Ali_Carolyne
Dear Daisyby Alicia Popson
A girl in a small town begins anonymously submitting her journal entries to the local newspaper. The town, becoming interested in her thoughts and ideas, starts to submi...
Trust Me, My Next Book Will Be Longer by MyName15PrecutODST
Trust Me, My Next Book Will Be Lon...by Leroy E. Davison
I am writing another book but a friend of mine would like me to publish a book on my Wattpad page thingy so she can read it whilst she waits for my slightly longer book...
Zombie Planetfall by EarlHatsby
Zombie Planetfallby Earl Hatsby
Zombies! Spaceships! Technobabble! This is not your grandmother's zombie novel. After crash-landing on a zombie-infested Earth, a beleaguered team of astronauts---accomp...
OPPOSITE SEX by SteveRattray
OPPOSITE SEXby Steve Rattray
Cheeky rom-com Short Story (20min read). PG14 rating. A fun slice of la-vie-en-rose, illustrating the difficulties of reading the opposite sex. Contains implicit scenes...
This is a Story About You by yvishin
This is a Story About Youby yvishin
You are a swimmer, who found a not-lake full of shadows and motions that you've done and will do. No, you are a hero, preventing their land from turning to precious meta...
Take It All In by lafountainb2018
Take It All Inby lafountainb2018
Roger reflects on his mediocre life and wishes for something more. But his life takes a turn when a strange old man, that seems awfully familiar, joins him at the bar an...
Cooking with Strangers by Hooded_Storyteller
Cooking with Strangersby Hooded_Storyteller
It's her birthday, and she just needs a few more ingredients for her favorite recipe.
Shadows {Completed} {Flash Fiction} by vexor3
Shadows {Completed} {Flash Fiction}by Robb Keller
A daughter escapes the torment of her father. Or does she?
The Story Behind the Slipper by Written-Wonders
The Story Behind the Slipperby 22NickyP
We all know the classic story of a girl who lost her glass slipper running away from her dreams, and racing back to her sad reality of being a peasant maid for her own s...
The Outsider by CrazyKrap
The Outsiderby CrazyKrap
A lonesome penguin looking among the huddle, only to be pushed aside unlike the others. Eventually he finds himself alone. Only white scratched ice as far as the eye can...
Recoil by FlailingPail
Recoilby FlailingPail
A nameless young woman had been captured by a dishonorable government. She attempts to survive as she plans to escape her cell, then the building, then the city. But ho...
Apple of My Eye by Davidkummer7
Apple of My Eyeby David Kummer
If only I could sleep. Days are bad when you can't sleep. Days are worse when you can't remember. Days are the worst when you can't forget what you've done, and you ca...