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st patrick ; cashton by jetblackcashton
st patrick ; cashtonby audrey 🌀
ashton can't get enough of calum and calum cant get enough of ashton v romantic + cliche because I wanted to write a fluffy story anyways romance and bad vague ideas o...
Daisy Chains || Kellic ✔ by -hawkwing
Daisy Chains || Kellic ✔by Merton
Kellin identifies as neither gender, and dresses how he pleases. Vic is the tough punk that basically rules the school, everyone is scared of him. When the strange lit...
Holy // mashton by gothboi5sos
Holy // mashtonby devilish angel
God and religion means different things to people, and Ashton and Michael are prime examples of that.
Band preferences and imagines  by peace123446
Band preferences and imagines by peace123446
(Cover is not mine) Including bands members: Idkhow (both of them) Panic! At the disco (lmao it's just Brendon anyway) The 1975 (Matty Healy) The neighbourhood (Jess...
Mrs Kidnapper//PVRIS {COMPLETED} by you_took_my_broccoli
What happens when somebody falls in love with their kidnapper? Currently (02/03/2019) #1 in pvris
the tour life of Jessika knight: sequel too maybe somebodies we by take-yourself-home
the tour life of Jessika knight: s...by 𝕤𝕦𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕠𝕧𝕒
Jessika Knight. The girl obsessed with all time low, cats and her friends. The girl who got adopted by the one and only Awsten Knight gose on tour with waterparks, sleep...
Group Chat by izzythesociopath
Group Chatby Izzy
brendon urine has started a chat. brendon urine: *insert awesome one liner to start off this epic group chat*
Dream of me to keep you safe (PVRIS fanfic) by pvstelpvris
Dream of me to keep you safe (PVRI...by pvstelpvris
I'm Lia Babinski, I'm 17. I have no other family members left. Well that's what I thought. After my friend dragged me down from that widow ledge. Everything changed. H...
Lynn Gunn One Shots And Imagines by you_took_my_broccoli
Lynn Gunn One Shots And Imaginesby ᎷᎾNKᎬY ᎻᎾᎬ
The title says it all. If you have any requests feel free to let me know and I'll make them. (08/08/2018): #1 in 'lynngunn' (15/12/2019): #1 in 'pvris' (15/12/2019): #1...
Life as Vic Fuentes Daughter. by eccccccccc
Life as Vic Fuentes Daughter.by eccccccccc
Vic is in for a big journey with his daughter. From loosing and gaining people. His life would never be the same once again. Copyright © sadsatisfaction Don't steal my s...
Youth | Lynn Gunn  by SaintsandGhosts
Youth | Lynn Gunn by SaintsandGhosts
Miller Grey, a nineteen year old was living her life the way she had dreamed of for years. She was doing everything she had planned of for years, but things changed. The...
My Little Gunn (Ally Hills & Lynn Gunn) by fvckoffmvlly
My Little Gunn (Ally Hills & Lynn...by ):
Whilst moving into her new apartment, Ally Hills gets an unexpected visit from her stunning new neighbor, Lynn Gunn. They hit it off straight away and soon gain more and...
Acoustic Show | Lynn Gunn x reader (Complete)  by SaintsandGhosts
Acoustic Show | Lynn Gunn x reader...by SaintsandGhosts
You met Lynn Gunn at a radio show that had requested for your band, you and your brother to perform a couple songs. this is a series from my tumblr, the only writing fro...
All We Need Of Hell (Lynn Gunn) by Linndsvy
All We Need Of Hell (Lynn Gunn)by Lynn Giroux
Lynn is the new girl at Boston North High. Despite believing that things could get worse, things actually start out great. She soon makes friends and soon makes herself...
Lynn Gunn Facts. by endingera
Lynn Gunn Facts.by Val
Some things I know about Lynn Gunn that you may not know about.
Multifandom Imagines/Preferences by Ranbows12
Multifandom Imagines/Preferencesby Suranne
I do: -Bands (many) TV Shows; -Grimm (still catching up) -Once upon a time -Sherlock -Dr Who (a few doctors) -Poldark -Being Human (UK) -& maybe more Movies; -Marvel -A...
El que se enamora pierde: A Luis Coronel fanfic by luciiddreams
El que se enamora pierde: A Luis C...by 🌹
Lyndsey loves to pick fights, she has gotten arrested and is failing every class and shes the lead singer of a promising rock band. After sneaking out to go to a festiva...
Glimpse Of Bliss, Taste Of Heaven (Lynn Gunn X Girl) (PVRIS) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Glimpse Of Bliss, Taste Of Heaven...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Kylie moves to Wakefield, a town in the middle of nowhere where rumours spread that once you enter the town limits you never leave, and the only way out was...
Band Zodiacs Signs by starrynightpcy
Band Zodiacs Signsby chloe
Your typical band zodiac signs / horoscopes ⇉ *All from tumblr*
I Love A Challenge (Alex Babinski Fanfic) by holdyourown
I Love A Challenge (Alex Babinski...by Baily
All that Blaire wanted to do was make a music video for her brother, Brian MacDonald's little band, PVRIS. However, it doesn't look like it will be that simple. She migh...