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Random One/Two-Shot Fanfictions  by _Kiyo_Is_Here
Random One/Two-Shot Fanfictions by Flynn
I just randomly had this idea, dunno why.
Final Fantasy XV Preferences and one shots by foxythefoxpiratechil
Final Fantasy XV Preferences and Delta
This book is for: Prompto Ignis Noct And Gladiolus
Growing love // Promptis (Noctis x Prompto) // FFXV by Khatymiss
Growing love // Promptis (Noctis Khatymiss707
Welcome to this story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. This is still ongoing ♡ SLOW UPDATES CAUSE I'M A JERK EXTREME GAYNESS AND FRIENDSHIP BECAUS...
From the creator of Noct X Prompto 'SMUTTY HANGOVER' , I bring you another PROMPTIS Fanfic that comes with cuteness fluff, romance, drama, sadness and smut(later on in t...
A Night In Insomnia// Final Fantasy XV by MaskedWithWords
A Night In Insomnia// Final MaskedWithWords
After Prompto turned to Noctis after a sleepless night, the boys embark on an adventure around the city of Insomnia. The teenage school boys had little knowledge about t...
Isolated || Promptis by Lost_And_Insane
Isolated || Promptisby ××/Sαm\××
Noctis Lucis Caelum is the heir to the Lucian throne, being raised to be the perfect future King the nation needs. In order to keep the Crown Prince safe, he is confined...
Final Fantasy XV: Promptis Oneshots by JayyVon699
Final Fantasy XV: Promptis Oneshotsby Kass
I absolutely love this game and wish there were more fanfic on it. I completely ship these two and this is what I came up with. Feel free to request. Noctis/Prompto
Cold Water || Promptis by AquarianDweeb
Cold Water || Promptisby AquarianDweeb
Noctis and Prompto are an unlikely pair of friends, but with Noctis' 18th birthday on the horizon, Prompto begins to realise that the feelings he has for Noctis might be...
sunflower  by Misterstealyourboi
sunflower by Misterstealyourboi
Four friends in high school prompto and noctis are 17 and gladio with ignis one year older. Prompto is new.. And idk what else I'll write a full description in the first...
{Promptis Oneshots} by light-the-night_sky
{Promptis Oneshots}by •Aris Lucis Aeterna•
Pairing: Promptis (Noctis Lucis Caelum X Prompto Argentum) Game: Final Fantasy XV (prev. Versus XIII) Requests and Ideas welcome ; ) Original Cover art: https://quicksil...
My boyfriend is a Prince {Promptis} ~ FLUFFY YAOI (will continue soon) by SeraBella_
My boyfriend is a Prince { ✨Baka✨
Hey guys ! my name is Prompto. Prompto Argentum! I go to school and um- I'm usually very lonely and I don't talk to a lot of people. They think I'm awkward. Oh, or mab...
Anime/Game Short Stories by _MHA-Fanfic-Writer_
Anime/Game Short Storiesby WritingIsMyLifeNowXD
It's what the title says. I'll add in short stories from the different anime's/games. Also maybe some notes for future stories. Idk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own: Attac...
Blind! Prompto AU by cryoriku
Blind! Prompto AUby Cecil
Collection of Blind!Prompto oneshots and drafts I've done for practice writing blind protagonists. Very loosely follows canon. Individual parts have no correlation to on...
♡ A Short Promptis Fanfic ♡ {LEMON} by noctmedaddy
♡ A Short Promptis Fanfic ♡ {LEMON}by noctmedaddy
just a space for me to write my shitty promptis fanfic
In love with my best friend (Canceled) by willow01139
In love with my best friend ( Hanna B
(Canceled) 18+ this is based off of an rp with a friend on amino It's a few nights before Noctis and lunafreya's wedding. Prompto, ignis, and gladio all decided to throw...
City of the wolves ( Promptis ) by Vash-shipping
City of the wolves ( Promptis )by I crave death
A fox is in a city that is full of wolves because his home was destroyed. What happens when a certain king finds him? This is a story that has Noctis, Gladio, ignis, an...
Promptis - (To be named) - ( Noctis x Prompto Smut )  by earlgreyy_
Promptis - (To be named) - ( Greyson
HA I guess this will be a thing. These chapters are gonna be real rough since I'm a year later trying to write again. So this will be a practice fic, I'll write a few c...
Exsomnis by eschatona
Exsomnisby Ash
Alternate Ending to my FFXV fic 'Night Light" This will make pretty much zero sense if you haven't read and finished Night Light already, unless you have a really b...
I Can't Help Falling in Love by ktargentum
I Can't Help Falling in Loveby ktargentum
A little oneshot I thought of while listening to the cover of 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You' by Haley Reinhart. Lyrics are from the song of the same name. Cover...
quick silver + ffxv. by goushi-
quick silver + ashes
"Noctis in latino means 'the star's light of sky' while Prompto means 'quick silver.'" noctis lucis caelum / prompto argentum