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Canvas by sulking_soul
Canvasby Nandini Menon
It depends on the artist to fill the canvas with beautiful colors It depends on the audience to make it an art ... So people this is a poem book..... It's my Canvas...
Embrace The World by _Vinaya_
Embrace The Worldby Humbly Vin
"I opened the window I smelled the flowers I saw the sunset I felt the breeze Then foul smells of rotten tree hit my olfactory receptors Grounds were blood smothere...
God Is A Poem by doTheDarkRaysExist
God Is A Poemby Ray
They're not so different, are they? If you've been in love with poetry you know exactly what I'm talking about. I believe that when you say "I believe/don't believe...
Poems.  by AnamikaAcharjee
Poems. by Anamika Acharjee
Its a collection of my poems , going to try this for the first time . Hope you like it.
The Words Within  by gorgiarocks
The Words Within by Melissa Nyk
Melz was broken but Paris save her..love conquers all
COAXING LOVE...  by NithishWriter
COAXING LOVE... by Nithish.R.P
COAXING LOVE is a poem which makes you think and make you to Love... 😉
Silhouette of Sleep  by ShradhaMerylinePanna
Silhouette of Sleep by ShradhaMerylinePanna
A poem about chasing an enchantress..... sleep
Poems :)  by arunima_belwal
Poems :) by arunima_belwal
Hey... A.B here I love to write poems and would love to share all my works
Echoes of silence by Sandraxoxo
Echoes of silenceby sandraxoxo
collection of poetry by moi. A sad,beautiful, tragic place called my life all written in words that will make you weep. Can you find it in your heart to accept the truth...
Introverted Extrovert by iamyashiaggarwal
Introverted Extrovertby iamyashiaggarwal
Are you an introvert or an extrovert or both?
FALL IN LOVE  by huggykrii
FALL IN LOVE by Krithika N
I write poems about love and life. I'm not perfect, but I write to rectify myself. I write romantic poems that my heart orders me to. Check it out to relate with your li...
Him by RosedianaYahaya
Himby Rosediana Yahaya
Kisah Cinta Sang Gadis Putus Di Tengah Jalan
My love for poems by huggykrii
My love for poemsby Krithika N
This is a book of poems that I have written on my own. These poems are all about my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I hope you enjoy reading this. Support me if you li...
Colors  by Marcaaayy
Colors by Marcaaayy
Painting pictures with colors, despite only having black and white on the canvas.
Hidden Wolf by catonaryhan
Hidden Wolfby Catona Ryhan
What if I never find the wolf inside me?
NoteTo Self by AmitKumar010
NoteTo Selfby Amit Kumar
An ongoing collection of short poems. Trying to rhyme the mess of my mind.
STOP FOR HER POETRY  by huggykrii
Romantic play with words Words are made into poems Relate to your life to enjoy the taste