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~What an angel~ (haikyuu mafia au)  by Astronoob810
~What an angel~ (haikyuu mafia au) by Astronoob810
/~NOT MY ART!~\ ●/~° Shoyo Hinata gets mixed up with the mafia but no one knows that Shoyo s a famous assasin called ☆~ Shinda taiyo~☆ How long can Shoyo keep his sec...
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied By My Brothers by LarryStylinson1D454
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied Grace Evans
This is the sequel to Bullied By My Brothers. If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend to read that book first! -------------------- Ellie has four brothers...
DreamWasTaken x Reader by xkCURSExk
DreamWasTaken x Readerby Curse
This was requested by a friend of mine, so erm- I hope you enjoy??? p.s. i don't own the art, you, or anything else- just the story p.p.s this is just another cliche yo...
cursed images  by iamdepressioned
cursed images by jojo brainrot🗿
I just found me some..... cursed images I shall share them with you
Quackity x Karl Smut by imashamefulsimp
Quackity x Karl Smutby worthless_simp
A love story between Karl and quackity. They both quickly catch feelings for each other and start dating. Find out what's gonna happen next 😏😉🔞
She [j.p]  by wxllqz
She [j.p] by - POMOGRANITE
"and i don't know why i don't know who she is" james potter x fem oc -'DISCONTINUED🤩🤩😩💅
Danganronpa one-shots by thehandsomestboi65
Danganronpa one-shotsby 爪卂匚卄ㄖ 爪卂爪卂
⚠UPDATED AGAIN⚠ Hello peeps. For now, this is only 1, 2, and UDG, HEEHEE DRV3 TOO and most of it is non-despair au. Like the cover says, I don't do angst so if you like...
Tbh X Laff by AkaneTory
Tbh X Laffby _Akaanee_
I don't know really I don't know ~Cover done by Minecraft Lettuce~
Hitler x Jesus: Jesus Take The Wheel by ShrekShreksWifeAndGf
Hitler x Jesus: Jesus Take The 😎helpme😎
That's pretty gay Please don't put me on an FBI watchlist Not again
Splatoon One-shots/ Scenarios by Nintendofanchild
Splatoon One-shots/ Scenariosby ~Nintendo Lover~
Well...if you can't beat e'm join e'm... I dunno this is purely to ease my boredom. So I take requests. Yes. I will do le romance because I wanna improve in that genera...
Dream Team Imagines Or Scenarios Tbh Idk What To Call These by Blxrryy_
Dream Team Imagines Or Scenarios Ry :)
Uh, what the title says. It's not just Dream Team, it's also the trio and other minecraft youtubers that I watch and..yeah. Copyright © WylieRylie 2020
Bakubottom one shots  by bakubottom4Lbitchez
Bakubottom one shots by Soggy.Muffinz_15
Wattpad fucking deleted my first one so I have to start over I'm fucking crying I had 140k. I'm so sorry I tried to get it back. I called filed complaints nothing worked.
Pregame Shuichi and Ingame Shuichi Adventures! by namchiin
Pregame Shuichi and Ingame SKINN¥ PENI$
Request the randoms things these two will do! | Open !This is a crack fic, please do not take anything seriously¡ !Please do not request smut, as I said, this is a crack...
Hot Topic Hottie // Klance AU by lancethelivingmeme
Hot Topic Hottie // Klance AUby feral
Lance has a huge crush on one of the employees at the Hot Topic across from the Sephora he works in at Voltron Mall. Little does he know that the feelings are the same f...
Zodiac High School - Discontinued by astrologicalepiphany
Zodiac High School - Discontinuedby 𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔵𝔦𝔯
The zodiacs think they're going to a fancy boarding school in New York. They're actually going to a school for them to prepare to save the world- not world, universe fr...
Why do you stay? {Shigadabi} by marsuzumaki
Why do you stay? {Shigadabi}by Mars!!
{Slow updates} Okay basically it's nearly midnight and i love these two assholes so why not write this. Art student shiggy because I love that concept and Dabi is majori...
Nendou x Reader x Saiki x Reader x Kaidou by joemama3840164937104
Nendou x Reader x Saiki x Reader joe
your mom even reads this
One-Shot requests that I'll regret by BandoriFan
One-Shot requests that I'll regretby BandoriFan
Give me a senerio, a relationship, I'll ask my friend for a character I hate, then I write a one-shot!