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The Vampires Pet by Mysterious-x-Girl
The Vampires Petby Dina
Hallie is kidnapped and sold to a vampire as a pet. Basically she's his pet dog and food source all in one. Hallie hates him! He pets her and coo's at her. He feeds on h...
BABY HYBRID // KIM TAEHYUNG // by kpop_fanfics_325
BABY HYBRID // KIM TAEHYUNG //by kpop_fanfics_325
❝mommy doesn't suit you anymore, babygirl sounds better❞ He smirks looking her as if she was his to claim now B e s t R a n k i n g s : ↬ 2 out of 12 in #btshybridau ↬...
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort [Completed] by akarimiya
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort [ Akari☆Miya
Author:Xiao Qi Ye Category:Historical Source: She, Gu Ruoyun, was once a famous good-for-nothing in the country of Q...
Im a villainess that is destined to die by Scenerendpity
Im a villainess that is destined Aristea
Im Stella De- oh wait....i was Stella Devan right now im reborn as a baby and u might be wondering how i got here well... ( cue drumrolls ) I died, u surprised yet?...I...
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort by alexamiaca
Evil Emperor's Wild Consortby gray acura
She has come a long way. Orphaned, born a weakling, and being the infamous good-for-nothing of Azure Dragon Country. Gu Ruoyun was the shame of the proud Gu household. F...
🔧soudam🐾  by mondo_taka
🔧soudam🐾 by :)
kazuichi worked at a auto repair shop and gundham worked at a pet store. but one day gundhams car broke down and he had to go to kazuichis auto repair shop. soon the two...
Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko?  (boyxboy) by leelee-the-neko
Vampire prince and his new leelee-the-neko
the vampire prince saves a boy from being attacked, he plans on having him for a meal but finds out isn't exactly a boy. he is a neko! once he figures this out he plans...
Charli & Chase Happily Ever After by queenneela08
Charli & Chase Happily Ever Afterby Neela Allen
A lot of things happened after tiktok. Money, marriage, kids. Cha-Cha has it all.
Alpha Without a Pack... by Puppies59
Alpha Without a Puppies59
She was born to lead a pack, but she's just starting her journey to freedom and family... Sidney Blake never expected to ever be free. For years she's been bounced aroun...
The Ruthless And Merciless Woman(Hiatus State) by LadyLaDeMa
The Ruthless And Merciless Woman( Dezza Mae Panilo
She is one of the descendant of the General Residence Shi Wei LA The beauty that hides But suffer near death due to an accident that be soon reveal to be a planned She a...
Vampire and 6 human by Jiang_Wuxian
Vampire and 6 humanby
Jungkook and bambam are both bestfriend and vampire. Jungkook joined a k-pop group called BTS and bambam joined k-pop group called Got7 . Will the member find the truth...
Rowena Potter  by AloraBeckwith5
Rowena Potter by Elizabeth Potter
Rowena Potter is a five year old run away. She does her best and creates what she has always wanted, a family. Fem Harry Potter. Smart, strong Harry. Eidetic memory...
Raising a Fox Consort: The Cold Demonic Wang's Sweet Love by Jaimelyn_1995
Raising a Fox Consort: The Cold Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) Rumor has it that the fourth Wangye in Xuan Lang Empire was handsome and couldn't be compared to anyone else. He held impressive contributions, gaining the fa...
paws // bokuaka by llowkeydreamingg
paws // bokuakaby lexi ☕️
"love hits you by accident, but it somehow ends up giving you a purr-pose." a story of two hearts, two men, and eight paws.
Kidnapped by a Billionaire by NotABoOkWoRm17
Kidnapped by a Billionaireby Angē
Imagine that your friends, family and life is taken away from you... By some greedy bastard. Who freakin' KIDNAPS you. For no effing reason. But you can't imagine it...
My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Every Day (GL) [Completed] by JunoSmile
My Disciple Wants to Tease Me Fairy
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights goes to the original owner Author(s) : Jiang Ru 姜茹 Source(s) : Syzc Translations (1-5) , ...
I'm a wandering soul... My origin or gender was unknown... I was contented while I roam aimlessly in the abyss... Until... [WARNING! BINDING CONTRACTED SOUL!] W-What?whe...
He's a scary yet cute bear (Nightmare Freddy x reader) Book 1 of 8 (?) by MAJESTICEA1
He's a scary yet cute bear ( MAJESTICEA1
The scary bear has a crush on a 19 year old that has to depend on herself and a flashlight to survive the night. She'll make it but will her time last before it comes to...
I Heard You Are an Alien by JunoSmile
I Heard You Are an Alienby Fairy
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights go to the original owners Author(s) : Three Thousand Glass 三千琉璃 Source :