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Never Broken (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) by scribblewrite
Never Broken (A Louis Tomlinson scribblewrite
{Being Edited} [Book 1] Valerie Styles was taken away from everything she loved. For three years, she's been locked away in a basement, tormented by her kidnapper. She p...
Unspoken - {A Larry Stylinson love story} by Bellanote34
Unspoken - {A Larry Stylinson Katie
Harry Styles is know world wide for singing with One Direction. So stress comes with the job right? After too much stress Harry tries to find a way to stop it. But it la...
Luck of the Irish(one direction) *HIATUS* by Im_still_here
Luck of the Irish(one direction) * Im_still_here
Andi was a typical teenage girl. She didn't fit in but what teenage girl felt like they did? The only difference for her was her best friend suddenly became famous. Her...
Not Just A Fan by ScarletSune
Not Just A Fanby ScarletSune
Ever wish a boy in One Direction would fall in love with you? In this intense story of a girl who's camera falls into the hands of Harry Styles while at a meet and greet...
The Perfect Storm (Narry & Lilo One Direction fan fiction)**COMPLETED** by DirectionersRUs
The Perfect Storm (Narry & Lilo Julia and S
The boys need to get away. They are trying to write the new single of the sophomore album. The decided they needed quiet. They are at a cabin by the ocean. As they're wr...
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6 Boys and They're All In Love With Me (1D and Justin Bieber Fanfic) *ON HOLD* by UndercoverGirl26
6 Boys and They're All In Love nιna ѕтyℓeѕ
When Gabriella Evans enters a sweepstake to an invitation attending a huge Hollywood party and wins, she finds herself living the dream, meeting a couple of celebrities...
Animals, Leather Jackets And A Mysterious Mystery (Zarry) by Mirry_Iris
Animals, Leather Jackets And A Iris
Harry works in the London Zoo Together with his three best mates. He loves everything about his jobs: the Animals, the visitors and that one guy. When animals start talk...
Blind Date (A One Direction Story) {Book 1 & Book 2} by hipstapleaseee95
Blind Date (A One Direction Story) Ana
Aria is not the typical teen. She's been passed down from foster home to foster home with her dog Scamp until her brother found her and took her to live with him. With h...
Taylor's Revenge (Taylor Swift/1D FF) by XxGottaLetGoxX
Taylor's Revenge (Taylor Swift/ Nyx
Have you ever felt that feeling of emptiness. The feeling that only one thing can satisfy you. Knowing this is wrong but you just know you have to do it. This simple wro...
But now you're in my way (BoyxBoy AU) Niam Horayne by RachTommoForever
But now you're in my way ( Rachel.
You know the clichè? Yeah? The one about the girl literally stumbling over the guy, eyes meet and they fall in love? Well that's pretty much my story, but with a few var...
Calypso {Ziam, Ziall, Larry} by TruthIzMe
Calypso {Ziam, Ziall, Larry}by ⚓Aвʟαzε AıM⚛
{READ UNKNOWN MATTER, STARLIGHT, AND FIRESTORM BEFORE THIS} "Being human is not always a delight..." Now twenty years old, Zayn Malik faces more threatening ob...
COMPETITION(Ziam Mayne) by YaldaDM
COMPETITION(Ziam Mayne)by -ZAYN￿payneٰ
زین همیشه میخواست اول باشه...حتی اگه شرطه اول شدن ول کردن احساساته قویش باشه...اون حتی باکسی که عاشقش هستم میجنگه.
The Story Of Us ( Harry Styles + Ariana Grande / Hariana ) by chedimdrn
The Story Of Us ( Harry Styles + chedi
Harry and Ariana met at the KCAs 2012. While Harry was in LA, they hang out and got to know each other. The next thing they know was they consider each other as best fri...
Smile by fallsetto
Smileby AJ
[ ZIAM AU ] [ ✓ - DECEMBER 2014 ] ❝You make me smile.❞ The one where Zayn is an amateur writer and is having a bit of a grey day(s) (week) (month) (actually, life is mos...
One Direction's Babysitter (Finished with Sequel) by Dylan_Hyde_Ninja
One Direction's Babysitter ( Brittany
This may seem a bit bizarree but I'm thirteen and babysitting one direction,You want to know how I got this job? Well read on then. A/N hello this is the author I'm a fu...
Living With One Direction by tommoo
Living With One Directionby tommoo
"In third place of X Factor 2010 is... One Direction". As soon as I herd Dermot O'leary say that I knew life was going to be different, not just for me but for...
How Hard Can It Be? (Harry Styles) by Miss_Annabelle
How Hard Can It Be? (Harry Styles)by Miss_Annabelle
His curls, green eyes and those amazing dimples are some of the things that attracted me to him from the start. But wherever there is love, there is problems....My name...
You are the antidote and poison   انت الترياق والسم  by madamepayno0
You are the antidote and Madame payno👌1993
ايها الاحمق انتبه........!!!!!!! من الاحمق ايتها الغبيه....!! مهلا هل انت.......... ثمل نعم........ماذا تريدين الان خذني الى بيتك لاني لااملك بيت هيا كم انتِ وقحه و...
Falling For The Good...And The Bad? One Direction The Wanted by SiennaTheWanted
Falling For The Good...And The kden
Faith Tomlinson. Faith is the sister of Louis Tomlinson, a One Direction boy band member. Her and her brother are the closest, he gives her everything. She has everythin...