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The King's Poison  ⏸ by uncouthwriter
The King's Poison ⏸by uncouthwriter
She was meant to serve the king. She had no place. No importance. No story. Simply taste the King's food for poison and leave. But the Kings infatuation with her was mor...
Love: The Poetry Of Heart (Under Heavy Editing) by FEARKnightFantasy
Love: The Poetry Of Heart (Under H...by Lilith Moon
Book two in poetry #2 [Under Editing] Poems to read when you are emotional. And want something to connect thought poetry. Or for people who just enjoy poetry. There is s...
Signed, A. Boleyn by uncouthwriter
Signed, A. Boleynby uncouthwriter
1,000 days. That was all. 1,000 measly days.... So who lives to tell my story?
Beyond the Storm (ONC) by shellzels
Beyond the Storm (ONC)by Shellswritesstuff
Open Novella Contest story. When the ship Keka is aboard gets thrown off course in a fierce storm, her and her shipmates find themselves in lands unknown. But something...
The Gospel according to Mark by HenryRolland
The Gospel according to Markby Henry Rolland
The Gospel According to Mark is the second of the four canonical gospels and of the three synoptic gospels. It tells of the ministry of Jesus from his baptism by John th...
Royal Red Roses - Prinxiety  by Swanspeckle07
Royal Red Roses - Prinxiety by ℰ𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑜𝓉 ℛ𝑜𝓈𝑒
When Roman escapes from a potential marriage, and his entire kingdom, he heads to the kingdom of magic. What will he do when he finds more than safety from those hunting...
The boy in the garden by chocolatechocobean20
The boy in the gardenby Mekdes Kebede
" Stay". " pardon me". I said. Not in that rude English manner but out of surprise. " just for a little longer. Could you stay...
My weird book of poems... by Iloveyou3000andmore
My weird book of poems...by Iloveyou3000andmore
Just a book of poems I write...Don't judge , I am not a master in this field but I like doing it soo....I'm doing it . Requests are always welcomed and helpful if you as...
Melpomeni The Eyeful  by GimmeYoLifeDots
Melpomeni The Eyeful by GimmeYoLifeDots
a Roman/Greek story, may add in some old English because we stan. (Kinda based off The Odyssey and the Peloponnesian war) (Btw her name comes from one of the Muses) A be...
Embrace Poetry ||Wattys2016|| by RodainR
Embrace Poetry ||Wattys2016||by Ro
#73 (28/6/16) Are you lost? Then be found with Embrace Poetry, some of the most exuberant poetic pieces you will ever read will be found in this book, you will experienc...
Shadows of Adrya by _TheCollective_
Shadows of Adryaby The Collective
One day, a child walks in a field with his hoe. Steadily, the wheel of destiny prepares to turn; four unexpected travelling companions find themselves on the road toward...
Gweneth by majolaade
Gwenethby Anjola Margaret
Dear readers, Being the only child of a cotton merchant, Gwen never lacked in both love and affection from her parents and her pairs, but everything came tumbling down w...
WILDEN WILLSONG by wattuser1991
a modern day poet (me)writes an old english poem... please do see my other works... :) pretty please!!! :) ;)
As I Sit Alone & Other Poems by di_Angelo_Nation
As I Sit Alone & Other Poemsby Sulema Benavides
To explore and to understand, To feel and to not secondhand. The thoughts of one's self to share, To make intentions for others to care. To make for the ones whom walk i...
Masked by freeLittlewings
Maskedby freeLittlewings
Masks make us happy. Masks make us sad. Masks make us good. Masks make us bad. Masks never show The face behind So, I guess, in a way Masks make us blind. Aurelia Blackw...
that girl, with a calm smile and stern face, walked towards me with the hope of new shine neither did I know that that girl standing in front of me will be the one who...
Valentina|✔️ by forestbooks1
Valentina|✔️by CHABOTbooks123
This book is about a prince and a merchant girl who fall in love but they can never be. So the courageous and adveentourous things the prince dose for the merchant girl...