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You're the guy my dad never shut up about? | S. Rogers [1] by -mxrlin
You're the guy my dad never shut u...by brown eyes my love
"Why aren't you worshipping me, mortal?" "Not interested. Thanks" ------------ Superpowers acquired after a horri...
Our Love Story  by Happieness2001
Our Love Story by Houston
Danny pushes his feelings for Steve to the side to save their friendship. They get trapped in an explosion, will he tell Steve? Or will this secret remain unknown? Read...
Measuring Up The Weavers! (Finding Happiness 2) by Regnado
Measuring Up The Weavers! (Finding...by Regan
Y'all wanted some updates on the Finding Happiness fam and all those dang kids! Well here it is! We'll follow the kids and parents skipping a few years to the most impor...
Real Life: End Of Line by assenavstories
Real Life: End Of Lineby assenavstories
This story is a sequel to the first book "REAL LIFE" if you haven't read it yet, go and enjoy :)
Hold On by ania2liz
Hold Onby ania2liz
Sun, Hawaii, Secret Santa and Christmas. Sounds totally blissful, right? Is there anything that could possibly go wrong? When it comes to Thomas Magnum, anything is poss...
The McWilliams Family by kareuhds
The McWilliams Familyby kara
I don't own Hawaii Five-0, but I do own my characters that I make up.
Hawaii 5-0 x Reader by morganzor-el
Hawaii 5-0 x Readerby morganzor-el
These will be one-shots. Enjoy!
Always You (You Series) by Regnado
Always You (You Series)by Regan
Kayle and Bennett Short Just a short story explaining Kayle and Bennett together from the start to now. Enjoy! This short focuses in on the how they fell for one another...
Ncis Hawaii One-shots by densistennant
Ncis Hawaii One-shotsby Gia Blye-Deeks<3
Ncis Hawaii One-shots I take character and prompt requests Posting when I get writers block or have inspiration
Pneumonia by itsmrvlxh50
Pneumoniaby itsmrvlxh50
Steve is sick but he hides it from Danny because a)he doesn't think it's important and b)he loves his work and Danny notices it sometime and Steve being Steve will act l...
Changes (New York to Hawaii) by taylor_lauren20
Changes (New York to Hawaii)by ~T~
Gemma Reagan is the second youngest Reagan. Born and raised in Manhattan, New York. One day she gets a call from the governor of Hawaii. Due to her service in the Army a...
the title says pretty much all send requests because this girl has no idea of what she is doing
I Will Never Forget ( Hawaii Five-O) by Aprilquinn1528
I Will Never Forget ( Hawaii Five...by Accalia_Wolf
Sadie is a free spirited 17 year old, she just so happens to be the daughter of Steve McGarrett. Sadie has never kept secrets from her dad but when she is forced into a...
Live in The Moment (#2 in Fawson Series)(Sequel to Memories) by DharmaWinter
Live in The Moment (#2 in Fawson S...by Dharma Winter
Sequel to Memories. A few weeks after their wedding, Olivia and Antonio return to normality from their honeymoon. Both jumping straight back into work, will they adjust...
Mahina & Jumba by AuthorA97
Mahina & Jumbaby AuthorA97
Mahina Alana is six-years-old. Her mommy told her to stay on the corner and not to leave. Hence why she's still waiting there when Morgan Spencer slips in the Stitch!ver...
Everything for you by itsmrvlxh50
Everything for youby itsmrvlxh50
Another finale fix-it.Steve risks his life to save Danny's and he gets shot.He dreams the whole 10x22.When he wakes up he's paralyzed.We follow the whole year and maybe...
Operation:Give Steve a family for Christmas by itsmrvlxh50
Operation:Give Steve a family for...by itsmrvlxh50
Mary and Joan had plans to come to Hawaii for Christmas but Joan gets sick.Danny takes Steve with him to Jersey This is my Christmas present for you,a Christmas special...
Ohana by paperandpen444
Ohanaby Ailia
Audrey and Spencer raise four kids, their lives full of love, kids fighting, kids playing, and pure happiness.
Ohana: Kaiba and Ivy by 323cherrycherry323
Ohana: Kaiba and Ivyby 😭Cry Baby😭
Kaiba finds a little girl next to his company and finds out her parents left her there all alone. Read and find out more
Hawaii Love~ Steve McGarrett  by Teenwolf76825
Hawaii Love~ Steve McGarrett by #teenwolf07
Steve McGarrett is a former navy seal after his father death and his wife is put into the hospital he goes back to Hawaii to avenge his father death and the attempt murd...