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Barren by HunterMay18
Barrenby Hunter May 🏇
[BOOK ONE OF THE BLACK AND WHITE SERIES] Harry decides to leave Louis when they find out he can't have children... but what if that wasn't all that true? idea credit to:...
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry) by loveann13
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry)by Anneke
Niall Horan is a new teacher at Cheshire High, what happens when he meet 4 interesting students. Tbh I'm not really writing this for others, I had a dream about this and...
overprotective ➳ nouis by dominated
overprotective ➳ nouisby cass
in which louis likes niall but his friends are too overprotective. [fanfic: on hold]
Niall Centric One Shots by PRAYFORMYWRITING
Niall Centric One Shotsby PRAYFORMYWRITING
Short stories about your favorite boys :) I only write boyxboy. Generally long updates. Niall Centrics. Zayn is included. Feel free to request, my inbox is always open o...
Run  (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56
Run (Zianourry)by Payton
This is the story of an ignored Niall and how he dealt with it. By leaving one direction. Takes place during the Where We are Now tour. Hey! The story will be better th...
Loving my enemy? (Nouis one direction/sad) by HaylaRose190
Loving my enemy? (Nouis one HaylaRose190
"I hate you." "I hate you more" "Kiss me?" "Of course" A story where Louis and Niall are natural enemies because of Niall's a...
Skittles⚣Nouis✔️ by CockyLilo
Skittles⚣Nouis✔️by Pete Wentz Trash™️
"Why does your ass always taste like skittles?" "Taste the rainbow, be the rainbow, Daddy." Louis likes Skittles Niall likes Louis All rights reser...
Arranged to the king by Ammuali7
Arranged to the kingby Umme
*Complete* Harry styles, a 18 years old normal British citizen, who lives with his best friend. Nawab Zayn, a 26 years old Pakistani king, always surrounded by his King...
Mistletoe [nouis] by redheadhippie
Mistletoe [nouis]by h.a.
"Dear Santa, I just want my dad to be in love. Maybe that new guy down the street?" The one where Louis' daughter ask's "Santa" for her father to fa...
The Next Morning //Nouis// boyxboy ✅ by Meshii
The Next Morning //Nouis// chantelle
*2nd in the Nouis category of the Bromance Awards 2016* After a wild night out partying, Louis and Niall find themselves in bed, next to each other, completely naked. Wi...
Instagram (Zarry X Nouis) by Ammuali7
Instagram (Zarry X Nouis)by Umme
*Complete* @tommo91 posted a new photo @zaynjM : THEY BELONG TO USSSSSS _ Where 2 best friends has a huge crush on 2 boys from a boyband, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. w...
Let's Go Home (One Direction) {on Hold}  by _swiftstyles_
Let's Go Home (One Direction) { Veronika
It has been 5 years since Zayn left One Direction and pursued his solo career. And then the band split and the other members too went in different directions. But what h...
My Royal Highness (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
My Royal Highness (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
Zayn is a struggling College student, while Harry is a prince. Zayn is striving hard to graduate college while Harry, is learning how to be a King. Harry is the next hei...
🅝🅞UIS& LIRRY SMUT  by Nouis_princess_Dani
🅝🅞UIS& LIRRY SMUT by 🍒Danielle🍒
smut yay, I changed it because I like lirry to and I needed it!
kissing cousins // nouis by narrymenow
kissing cousins // nouisby narrymenow
"So, do I call you Uncle Liam? Or Dad? Uncle Dad?" • "Do I introduce you as cousin Niall or boyfriend Niall?" • The spin off that takes you through...
eight years later; nouis by niallstomlinson
eight years later; nouisby niallstomlinson
eight years after one direction has ended, niall and louis reconnect.
Why me?  Zainourry  by randymyqueen
Why me? Zainourry by randymyqueen
Louis has never felt loved. 4 boys will show him what love is.
Out of my league[bottom!liam] by swaggmasterlouis
Out of my league[bottom!liam]by 1D.5sos.larry.muke
Liam never thought he was good enough. Zayn wasn't trying to make it any better. - High school au/ziam[bottomliam]