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Wrong number  NF fanfic by mimigilliam
Wrong number NF fanficby Bangtan’s apple
662-621-3450: Girl stop playing and help me find my phone. XXX-ZXX-XXX: umm... aren't you texting on your phone? 662-621-3450: Oh right... XXX-ZXX-XXX: yeah, anyway yo...
Adopted by NF (Nathan Feuerstein) by antimaddie
Adopted by NF (Nathan Feuerstein)by antimaddie
My name is Astrid I am 15 and my life is just about to change after 15 years of the same old routine
NF's daughter. (You saved me) by ALeRaeJ
NF's daughter. (You saved me)by AJ
This is a story of a beautiful young girl who gets abused by her father and verbally abused my her mother. When her mother drops her off at an unknown road, she walks ar...
One Shots by silverxstories
One Shotsby Anskuliskuu 💫❤
One shots of Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Dan Reynolds, Brent Rivera, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Bernthal, Cody Christian, Tyler Hoechlin, Dominic Sherwood, Tom Holland and Ma...
Learn To Let Go (NF x OC) by planetswitcha
Learn To Let Go (NF x OC)by rhiannon
Follow Vivian Nash on the journey of her chaos filled life. Raised by selfish parents, she helped her older brother fill in for their parents absence. She has a life lon...
BitterSweet // NF  by br0kenheart
BitterSweet // NF by Anakin
I will never be good enough for you, even if you are everything to me. [this book will not be edited until it's finished] [excuse the errors until then]
Gang Life (PercyxAvengers) (PeterXPercy) by junglecock-addict
Gang Life (PercyxAvengers) ( Veron-Writes
**Mortal AU** Percy Jackson ran away from his abusive stepfather at the age of 11 to live with a well-known gang. He becomes someone he never imagined he would, addicted...
Raised in Tartarus (AvengersxPercy) (PeterxPercy) by junglecock-addict
Raised in Tartarus ( Veron-Writes
When Percy was just barely more than a baby, he was kidnapped by Tartarus himself. While he was able to tap into powers he never would have otherwised discovered, his li...
Period××Jack Avery #Wattys2019 by xrxleex
Period××Jack Avery #Wattys2019by Ry
Sarah means to message her dad but she accidentally gets the wrong number.
Rules He Broke [G-eazy] by ColdBastilleMusic
Rules He Broke [G-eazy]by Taylor
What's one thing a Rapper always does? Get in trouble. Nothing is different about G-Eazy in that sense. He likes to party and stir up shit just like anyone else in his b...
NF x reader :) by DOLLGIRL101
NF x reader :)by 🖤Emo BabyGirl🖤
ok so im like in luv w/ NF so this is not surprising.....umm. basically its ur POV you meet Nathan at one of his concerts, you hit it off, and well read and find out...
Depressing Quotes by _xHatex_
Depressing Quotesby I’m Not Okay
These are all a bunch of quotes I've found on various websites. I used to have them but my description, title and cover didn't save so I had to redo it. Which means I no...
Adopted by Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart by fugateal
Adopted by Sam Golbach and Allyson Fugate
Ally has lived in the foster care for 7 years. She is now 16, and still needs a real family to care for her. Will she find one, or not?
Lost In The Moment  by estelautumn
Lost In The Moment by Jay
He's a rapper with a troubled past She's a singer with the perfect life He's damaged goods She's a flight risk Neither are looking for love Neither want love But when t...
Cancer, my basketball career is ruined. 😱🔫✌🏻 by damianisstoer
Cancer, my basketball career is wow, i hate damian
THIS STORY IS 18+!!!!!!!!! DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE UNDER 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - When Troy Bolton breaks his leg, which makes him unable to play basketball...
a home by nf-fan_
a homeby sofi kyes
This is my first book and I dont speak English properly (I'm actually german) This is an NF fanfiction ..... ....a story about a girl named Cora..... Who is in foster c...
The Outcast (NF fanfic) by RUEFACE
The Outcast (NF fanfic)by Rue💜
It's been exactly 1 year since Layla's mom died of cancer on Christmas Eve, and the last place she wanted to be on Christmas was the CPS office waiting for her new foste...
Different (a NF FANFIC) by KIT002KAT
Different (a NF FANFIC)by Kitkat
ON HOLD In which a girl hits the jackpot and goes on tour with NF. Love blooms. The struggles of fame catch them both. Will their love survive?
NF Imagines by AustinR05
NF Imaginesby ashtonisdaddy
Title says it all sis