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Eat Your Heart Out | Hannibal X Reader by honeymoonmess
Eat Your Heart Out | Hannibal X Re...by Jane doe
[WORK IN PROGRESS] After Y/N meets Dr. Lecter, her life is turned upside down in a series of incidents. Can she escape the strings of the orchestrator behind it all? Or...
Hannigram Oneshots by SolTheNightmareStag
Hannigram Oneshotsby Solas
The title is pretty self explanatory, Will and Hannibal being cute, doing the do, being a murder husband duo because I live for Dark!Will. Enjoy my messy writing because...
The Palace Crumbles by TheCosmicPebble
The Palace Crumblesby hannibal lecter kinnie
After a long fall from the edge of a cliff, both Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham survive- but Hannibal suffers a massive head injury, leaving him with no memory of his l...
Hannigraham AU by Jonjio1
Hannigraham AUby Jonjio1
Will an special agent of FBI is immediately smitten with a substitute teacher Doctor Hannnibal Lecter and tries to woo him . (Hannibal is not a serial killer or cannibal...
Future by unknown34481
Futureby tøp trash
What if Hannibal and Will had a kid?
Hannibal preferences by CelestialDeamon
Hannibal preferencesby J. M Wilder
I'm not sure if anyone will really read this, but upon looking I can't seem to find any of these. So I just thought it'll be a nice idea :) a friend of mine made the cov...
Hannigram -- Cuts Unscene by dbmars
Hannigram -- Cuts Unsceneby dbmars
*Season 1 COMPLETE!* Cuts Unscene is a Hannigram fanfiction challenge - to write one scene for each episode of the series where Will and Hannibal have some kind of inti...
Hannigram Oneshots | artusroth by artusroth
Hannigram Oneshots | artusrothby artus
A few oneshots centred around our beloved murder husbands.
hannigram | gorged, drowned, plucked, and roasted  by Alcalinaa
hannigram | gorged, drowned, pluck...by Alcalina
The Ortolans dinner ends the way it should have. Mizumono/Season 3 canon divergence #1 hannigram! #1 nbchannibal! ***WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE THEMES AND EXP...
Hannigram  by Jonjio1
Hannigram by Jonjio1
After suffering an accident will suffers from amnesia and Hannibal who was partly responsible for the accident takes will under his care. But is it that simple for will...
The missing half [Hannigram] ~continuation by iluvupookie
The missing half [Hannigram] ~cont...by 𝕭𝖔𝖏𝖆𝖓𝖆
Following the fall, Will Graham finds himself wondering whether or not he was lucky to have survived if the only person who understood him is dead. Even so, he refuses t...
A Strange Courtship by Jonjio1
A Strange Courtshipby Jonjio1
After a rather strange session hannibal learns one intresting thing about Will. How will he use this information?
hannibal x reader  by sips___tea
hannibal x reader by sips
You decide to go to therapy to make sence of yous strange life and book it with a Dr hannibal Lector who you had heard great things about. Little do you know what you st...
Hannibal One Shots by misery_enthusiast
Hannibal One Shotsby nah
cannibalism and crimes but it's acceptable because I like them together LMAO I don't own Hannibal or any of it's characters Cover creds to solitudee✨ on Twitter
hannigram oneshots by lovelybooty
hannigram oneshotsby lovelybooty
this is wattpad how good can it be based on nbcs hannibal series, both nsfw and fluff, please be 18+ to read
WRATH: A Hannigram Fanfiction  by TheCosmicPebble
WRATH: A Hannigram Fanfiction by hannibal lecter kinnie
NOTE: if you haven't read FOUND first then go read that!! Major spoilers for book #1 in this one A sequel to FOUND: a Hannigram Devil AU where Hannibal is the Devil. Ha...
Palatial Intimacy by TheCosmicPebble
Palatial Intimacyby hannibal lecter kinnie
"The problem, Mister Graham, is that you cannot prove anything. And I won't let you. This is my mind, after all - I'm the one in charge." The year is 2030. The...
beautiful reminders of humanity by ssaseaprince
beautiful reminders of humanityby Sea
Request I got from Tumblr Prompt: Will flinches away from Hannibal during an argument (angst & hurt/comfort) After the fall, Will and Hannibal settle down in Greece. The...
Hannibal Lecter x Reader by GrimmsMayWeep
Hannibal Lecter x Readerby Eboc
*This was adapted from a dream, the reader has a name but you may see yourself as them.
Is Hannibal, in love with me? by enbymurderhusbands
Is Hannibal, in love with me?by bean
taking place after the fall, Will and Hannibal try to figure out where they are with each other and how to make their relationship work. Will Graham has autism here (as...