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Marianas Trench - One shots by TrencherPanic
Marianas Trench - One shotsby Trencher_Joshua
Mostly one shots about Josh, but the rest of the band might pop in sometimes. I love writing so I thought some one shots would be fun. Marianas Trench is my favorite ban...
Don't Let Me Fall Asleep (Jatt oneshot) by crystalsnow
Don't Let Me Fall Asleep (Jatt crystalsnow
Don't let me shut my eyes because I'm tired of waking up alone.
Beside You by Ramsaymuffins_12
Beside Youby Ramsaymuffins_12
Reegan has loved the band Mariana's Trench basically all her life. When she finds out her brother is friends with the lead singer, Josh Ramsay she starts to become frien...
Wide Awake-a Josh Ramsay Fanfiction by the-girl-23
Wide Awake-a Josh Ramsay Fanfictionby The Girl
Her name is Hanna Anderson. His name is Josh Ramsay. It all started at a grocery store.
Maybe It Was Meant To Be (A Marianas Trench Fanfic) by everafterwelived
Maybe It Was Meant To Be (A everafterwelived
Ariana was just another lonely girl until she met Josh. (I realize that not all parts of the story are completely realistic but hey, that's why it's fan FICTION, right?)...
Lyrics: Marianas Trench by lovemetanearlydeath
Lyrics: Marianas Trenchby lovemetanearlydeath
Marianas Trench song lyrics, for all the MT fans out there.
My Silence Is My Self Defence by konfusion
My Silence Is My Self Defenceby Martha
Josh doesn't talk. Matt's trying his hardest. // 100% fictional Marianas Trench fanfiction with possible triggers to eating disorders, self injury and violence
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Good to You (A 'Fix Me' Sequel) by BethanyLee144
Good to You (A 'Fix Me' Sequel)by Beth
With Seth still out there, Allison continues to be in grave danger. The new album is about to drop which means an upcoming tour for the boys of Marianas Trench. Will All...
The Internship. by perfectalibis
The perfectalibis
Lauren got her dream job, but will it turn into more of a nightmare?
It's Only Temporary [Josh Ramsay One-Shot] by MusicWhore52
It's Only Temporary [Josh Ramsay MusicWhore52
Josh and Renn. Renn and Josh. Inseperable, yet torn apart.
Overcoming Addiction - Josh Ramsay by galaxyramsay
Overcoming Addiction - Josh Ramsayby Kaitlyn
Josh relapses with one dose of heroine, starting him to spiral downwards into the cage of addiction once again
Old Diseases~ A Marianas Trench Fanfiction by MTrench4EverAfter
Old Diseases~ A Marianas Trench Sami
Perfect Porcelain, everyone would call her. She had a fine life until the day she succumbed to the evil and powerful Queen Carolina, who sucked Perfect Porcelain into he...
But Ever After Was mine by SkunkCloud
But Ever After Was mineby •Racoon noise•
AshWebb , the sister to Matt Webb. What happens when Ash move to a new high school?
The road to my Ever After by MarianasTrencher13
The road to my Ever Afterby MarianasTrencher13
When 16 year old Melody is adopted by Matt Webb's family, and falls in love with his friend and band mate josh, will it be her ever after?
I'll Always Be Right Beside You - Completed by Amanda_Hather
I'll Always Be Right Beside Amanda Hather
A story of a childhood friendship that evolves into a relationship of needs. The main character, Allison Howe, befriends a young Josh Ramsay and makes a promise to him t...
Red & Blue | Ed Sheeran X Josh Ramsay | Fanfiction by JoshsPomegranate_
Red & Blue | Ed Sheeran X Josh inactive
Ed and Josh have special times in the back room of a party ;-) *I wrote this at like 1 in the morning and I'm bad with descriptions...* °ω° ma' babies gettin' it on... I...
This is Just a Part I Potray by maleahhhhhh
This is Just a Part I Potrayby maleahhhhhh
I hope you guys enjoy. I tried to stay away from convenient Fan-fiction that seemed more like a fantasy then a story. I tried my best to make it more of a story then my...
❤️Echoes Of You❤️( Josh Ramsay) by SkunkCloud
❤️Echoes Of You❤️( Josh Ramsay)by •Racoon noise•
Emma Webb is Matt Webb's little sister who moves in with Her brother and her band. And she gets some feeling for someone.
Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench Fanfic by pechesncrem
Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench 🍑Peach🍑
Out of every girl in the world, how did this happen to me? My name is Victoria Ramsay, daughter of Josh Ramsay, niece of Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley... You...