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"A Sanctuary Safe and Strong"(Marianas Trench) by Shake_Tramp
"A Sanctuary Safe and Strong"( Shake_Tramp
The lead singer of Marianas Trench has his world blown apart in the blink of an eye. It wasn't Josh Ramsay's fault, but he's left to deal with the consequences and pick...
Marianas trench one shots by MrsRamsay
Marianas trench one shotsby fricktrench
A book of Marianas Trench one-shots that I write in my spare time.
Imaginary light (a Josh Ramsay fan fiction) -Done with this part of chapters- by pop101mtrench
Imaginary light (a Josh Ramsay Pop101mtrench
Josh is a singer and songwriter for marianas trench until this someone comes into his life how will he handle it? Read to find out
Sociopathic Tendencies by MysteriousRoads
Sociopathic Tendenciesby Dev Tide
" Being a sociopath is NOT a plot to a love story. It is not cute, and it is not sexy. And to those of you spreading this type of shit around, I hope you do continu...
Who's Daughter!? by xoxoLeighannxoxo
Who's Daughter!?by Heather
Is your dad very famous? Does all the attention you get, get annoying sometimes? Do you hate not beingable to walk out the front door without someone knowing who you are...
Blue (Marianas Trench) by emtrench
Blue (Marianas Trench)by emtrench
Lauren Randall. An aspiring musician with a goal that was never met. Discouraged, angry, and broke. Up until that New Year's Night, that is. When all it took was a bott...
Trench Five-0 by wearepomegranates
Trench Five-0by wearepomegranates
This story will feature Josh, Matt, Mike and Ian from Marianas Trench, along with Steve, Cath, Danny, Grace, Chin, Kono, Adam and the rest of the Five-0 gang in a fun ad...
Engulfed/Josh Ramsay by wanderingleopard
Engulfed/Josh Ramsayby leopard
"Just stay away from him, Sky," Renn said, only seriousness present in her usually cheerful tone. "Don't worry," I muttered. "I don't want anyt...
Fix Me (Adopted By Marianas Trench) by M_trencher4life
Fix Me (Adopted By Marianas Trench)by Ciara
"That's not how you'll get adopted" I balance the red pill on my tounge. "I know but you can't fix me now" I say the fact with a smirk.He sighs.I gra...
MTrench Imagines (WIP) by TrencherXJatt
MTrench Imagines (WIP)by MarianasR5
Just some awesome short images about the reader with the guys I don't own anything! This is just for entertainment purpose!
Sour Candy by KiraPrince
Sour Candyby KiraPrince
Josh Ramsay and Carly Rae Jepsen have been best friends forever. But then Carly throws her wish in a well.
Perfect Disaster by CapnJade
Perfect Disasterby Jade Ramsay
What happens when 16 year old Jade gets to meet her idol? The one person who has been there for her? Read to figure out.
Nobody Will Break You (A Josh Ramsay/Marianas Trench Fan Fiction) by marianas_trencherr
Nobody Will Break You (A Josh Lane Whittington
Emily, a 15 year old girl, has a mom that works at MuchMusic. She goes to the MMVAs and meets Josh Ramsay completely by accident....
Song Lyrics by LRG5673
Song Lyricsby LaChelle Glanton
Just some lyrics from songs I like.
Marianas Trench - One shots by TrencherPanic
Marianas Trench - One shotsby Trencher_Joshua
Mostly one shots about Josh, but the rest of the band might pop in sometimes. I love writing so I thought some one shots would be fun. Marianas Trench is my favorite ban...
Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench Fanfic by pechesncrem
Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench 🍑Peach🍑
Out of every girl in the world, how did this happen to me? My name is Victoria Ramsay, daughter of Josh Ramsay, niece of Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley... You...
I'm Half the Man I Wanted to Be by xeverafterall
I'm Half the Man I Wanted to Beby Katy
(Josh Ramsay/Matt Webb pairing) Josh has been torn for weeks between the decision of telling his best friend, Matt, if he's in love with him or not. When the truth final...
Marianas trench one shots!!! by paihful
Marianas trench one shots!!!by paihful
Hey guys!! We're Caleigh and Jay and we'll be writing one shots smut and fluff! Most of the time it'll be marianas trench but sometimes it will be other people. If you h...
Let Me Help (Josh Ramsay Fiction) by joshsweridfan
Let Me Help (Josh Ramsay Fiction)by Abbykittykat22
Read to find out there is a lot of smut and fluffy but that's later in the story There is also sexual assault