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Fire in the Void - A Damien and Oz Monster Prom fanfic by Oh_Picklez
Fire in the Void - A Damien and Oh_Picklez
Being the literal embodiment of fear didn't make Oz any braver than they were. So being roped into the wild schemes and plans of the school's most insane prince of hell...
A deal with the Demon Prince[] Damien x Oz []Monster prom by BlueberryStew
A deal with the Demon Prince[] BlueberryStew
[First Story] There's not a lot of fanfics of this pairing and it honestly needs more attention, anyway hakfjgjf other characters will be paired with eachother, includin...
Damien x Reader: Screams Of Death by morbidlysadpaint
Damien x Reader: Screams Of Deathby paint
You just enrolled at spooky high, where you were excited to start your new journey. You were half Banshee half Vampire, which made you nervous to interact with others. H...
The Monsters Inside and Out (Scott Howl x Depressed Reader) by SuperSquinja
The Monsters Inside and Out ( SuperSquinja
Your life sucked. There was nothing for you. No happiness, no sunshine, not even a way to escape. You had nothing. Until you met that furry cutie patootie.
When Day Becomes Night ( Damien x Oz fanfic) by Crazylolbittime24
When Day Becomes Night ( Damien Crazylolbittime24
The Lonely embodiment of fear and the ruthless Demon prince find a way to be friends and even more. (I will update any time I get and if I don't forget) Also this is my...
Monster Prom : Ask Or Dare by Acerodon_Tepes
Monster Prom : Ask Or Dareby Sloth
Yeah, basically what it means. All your favourite Monster Prom characters will do any dare or answer any questions you give them. No canon ships so go crazy but not too...
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Monstrous Love || Monster Prom x Reader by FicsByJ
Monstrous Love || Monster Prom x j.
Short imagines/preferences/one-shots based on the world of Monster Prom! Reader is gender-neutral in all parts. More information provided in the 'Introduction' chapter! ...
The fire in the cold by HamandaBrothers
The fire in the coldby Mincent & Taylor
A monster prom fan fiction Oz is a shy shadow Damien will be usual Damien Enjoy when a "nerd" that is creative meets the prince of hell
Incorrect Monster Prom Quotes by Im_Shipping_Trash12
Incorrect Monster Prom Quotesby Its Ya BOI
you know the incorrect *Insert show/game here* quotes on tumblr... well thats what this but its on wattpad
Book of OCs by EDT-writes
Book of OCsby Ember Da Toon
The books contains information for all of my ocs from my fanfics I wrote. Even the ones I wouldn't really make a fic about. But, most of them have made appearances in my...
The Big Book of Self Inserts by EeveeDexYT
The Big Book of Self Insertsby EeveeDex
I'm pretty sure it's clear what this is about. Big one-shot book with all your favorite characters. This is the first book I'm writing on Wattpad and is overall a test s...
Black writing- oz X Damien AU by OkNerd3
Black writing- oz X Damien AUby Jade
Apparently black ink doesn't show up on completely black skin. A soulmate AU for these two dorks because this fandom is way too small right now. I mean there's only lik...
Monster prom fanfictions by VergilSaikou
Monster prom fanfictionsby VergilSaikou
Because I have nothing better to do in my life, so...
Reader Insert Requests! by h4ilstorm_art
Reader Insert Requests!by ~~🎃spookybabe🎃~~
Yeah, this is my first story. Oh, boy. So, uh, the rules are in the book. Have fun requesting! SLOW UPDATES CAUSE IM LAZY (And yep that's my cat, Goliath)
Monster Prom Rp (Open) by LunaMoonFoxX3
Monster Prom Rp (Open)by LunaMoonFoxX3
Role-playing Book for a game called Monster Prom
The Best Years of Our Lives by AmandaDaBOSS
The Best Years of Our Livesby AmandaDaBOSS
This is a story of four friends trying to navigate high school. That's it. Well that was all there was supposed to be but this is a monster prom fanfiction so you know t...
Lands Unexplored by GayAmbush
Lands Unexploredby ṧṳ❡ᾰԻ℘!ḙ
this is a ship fan fiction from Monster Prom Main plot characters: Calculester, Oz I don't know what kinds of warnings to put on here WARNING: 🏳‍🌈🌈𝙜𝙖𝙮🌈🏳‍🌈 𝙎𝙬...