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Yugioh One Shots by b_c-Archive
Yugioh One Shotsby b_c-Archive
The title explains it This book and account have been archived. This means that the book is no longer being worked on and may be in incomplete state.
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The Pharaoh & The Phoenix by Angelic_Phoenix378
The Pharaoh & The Phoenixby Phoenix
After her great sacrifice, Mana watches in horror as Atem struggles against Zorc's extreme torment. She manages however to convince Ra and Mahad to send her into the puz...
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
Master Of Magicians ( Yugioh x Male Reader) by LukeBraniff
Master Of Magicians ( Yugioh x LukeTheDuke465
Y/n L/n, a friend to Yugi Muto and an ally to the challenges ahead. Will he be able to help his friends and save the world from certain evil?
~His queen of games~. (Yami love story) [Season 1] **ON HOLD** by MillyPeri
~His queen of games~. (Yami love Small bean :3
5,000 years ago just before the pharaoh met his doom, he had a Queen that he loved more then anything. Until death have came upon the Queen and the higher ups quickly he...
Seto's Little Mermaid (Seto Kaiba x reader) by MasaMakiIkovic
Seto's Little Mermaid (Seto Dark Magician Girl
Kaiba was known as a cold-hearted man who didn't believe in fantasies. Until now. When he saved Mokuba's life from the exploding ship, he thought he was done for, and fo...
My Darling My Love My Life by AmariannaRose
My Darling My Love My Lifeby Amarianna
Book 2 of My Love My Heart My King Still within the Virtual world that Noah had created will they ever get out and will Isra still be in 2 different forms or just one if...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: The Master of Blue-Eyes by RedSteelZac19
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: The Master of Zachary Itachi Rangoku
Drake Hiraku is a 17-year-old half Japanese and half American boy who's a normal fan of YU-GI-OH! Before he woke up and find himself in the Arc-V Universe reincarnated a...
The Pink Kaiba (SLOW UPDATES) by Noctifer_Angel20
The Pink Kaiba (SLOW UPDATES)by Noctifer
Okay now I'll always wondered what if Kaiba had a twin sister? So I decided to write what I think would of happened. Keep in mind that's it's extremely rare that differe...
Don't Forget To Remember Me by Rain-Love-Poetry
Don't Forget To Remember Meby Rain-Love-Poetry
The story of Seto Kaiba struggling to move on now that he remembers Kisara and the love he shared with her in ancient Egypt. He undergoes a lot of emotional growth, reme...
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes White Dragon? (Seto Kaiba x Female! Reshiram OC ) by BlazetheReshiram
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes Blaze the Reshiram
Yugioh/ slight Pokemon cross over!One day during a duel between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto a strange white stone falls from the sky and into the duel arena. To the young C...
Convenient | Seto Kaiba x Reader [Yu☆Gi☆Oh!] by luna_5oo
Convenient | Seto Kaiba x Reader [ я_кσgαмι
"S-Sir... This was in today's newspaper. How should we handle the media?" Roland wasn't given half a glance by Kaiba, although he did gain your attention when...
Tea's Little Sister ~Mokuba Kaiba~[Book 1] by Tsunami5505
Tea's Little Sister ~Mokuba Lonnie Hoteen
Tea's Little Sister ~Mokuba Kaiba~[Book 1] 536 pages Completed Romance Anime/Manga You all know the story of Yugioh Duel Monsters, but they did manage to leave o...
Bold Intentions (Joey Wheeler x Reader) {Yugioh x Reader} by TheGoddessDark
Bold Intentions (Joey Wheeler x Shadow
Y/N Kaiba is the younger sister to Seto Kaiba, and older sister to Mokuba Kaiba. Before their mom and dad passed, their mother gave Y/N a purple and red crystal bracelet...
The Pharaoh's Queen by plotgodness
The Pharaoh's Queenby Plotgoddess
5,000 years ago, before the pharaoh met his fate, he saw that his queen was soon to met with death. Before he sealed his soul away, he begged his cousin and the other hi...
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess (Atem x OC) by BoPol2
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess ( Mergana4Life
While Yugi and the gang are trying to restore the Pharaoh's memories a new person joins their group, Ruby Kaiba, Seto's sibling, but they start questioning that story wh...
♡ Ancient Love ♡ Pharaoh Atem x Reader  by -Pxlican
♡ Ancient Love ♡ Pharaoh Atem x Nortnaib for life
Highest ranking #6 in YU-Gi-Oh! 11/05/18 Edit - ranking #1 in Yu-Gi-Oh! 11/10/18 Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings played a game of great and...
Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry Potter Crossover) by ollieboy27
Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry
When Harry is expelled for the accidental murder of Professor Quirrel, who was secretly being possessed by Voldemort, he is sent to Japan by Dumbledore along with a myst...
The Space Between Us.  by ARB1239
The Space Between Us. by ARB1239
Five years have passed since Joey Wheeler added Kaiba to his last name. Things have changed for everyone. Sequel to Out Of The Dark. I don't care about votes. I just h...
Yu-Gi-Oh Watching Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series  by Gin----
Yu-Gi-Oh Watching Yu-Gi-Oh The Gin----
All of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters come together and watch well their show but the abridged series not the original one Oh God this is going to be good