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Convenient | Seto Kaiba x Reader [Yu☆Gi☆Oh!] by luna_5oo
Convenient | Seto Kaiba x Reader [...by я_кσgαмι
"S-Sir... This was in today's newspaper. How should we handle the media?" Roland wasn't given half a glance by Kaiba, although he did gain your attention when...
Ohana: Kaiba and Ivy by 323cherrycherry323
Ohana: Kaiba and Ivyby 😭Cry Baby😭
Kaiba finds a little girl next to his company and finds out her parents left her there all alone. Read and find out more
All I need (Seto Kaiba X OC) by Fanfictionlover1212
All I need (Seto Kaiba X OC)by Fanfictionlover1212
Seto Kaiba thinks he has it all, a fancy company, a well-renowned reputation and extreme wealth. However when a new girl moves to Domino from America, he realizes what h...
It's Too Hard... by KnightWolf05
It's Too Hard...by KnightWolf05
Yami is finding it difficult being away from everyone and now has returned to being Atem. A few years has passed and Yami finally has a mirror into Yugi's world and is a...
Angels without Wings by Sun-Shine-Black
Angels without Wingsby Sun-Shine-Black
Naruto Fanfiction. Kaito Kaiba, a boy famous in the bingo book, a boy who's bad side you don't wanna be on. But is he really all that he seems to be? No, he is not...
Rebellion by CocoDiamond
Rebellionby Thansum
This is Yaoi, If you don't like it than go away. This takes place in Egypt where Yugi is the leader of a rebellion and Atemu is the new Pharaoh that has father's mess to...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots And Imagines by rmorningstar21
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots And Imaginesby Rachael Morningstar
This is going to be a collection of oneshots as well as imagines and possibly preferences of some of my favorite (and hopefully yours as well). Admittedly, I may end u...
Duel Magic by DragonsFairy
Duel Magicby Miss Fighter
(Yami Yugi/AtemXOC and YugiXOC Love Story) ( Under editing) (Female OC) In an orphanage in America, there lives three siblings. one is a sixteen year old girl who has wo...
Yugioh X Reader by ShadowX1200
Yugioh X Readerby ShadowX1200
Alright so my younger sister wanted me to make a Yugioh X reader because she thought it would be fun. Just letting y'all know that I don't own Yugioh and that all of the...
To Save a Puppy by Tipsyrainbow
To Save a Puppyby Tipsyrainbow
Joey Wheeler's friends are out of town, his father's in a coma, and the only one there for him is Seto Kaiba. So he goes to live in the Kaiba mansion. They learn things...
Seto's Little Mermaid (Seto Kaiba x reader) by MasaMakiIkovic
Seto's Little Mermaid (Seto Kaiba...by Dark Magician Girl
Kaiba was known as a cold-hearted man who didn't believe in fantasies. Until now. When he saved Mokuba's life from the exploding ship, he thought he was done for, and fo...
Game Kings and Ice Queens (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0) by InariKiri
Game Kings and Ice Queens (Yu-Gi-O...by InariKiri
All Yugi really wants is some true friends. But as he puts his trust in that wish coming true through a mysterious ancient puzzle, he gets more than he bargained for. Th...
Bold Intentions (Joey Wheeler x Reader) {Yugioh x Reader} by ZestyGoddess
Bold Intentions (Joey Wheeler x Re...by Zesty Goddess
Y/N Kaiba is the younger sister to Seto Kaiba, and older sister to Mokuba Kaiba. Before their mom and dad passed, their mother gave Y/N a purple and red crystal bracelet...
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
Not the only royalty to the game by blossom287
Not the only royalty to the gameby Blossom
Yuka is the queen of games and entertainment. But also the inventor to the new and improved duel system called the arc v system created by the Leo institute. Moving from...
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My puppy... (Puppyshipping) by puppyshipper
My puppy... (Puppyshipping)by puppyshipper
Even if everyone brings him down. Even if everyone would hate him! Joey will still get up from the ground and fight for his happiness! Even if he have to give up on his...
The Singer Who Grew by KnightWolf05
The Singer Who Grewby KnightWolf05
The Dragons are a well known band that need someone to work with them. So when Yugi sees the form he go straight away to it and soon enough get the job. It isn't what he...
From the Past to the Future Book 1 (Seto Kaiba) (Revision Complete) by DVLH93
From the Past to the Future Book 1...by DVLH93
Book 1 Seto Kaiba finds out that he has been married for 4 years and didn't even know about it. His wife? turns out to be the stepdaughter from his arch rival, Pegasus...
Happiness Matters by AtticusBothell
Happiness Mattersby ?
*The Third Brother spin-off!* Brandon Maratskuh is an 11 year old boy who loves playing Duel Monsters with his friends. He promises himself to keep himself happy and to...