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Of Heart And Home by AmariannaRose
Of Heart And Homeby Amarianna
book 3 of My Love My Heart My King & My Darling My Love My Life Starting right where we left off Seto, Yugi and Joey were about to walk through the portal and fight to s...
My Love My Heart My King by AmariannaRose
My Love My Heart My Kingby Amarianna
Book 1: My Love My Heart My King Book 2: My Darling My Love My Life Book 3: Of Heart And Home "My love my heart my king my soul is always with you" that is wha...
My Darling My Love My Life by AmariannaRose
My Darling My Love My Lifeby Amarianna
Book 2 of My Love My Heart My King Still within the Virtual world that Noah had created will they ever get out and will Isra still be in 2 different forms or just one if...
The Pharaoh & His Daughter by Forbidden_Priestess
The Pharaoh & His Daughterby Forbidden Priestess
The adventures in the lives of Egyptian Pharaoh Atem and his daughter, Princess Anippe. (The cover artwork is credited to Siosiri on Tumblr)
Fate's Design (Yunan x Reader) by koonaNisMyDog
Fate's Design (Yunan x Reader)by Koona
The day a strange tower pops up near your village is only the beginning of a life changing event. But meeting a man clad in green clothing and long, platinum-blond hair...
[COMPLETED] Atem's Lover (The Pharaoh and The Slave) by 1jasminfrost1
[COMPLETED] Atem's Lover (The Jasmin Frost
You are thrown back in time for a purpose, but you don't currently know what. Everything is confusing until you gaze upon the Prince of Ancient Egypt, Atem, and that's w...
Three Nights by PinkCrystal_Rose
Three Nightsby PinkCrystal_Rose
Atem's father has given him a rare opportunity to find his own bride. Planned three part story for Yami Yugi's birthday.
Chasing Butterflies | Mahad x Reader [Yu☆Gi☆Oh!] by luna_5oo
Chasing Butterflies | Mahad x я_кσgαмι
"Are we going to that place?" "I am sure you can guess by now." You hummed innocently at his comment and waited a little in order to see if the male...
The Thief's Heart (yugioh fanfiction by BoPol2
The Thief's Heart (yugioh Mergana4Life
The Pharaoh is surprised to see a young thief in his son's room one night, stealing and using magic to get away, she continues to strike and when he finally captures her...
Different Generation Crystals AtemXReader,Kaiba, Mahad, Diva,Yusei, Judai by BlackPegasus_Lilla
Different Generation Crystals BlackPegasus_Lilla
Living in Yusei's neighbour hood in Domino City. A search for my two missing friends, Judai and Jesse Anderson. Can seeing duel spirits really help find what I am lookin...
Tied By Souls by LunaTheWolfGoddess
Tied By Soulsby LunaTheWolfGoddess
Creatures of shadow - Shades - threaten the world. A girl is summoned from a different world to help fight them, but she finds there is more connecting her to this world...
How Many Diplomatic Incidents Can The Prince And His Childhood Friend Create? by Forbidden_Priestess
How Many Diplomatic Incidents Forbidden Priestess
"Don't you think Lord Pegasus looks like a clown in that outfit?" "Mana he might hear us!" Atem whispered. "What? I'm just saying," she mu...
The Man with Crimson Eyes by Forbidden_Priestess
The Man with Crimson Eyesby Forbidden Priestess
| AU Short Story | Perhaps Yugi wrongly depicted the mysterious man with crimson eyes. | Implies Peachshipping, Blueshipping/Mizushipping, Pleashipping, & minor Vaseshi...
Breakfast At Tiffany's by Forbidden_Priestess
Breakfast At Tiffany'sby Forbidden Priestess
| AU Modern Christmas | Perhaps this Christmas, Seto Kaiba might realize what really matters to him. Blueshipping with mentions of Vaseshipping, Pleashipping, and Peachs...
The Little Mer Magician - A Mahad X Reader Story by futuretrunksgokugirl
The Little Mer Magician - A futuretrunksgokugirl
Mahad is the son of the high priests of the under water kingdom of sinen and Atem it's Prince what happens when the two meet two humen girls? Y/N is a foreign girl who...
I finally found you by Toki_isdone
I finally found youby Toki
this is based off of some fanart that I saw a while back, I tried to find it again but sadly I couldn't This story will only have one chapter Also I might start making o...
La Alegre Llegada de Sefu by Forbidden_Priestess
La Alegre Llegada de Sefuby Forbidden Priestess
La llegada de Sefu fue alegre. Bueno, tal vez no para todos. Tal vez el Faraón interpretó mal cuando vio a su Reina sosteniendo a un niño que no era suyo. | Pleashipping...
The Beast of the Past by yugiohfangirl44
The Beast of the Pastby Sapphire Kaiba
Meet Meghan, a 16 year old girl who was found wandering the sands of Egypt when she passed out.When she awoke in the palace. Atem senses an evil power like the one in Ba...
The Ring by DisposableVillain
The Ringby Elliot
Malik has always had a sort of connection with spirits, so he knows that there's a spirit in the Ring that Ryou possesses. And he will anything to get it. Sort of one-si...