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Nightmares and Revenge: A Johnlock Story by marthatron
Nightmares and Revenge: A Martha
John and Sherlock are getting more and more confused about their feelings for each other, and those feelings are getting stronger... A sudden turn of events leads to the...
Between The Raindrops- A Johnlock Fanfiction (Sequel to Beside You) by SherlockedDoors
Between The Raindrops- A the rest: rust&stardust
(Sequel to 'Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction') Now, finally reunited and married, the consulting detective takes his blogger for a honeymoon in Paris- but not is all as...
Think by MES12345
Thinkby Mikaila
Sequel to Sherlock Holmes and the New Detective "I know what it is I didn't want to say. I'm coming back, Mr. Holmes." Sherlock doesn't want to be lonely when...
Sherlock Holmes and The New Detective by MES12345
Sherlock Holmes and The New Mikaila
A client is waiting outside Sherlock's flat for more than twenty minutes. Mrs.Hudson finally let's the girl in even though Sherlock didn't say anything. When she seems t...
The Gay Is On (Johnlock) by morgyloveswriting
The Gay Is On (Johnlock)by morgy ♡
When Sherlock and John finally admit their feelings for one another, will their relationship stand strong even after a horrifying attack? Contains minor smut ^_~
The Final Rose [Sherlock] by generationswine
The Final Rose [Sherlock]by Spade Sixx
A Johnlock Fanfiction. Switches point of view between Sherlock and John. Includes romance, mystery, suspense and others. This is based on Sherlock (BBC) and is timed a f...
Driving Him Crazy while Driving Her Crazy! (Matt Smith FanFiction) ((Completed)) by ChickenPond79
Driving Him Crazy while Driving Sarah Jane
Hazel is an average girl who one day dreams of being on Doctor Who, she moves to England and has an amazing Agent who gets her just whats she wants. A role in Doctor Who...
Brilliant - A Sherlock Fanfiction by sophus223
Brilliant - A Sherlock Fanfictionby Soph
Maya has grown up in an orphanage, she has no clue of who her family are but she's looking for her dad. Then she finds him, Sherlock Holmes. The only consulting detecti...
Sad Stories to Make FanGirls Cry by rosevaldez310
Sad Stories to Make FanGirls Cryby ,,rose,,
This is just a collection of poetry to try to make you guys cry! Sorry in advance... ******NOTE: READ THE STUFF BELOW****** THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE SPOILERS IN THIS BOOK...
The Prisoner and the Detective [BBC's Sherlock] by VespaHellway
The Prisoner and the Detective [ Julian Trash™
Involves eventual Sherlock x oc Moriarty kidnaps the main character for his own personal gain only to have the great Sherlock Holmes get involved I suck at descriptions...
Tangled (Sherlock X Reader) by _CitizenofFantasia_
Tangled (Sherlock X Reader)by _CitizenofFantasia_
F/N Black- a 23 year old arrives in London in the hopes for a fresh beginning but little does she know her life will take a completely different turn when she meets the...
An Awkward Situation....(a Sherlock story) by Ligitlass
An Awkward Situation....(a Fangirl geek (:
When Sherlock gets deep into a case that ends up causing him to blindly drink an unknown vile to stop it from being taken into the wrong hands, it's up to John Watson to...
Eurus and Moriarty Theory by katekiwi
Eurus and Moriarty Theoryby Kate
I have a theory I'd like to share. Something doesn't quite add up with Moriarty and Eurus. They're both too clever.
Unknown (Vic Fuentes is my dad?) by damn_fandoms
Unknown (Vic Fuentes is my dad?)by Whiskerz
Vic never knew he had a daughter. When he found out, it wasn't in the way he wanted to. Selena was depressed, but as she met her dad, she really didn't know what to do...
Angsty Sherlock One-Shots by missdeathfrisbee
Angsty Sherlock One-Shotsby Viv
This is basically a rather sad collection of Sherlock One-Shots. Each one contains mild to very extreme angst. I will be adding to them every now and then. This is basi...
Help, I'm Alive {A Multi-Fandom Hunger Games} by KatieWeasley394
Help, I'm Alive {A Multi-Fandom Fandom Trash
~I tremble They're gonna eat me alive If I stumble They're gonna eat me alive Can you hear my heart Beating like a hammer Help I'm alive My heart keeps beating like a ha...
Sister Mine by CoffinYourSize
Sister Mineby Meant for the flies
He was sat in his usual chair hands steepled beneath his chin eyes staring lifelessly. His messy brown hair shadowed his pale face. Sherlock looked at his watch and remo...
Come Along Pond by MES12345
Come Along Pondby Mikaila
The Doctor has previously lost the Pond's and fallen into a deep depression. He traveled for a bit by himself but chose to stop somewhere. Going to his friends, Madame V...
Hello Sweetie by yayiminvolved
Hello Sweetieby Cheryl
These will be dates of River and Eleven because I love them together so much. Almost more than Ten and Rose. That's saying a lot. Well, I hope you like them! This will b...
A Day to Remember ||Rose x Ten Doctor Who|| by bannded
A Day to Remember ||Rose x Ten Lucie Erebus
24 hours is not enough. Not for the two lovers who were separated without an "I love you." But that's all they have, the Doctor and Rose. And they need to figh...