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We follow the story of Song Lang, a genius in the police field, who due to unfortunate circumstances caused by his mortal enemy, now assumes the identity of a driver nam...
Boy With Luv [The Untamed] by _WhatTheFudge_
Boy With Luv [The Untamed]by _WhatTheFudge_
The four big companies have come together for their annual Sunshot Celebration to honor their collaboration and their victory against the Wen Company a few years ago. Bu...
Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming by meonly34
Rebirth: How A Loser Became A AlexzandraAcosta
Qin Guan was reborn and sent back to his final semester in High School 18 years ago. Getting a second chance at life, he works hard to turn things around and eventually...
Bubble by Bobbiejelly
Bubbleby bobbiejelly
Addison Forbes Montgomery is trapped for 28 days with only Meredith Grey in her house in Seattle. Will they stay enemies? Will they become friends? Will they become 'mor...
Strings (Ereri - SNK) by PorcelainSky
Strings (Ereri - SNK)by ☆Sky☆
One snowy morning, Eren happens upon a tattered man and his violin. ~ Just a little oneshot full of fluff~
Lies- Eren Yeager x Reader by showmetheyaoiplease
Lies- Eren Yeager x Readerby lazyass
thank you for 200 reads!🥰🥰 Y/n has had a huge crush on Eren for years. What will happen when Eren and his best friend strike up a deal..... is 100 bucks worth a broken...
Winter Blunderland by harrypanther
Winter Blunderlandby harrypanther
Modern AU/Hiccstrid: A last minute booking, a confusion about rooms and the arrival of some unwanted faces make heartbroken teacher Hiccup Haddock's last minute winter b...
°Happiness looks good on you° by Mayarelmo
°Happiness looks good on you°by Marina Yaris
What would have happened if Harry moved to Cedric's apartment even before falling in love with Ginny? Would his life have changed, having Cedric by his side for all thos...
The Mobius strip by Hashi-hime
The Mobius stripby Hashi-himee
A collection of drabbles mostly featuring Hashirama and Madara and their daily life.
Some emotions hurt | Newtmas by XGookieXWookieX
Some emotions hurt | Newtmasby XGookieXWookieX
Thomas notices the emotions of his soulmate becoming more negative than ever before. Can Thomas make his Soulmate feel happy again? Or: Soulmate AU where you have Circl...
When You Smile I Fall Apart by jaqueass
When You Smile I Fall Apartby Jaque McLaughlin
Somehow Alexander has been turned into a 4-year-old. Aaron finds out about this when he comes over to his and John apartment to house sit. Yep, still not good at wording...
Everybody is Kung Flu fighting by Hashi-hime
Everybody is Kung Flu fightingby Hashi-himee
Hashirama is sick and tries to take care of himself alone; luckily, Madara is there to nurse him back to health.
Kiss Me Deadly by AloisTrancy987654321
Kiss Me Deadlyby Alois_Michaelis
(This is a sequel to my first book Secrets!) This is a story that will follow the lives of Alois, Ciel and Luka as a family and the events they will experience along the...
Our house by konfu_tse
Our houseby konfu_tse
A modern AU about the Strawhat all living together in a house. The focus is on Franky and Robin and them coming together. Every Chapter is inspired by one of the prompts...
Bewitched by Charmash
Bewitchedby Sakura
Love and life should not be meddled with, especially when it's a charm from your grandma's old scrolls. But, Myra Roy has had enough of her lonely life and a household t...
The name by Hashi-hime
The nameby Hashi-himee
Hashirama and Madara celebrate their eleventh anniversary together.
Douse This Fire by Quinntessence93
Douse This Fireby Quinn Rae Bagby
Clarke Griffin is teaching an art class at Polis City's art museum when there's an attack. There's explosions and gunfire, all for the sake of trying to lure out the eve...
The thorn in his side by Hashi-hime
The thorn in his sideby Hashi-himee
Hashirama and Madara grocery shopping. It's not fun. At all.
Reunion (XiCheng Modern AU) by lanzhanhaku
Reunion (XiCheng Modern AU)by lanzhanhaku
'This purple bolt of lightning loved so boundlessly that Xichen begin to suspect if he even deserved someone as pure and giving as Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng deserved so m...